Should You Choose Sebastian Or Natty In Hogwarts Legacy Hogsmeade

This guide will tell you whether you should go with Sebastian or Natty to Hogsmeade village in Hogwarts Legacy.

One of the interesting aspects of Hogwarts Legacy is the choices that you get to make during different stages of the game. You will need to make some of the choices as part of the main storyline that may determine your relationship with a particular character, or the whole ending of Hogwarts Legacy itself.

You are required to choose your house early on in the game, for example, from Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw. Another major choice you are forced to make in the early stages of the game is to choose a companion.

Yes, friends are important, but this time, you will be forced to choose one of two options. After you complete your first two classes in Hogwarts Legacy, you will meet with Professor Weasely in the Transfiguration classroom.

Here, Professor Weasely will ask you to choose a companion to travel to the Hogsmeade village with. You will only have two options now – Natsai Onai (Natty) of the Gryffindor house, and Sebastian Swallow of the Slytherin house.

Since we don’t know much about the outcome, the main question that arises is whether you should pick Natty or Sebastian as your companion in Hogwarts Legacy.

Whom to go to Hogsmeade with in Hogwarts Legacy

Natty is a female and Sebastian is a male, and both are viable options as partners. Honestly, choosing one over the other makes little to no difference in the main story.


The only thing that would change is the cutscenes and dialogues for the trip to Hogsmeade that follows, where you learn more about the person you chose to be your companion.

However, this does not mean that you won’t be able to know more about the other person. You will still have that option, but later on during the game. You can bond with both of them equally.

That said, you can pick either Natty or Sebastian without any real consequences since there won’t be any major changes depending on it. No choice is, in any way, better than the other.

How to visit the Hogsmeade village

After choosing any of the two available characters, you would be tasked with finding two Flying Pages by Professor Ronen.

You can find the one Flying page in the courtyard by the ruined statue right, which is right beside Professor Ronen. The other Flying Page is located inside the Defense against the Dark arts tower.

You can use the Acio spell to find and collect the two Flying Pages. Once that’s done, you will be rewarded with the Mending Charm, Reparo spell. Afterward, you are tasked with fixing the aforementioned ruined statue.

Following all of that, you will be free to go outside and meet up with your companion to start your journey to Hogsmeade.

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