Hogwarts Legacy Companions Guide

The main storyline as well as some side quests involve a few major companions that will accompany you in Hogwarts Legacy.

Just like Harry Potter had friends like Ronald Weasely and Hermione Grainger, you will have your own few friends or companions in Hogwarts Legacy. Although there are many characters in the game, a selected few will play an important role and tag along with you for most of your journey.

Although you do have major companions from the first three houses, there is no major character from the Ravenclaw house. Amit Thakkar of the Ravenclaw house is believed to hold that potential, but there is no trophy linked to him as to others (we’ll explain later).

Once you befriend these companions, they accompany you in a few of your quests and even offer you some of their own. These may be Main quests or Relationship Line quests, which are sort of like side quests uncovering your companion’s stories.

However, that’s not all of it. You will get amazing rewards for completing their Relationship Line quests. In the case of Sebastion of the Slytherin house, for example, you get to learn the three Unforgivable CursesAvada Kedavra, Imperio, and Crucio.

Note that if you’re thinking about romancing characters in Hogwarts Legacy with your companion’s Relationship Lines, then know that it is not possible since there’s no aspect of romance in Hogwarts Legacy.

Moreover, by completing all of the Relationship Line quests that each of your companions has to offer, you will unlock trophies and achievements –  the “Best Friends” trophy for Poppy, “A Swallow’s Grave” trophy for Sebastian, and “The Avenging Gazelle” trophy for Natty.

There will be a lot of characters you can befriend in Hogwarts Legacy, but only three of them will be your major companions, which are:

Sebastian Swallow (Slytherin)

Sebastion Swallow of the Slytherin house is a charming and extroverted young fellow. Although he has a troubled family, he cares deeply about his twin sister Anne

Unfortunately, Ranrok the goblin laid a curse on his sister who has fallen seriously ill. Sebastian believes that only the Dark Arts can save her, so he’s hell-bent on learning the dark ways.

Along your journey, you will help Sebastian find a cure and save his sister. Moreover, he is one of the characters you choose to travel to Hogsmeade with at the start of the game.

In the Shadow of the UndercroftMainYou tell Sebastian that you can see traces of ancient magic, and he teaches you the Confringo (Blasting Curse) spell
In the Shadow of the EstateMainYou meet with Sebastian’s uncle and his sister Anne. Afterward, you defeat some goblins and explore an Undercroft
In the Shadow of the BloodlineSide/RelationshipYou speak to Sebastian about the Dark Arts and the Cruciatus Curse after breaking up the argument between him and Ominis.
In the Shadow of the StudySide/RelationshipYou explore the Slytherin Scriptorium with Sebastian and Ominis, then learn the Crucio Unforgivable Curse.
In the Shadow of DiscoverySide/RelationshipYou talk to Sebastian and Ominis in the Undercroft about what he found in the Scriptorium
In the Shadow of TimeSide/RelationshipYou and Sebastian set out to find a relic that can supposedly save his sister Anne. You also learn the Imperio Unforgivable Curse
In the Shadow of DistanceSide/RelationshipYou have a chat with Sebastian in the Undercroft after what happened in Feldcroft
In the Shadow of the MineMainYou and Sebastian go to the Overlook Mine to get the Second Triptych Canvas Piece and enter the Undercroft
In the Shadow of the MountainMainYou find the third and final Triptych Canvas Piece
In the Shadow of HopeSide/RelationshipYou talk to Sebastian about what to do next
In the Shadow of the RelicSide/RelationshipYou search for Sebastian in the Feldcroft catacombs, fight Solomon, and learn the Avada Kedavra Killing Curse
In the Shadow of FateSide/RelationshipYou meet with Sebastian and Ominis in the Undercroft and discuss whether you should turn Sebastian in
In the Shadow of FriendshipSide/RelationshipDecide Sebastian’s fate

Natsai Onai (Gryffindor)

Natsai Onai AKA Natty of the Gryffindor is a brave young student always striving for justice. She transferred to Hogwarts when her mother became the professor of Divination.

She formerly studied at the African wizarding school Uagadou in Uganda, where she picked up some useful skills and became an Animagus. With Natsai’s quests, you will mostly run around saving people from trouble.

The Lost ChildRelationshipYou and Natty rescue a wizard named Archie from the grasp of the Ashwinders
Mum’s the WordRelationshipYou have a short conversation with Natty as her mother may know about your plans
A Basis for BlackmailRelationshipRescue Natty and Isko Rabe from the confines of Ashwinders
Grief and VengeanceRelationshipYou speak with Natty and ask how she’s been feeling.
Finding FocusRelationshipNatty and you have a chat in the Great Hall.
Harlow’s Last StandRelationshipNatty, with your help, finally puts an end to Theophilus Harlow
Acting on InstinctRelationshipYou head over to the Hospital Wing to pay a visit to Natty, who will be in a wheelchair

Poppy Sweeting (Hufflepuff)

Poppy Sweeting of the Hufflepuff house is a kind and caring young soul who takes a deep interest in the magical beasts of Hogwarts Legacy. She has a particular hate towards poachers, which even caused her to break away from her parents.

She now lives happily with her grandmother. With Poppy, you will mostly have quests that deal with poachers and involve helping the magical beasts – including dragons!

A Dragon DebriefRelationshipYou have a little chat with Poppy after saving a dragon
Poached EggRelationshipYou and Poppy return the dragon egg to its rightful place
The Poacher’s House CallRelationshipYou have a little chat with Poppy, asking her why she left in such a rush after returning the egg
The Centaur and the StoneRelationshipYou and poppy hunt for the Scholar’s Moonstone near Irondale
It’s in the StarsRelationshipYou, Poppy, and Doran have a conversation about the symbol of the Mooncalves
A Bird in the HandRelationshipYou, Poppy, and Duran hunt for the snidgets now that you know where they might be.
Poppy BloomsRelationshipYou talk to Poppy and ask her how she feels about saving the Snidgets and defeating the Poacher
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