How To Get Live Puppet’s Axe In Lies of P

There are definitely strings on these puppet arms.

A weapon of the Greatsword category, Live Puppet’s Axe in Lies of P is a giant executioner’s axe with an incredibly high Physical attack damage. Live Puppet’s Axe has a pretty iconic look, as its blade is made up of puppet arms held together by wires. Made by Stalkers, the weapon looks like something out of a nightmare.

If you are going for a Motivity build in Lies of P, the Live Puppet’s Axe is a great weapon of choice, especially for Slashing, as it scales well with the Motivity stat.

Lies of P Live Puppet’s Axe location

Live Puppet’s Axe is found in the Barren Swamp, in the open, as a loot pickup instead of a boss drop. While going through Chapter 8, you will come across a giant Stone Tower close to the Barren Swamp Stargazer.

To reach the exact spot, fast-travel to the Barren Swamp stargazer, turn around, and go through the tunnel to reach the Corruption water area. Once out in the open, move to your left, and you will find the tower in front of you.

How To Get Live Puppet's Axe In Lies of P

Enter the tower through the door and climb up the vertical ladder. It will take you to a platform high above the ground. Here, you will find a chest. Open the chest, and you will get the Live Puppet’s Axe in Lies of P as well as the option to disassemble it into Live Puppet’s Axe Handle and Live Puppet’s Axe Blade.

Live Puppet’s Axe Fable Arts

Coming up to the Fable Arts, the Live Puppet’s Axe comes with Killer Attack and Endure. You can mix and match these Fable Arts with other weapons by assembling weapons using either the handle or blade of Live Puppet’s Axe in Lies of P.


Live Puppet’s Axe Blade: Killer Attack costs 2 Fable slots and can provide heavy damage to the opponents upon swinging the weapon.

Live Puppet’s Axe Handle: Endure costs 1 Fable slot and helps you defend against strong enemy attacks.


There are a total of 10 upgrades available for Live Puppet’s Axe, and their costs, as well as bonuses, are listed below. Just like other weapon upgrades, you will require plenty of Hidden, Crescent, and Half Moonstones to upgrade Live Puppet’s Axe. The level 10 upgrade will also need a Full Moonstone.

1200 Ergo + 1x Hidden Moonstone+10 Physical Attack
2230 Ergo + 2x Hidden Moonstone+8 Physical Attack
3260 Ergo + 4x Hidden Moonstone+8 Physical Attack
4320 Ergo + 1x Crescent Moonstone+8 Physical Attack
5430 Ergo + 2x Crescent Moonstone+8 Physical Attack
6600 Ergo + 4x Crescent Moonstone+8 Physical Attack
7860 Ergo + 1x Half Moonstone+7 Physical Attack
81160 Ergo + 2x Half Moonstone+7 Physical Attack
91570 Ergo + 4x Half Moonstone+8 Physical Attack
102100 Ergo + 1x Full Moonstone+7 Physical Attack

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