Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Gaismagorm Weaknesses, Weapons, Armor and Drops

In MH Rise Sunbreak expansion Gaismagorm is the final major boss you are going to face. You may face some...

In MH Rise Sunbreak expansion Gaismagorm is the final major boss you are going to face. You may face some other bosses after Gasmgorim but they will be normal ones. This guide will cover all the details that you need to know about Gaismagorm in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak like its weaknesses, weapons, armors, and how to defeat him.

Where Can I find Gaismagorm in MH Rise Sunbreak?

Gaismagorm in MH Rise cannot be found in a specific location. This monster lives in the darkest depths since ancient times. To locate it you have to look for the massive crater because when it chooses to nest at a place it destroys the rock bed creating a hole in the ground.

You will encounter this boss at the end stages of the MH Rise Sunbreak expansion pack as part of the story.

Gaismagorm Weaknesses

In the list below, we have shown how the different types of damage affect each of Gaismagorm’s body parts in MH Rise. This will help you understand what type of damage you should do to him and where you should aim your attacks.


  • Cut: 70
  • Blunt: 72
  • Ammo: 45
  • Fire: 10
  • Water: 0
  • Thunder: 20
  • Ice: 0
  • Dragon: 30


  • Cut: 40
  • Blunt: 42
  • Ammo: 24
  • Fire: 5
  • Water: 0
  • Thunder: 15
  • Ice: 0
  • Dragon: 25


  • Cut: 32
  • Blunt: 34
  • Ammo: 16
  • Fire: 5
  • Water: 0
  • Thunder: 15
  • Ice: 0
  • Dragon: 25


  • Cut: 43
  • Blunt: 43
  • Ammo: 28
  • Fire: 5
  • Water: 0
  • Thunder: 15
  • Ice: 0
  • Dragon: 25

Hind Leg

  • Cut: 26
  • Blunt: 26
  • Ammo: 18
  • Fire: 5
  • Water: 0
  • Thunder: 10
  • Ice: 0
  • Dragon: 15


  • Cut: 32
  • Blunt: 30
  • Ammo: 16
  • Fire: 5
  • Water: 0
  • Thunder: 10
  • Ice: 0
  • Dragon: 15

From these stats, it seems that Cut and Blunt weapons are the most effective against Gaismagorm, while Dragon is the best elemental attack to use against him.

Gaismagorm Ailment Effectiveness

The list below shows the effectiveness of different ailments on Gaismagorm in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. The higher the star rating of the ailment, the more damage it’ll do to Gaismagorm.

  • Poison – Immune
  • Stun – Immune
  • Paralysis – Immune
  • Sleep – Immune
  • Blast – 2 star
  • Exhaust – Immune
  • Fireblight – 1 star
  • Waterblight – 1 star
  • Thunderblight – 1 star
  • Iceblight – 1 star

How to Defeat Gaismagorm in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

While defeating Gaismagorm in MH Rise Sunbreak wouldn’t be easy at all, if you keep a few things in mind, things can get a little easier for you.

Look for Fiorayne’s Signal

You have to look for Fiorayne’s signal during the fight with this boss. As you get the signal you have to follow the set mechanics to deal some good damage to the Gaismagorm. You can also do this to counter the monsters’ attacks.

Stay at the Side of Its Forearm

To stay safe from most of the Gaismagorm attacks you should stay at the side of its forearm. This will work as a safe zone for you and you can land some good hits from there as well.

But you have to be quick as when it swings its body you have to move quickly for repositioning yourself. If you get hit by the swing you will lose a significant amount of health.

Attack on Its Face and Forearms

You should be attacking his face and forearm continuously with your powerful attacks. You can even land some combos on the forearm as you get the required time to do so quite easily.

Run Away From Red

You have to protect yourself whenever you see the red color, because these attacks can one-shot you. In the second phase of the fight, you have to avoid these attacks as in it the Gaismogorm will become more powerful.

Just keep these few things in mind and continue to attack the monster and you will be able to defeat Gaismagorm in MH Rise Sunbreak.

Gaismagorm Item Drops

Materials Target Rewards Capture Rewards Broken Part Rewards Carves Dropped Materials
Abyssal Dragonscale 15% 37% 34%
Archdemon Backshell 28% 97% 29%
Archdemon Piercetalon 20% 21%
Archdemon Wingtalon 12% 80%
Consumption Parasite 13% 20% 25%
Archdemon Tailhook 7% 80%
Abyssal Dragonsphire 2% 3% 1% 1%
Archdemon Doomhorn 100% 12%
Old Dragon Treasure 40%

Gaismagorm Armor Set

The Gaismagorm Armor Set comes with the following skills:

Armor Piece Armor Skills
Archfiend Armor Cerato Resentment x2 and Weakness Exploit x1
Archfiend Armor Baulo Resentment x1, Weakness Exploit x1, and Chain Cut x1
Archfiend Armor Epine Dereliction x2 and Resentment x1
Archfiend Armor Ura Weakness Exploit x2 and Chain Cut x2
Archfiend Armor Sceros Dereliction x1 and Resentment x1

Gaismagorm Weapons

The following weapons can be crafted by defeating Gaismagorm and using the crafting materials it drops

  • Felyne Archdemon Staff
  • Canyne Archdemon Fang
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