Hogwarts Legacy Beast Locations: How To Find And Tame 

Finding all the fantastical beasts in Hogwarts Legacy is needed for 100% completion and this guide will give you their locations.

Magical Beasts but where to find them eh? The wizarding world of Hogwarts Legacy is filled with fantastical creatures, both docile and deadly. As part of the challenges in the game, players must find all the Hogwarts Legacy beast locations to complete their collection.

Aside from capturing, Hogwarts Legacy also allows you to breed your favorite pair of Magical Beasts in Vivarium. The only thing remaining is showcasing and bragging about these Magical Beast to your friends.

In this guide, we will discuss all the locations where players can find these Magical Creatures in Hogwarts Legacy to help players earn the Collector’s Edition achievement and briefly describe their characteristics.

How to find Magical beasts in Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, there are a total of 13 beasts spread throughout the world. Most of these beasts are added automatically as players progress through the game; however, some are also a part of side quests.

Players must find all of these beasts to receive Collector’s Edition achievement. Adding them to the Collection isn’t complex, as it will happen automatically as players go near the Beast.

Once a player has a beast, they can also breed them, and breeding 12 to 13 beasts gives the player The Nature of Beast achievement.

While roaming around in Hogwarts Legacy, you will also find Shiny Magical Beasts. Each Hogwarts Legacy beast has their shiny version and can be located by a star next to their name.

Hogwarts Legacy Beasts locations

Below is the location of all 13 beasts players need to discover in Hogwarts Legacy to complete their Beasts collection and unlock rewards. Once collected, players can visit them in Vivarium and interact with these beasts in a showcase-like pasture.


Diricawl is in Marunweem Lake, Clagmar Coast, and Poidsear Coast. However, players don’t need to do a lot of hustle to find this Beast. This will be automatically added to the Collection as players enter the Main Quest: Beast Class.

Diricawl in Hogwarts Legacy look like birds, but they can’t fly. Their power lies in their ability to appear and disappear. The primary item dropped by this Beast is a Diricawl feather.


Fwooper is another bird beast in Hogwarts Legacy and drops Fwooper Feather. As it flies with its colorful feathers, this bird creates a sound that can attract anyone who listens to songs. Players can find this Beast in Poidsear, Clagmar Coast, and Feldcroft Region.

Giant Purple Toad

Unlike other beasts, Giant Purple Toad in Hogwarts Legacy is a magical creation that can drop Toad Warts. These Warts can be very useful for creating potions. Players can find this Beast in North Forg Bog, South Sea Bog, Hogsmeade Valley, and Forbidden Forest.


Graphorn is a gigantic and very dangerous beast. Players can distinguish them from the unique tentacles on their faces. Graphorn use these tentacles to get food and feed their young ones.

Players can find Graphorn in Clagmar Coast. No matter how much aggressive they are, players can still tame them. This Beast will drop the Graphon horn.


Hippogriffs are also winged beasts. Players can quickly identify them by their eagle heads. These beasts are extremely useful as players can fly the world using these beasts after taming them.

These beasts are primarily found in Feldcroft Region; however, there’s also a chance that players may find this in South Sea Bog. Being a winged beast will drop a Hippogriff Feather.


Jobberknoll is Legacy, a silent blue bird that can be seen from far because of its white specks. The interesting fact about these beasts is that once they die, they scream out everything which they have heard in their lives.

Players can find JobberKnoll in North Ford Bog, Feldcroft Region and Cragcroftshire. These birds will drop Jobberknoll Feather.


Kneazle is the most intelligent Beast in Hogwarts Legacy. With these birds, the Hogwart Legacy has revolutionized the breeding concept in the world of gaming, as these birds can breed on themselves. Players can find these beasts in South Sea Bog and Marunweem Lake.


Like Giant Purple Toad, Mooncalf is also a magical creature in Hogwarts Legacy. It has a long neck like a giraffe and is shy during daylight, so players can only see them at night in the moonlights, and that is why they are referred to as Mooncalf. 

These beasts will drop Mooncalf fur and can be found in Forbidden Forest and Poidsear Coast.


Niffler in Hogwarts Legacy is a friendly creature. The creatures wear colorful coats with a pocket where they can keep the things they have dug. Players are most likely to counter these beasts while they have a hidden treasure, as these creatures are pretty much attracted to shiny things.

These beasts will drop Niffler Fur from their coat, and you can find them in Feldcroft Region, Poidsear Coast, and Cragcroftshire.


Puffskein in the Hogwarts Legacy are cute and fluffy beasts, but this doesn’t affect their strength. These beasts are one of the toughest ones to be thrown around. These beasts will drop Puffskein Fur.

Players can find PuffSkein in Forbidden Forest, Feldcroft Region, and Clagmar Coast. Considering the ease with which they can be maintained, most families in the Hogwart Legacy keep Puffskein as a pet. 


Thestral is the horses but with wings. The interesting fact about these creatures is that they can only be seen by those who have at least experienced death once throughout the playthrough.

Players of Hogwart Legacy can access Thestral mounts by pre-ordering the Digital Deluxe version of Hogwart Legacy. These horse-like creatures, however, are found in North Ford Bog and Marumweem Lake.


Like Thestral, unicorns also look like horses but have horns on their heads. These creatures have great worth in the game owing to their horns and fantastic hair. Unicorn drops Unicorn hair and can be found in the Forbidden Forest. 


Phoenix is a magical creature that is reborn from the fly ashes. They are incredibly loyal creatures, and because of their high worth, there is only one Phoenix in the entire Hogwart Legacy Map.

Players can find Phoenix in Deek’s Side Quest: Phoenix Rising. Players indeed need to complete three paralogues to get Deek 1. These side quests are

  • The Plight of the House-Elf
  • Foal of the Dead
  • Phoenix Rising.

Once these three are completed, Deek can be obtained from The Room of Requirement. This room becomes available after Main Quest 22.

How to catch and tame Magical Beasts

To learn how to capture Magical Beast in Hogwarts Legacy, you need to complete the quest “The Elf, the Nab-sack, and the Loom”. After that, you can visit any of the locations mentioned above to find and capture the Magical Beast from its natural habitat.

As you run into any Magical Beast, the capturing process involves activating Nab-Sack Spell and waiting for the ring on the screen to fill up. To finalize the process, you then need to click the prompt that appears after.

The quest also unlocks a Vivarium that will function as the homestead for the Magical Beats. Once you have captured a Magical Beat in Hogwarts Legacy, it will automatically appear in the Vivarium, and you can take care of them there.

Each Vivarium in Hogwarts Legacy houses 16 Magical Beasts in it and once you have filled one, you can unlock more. After completing each of the quests given below, you will unlock one more Vivarium.

  • The Plight of the House-elf
  • Foal of the Dead
  • Phoenix Rising

How to breed beasts

To breed Magical Beast in Hogwarts Legacy, there is a prerequisite of completing Foal of the Dead sidequest. For the sidequest to begin, you need to talk to the Deek in the Room of the Requirement.

Once you have completed the sidequest, you then need to get your hands on the Breeding Pen. For that, you need to travel to the Tomes and Scrolls shop located in Hogsmeade region.

Within the shop, the Breeding Pen will cost you around 1000 Galleons. The next thing is to breed the Magical Beast which can be done within the Vivarium.

Use the combination of pen and the Conjugation Spell on any Magical Beast that you want to breed. Once you have done that, you then need to wait for 30 minutes, and a new creature will hatch from the egg.

Hogwarts Legacy has also given us the option to breed any breeding pair of our choice. For that, you simply need to select the option of “Choose Breeding Pair” located on top of each Magical Beast. 

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