How To Defeat Ranrok In Hogwarts Legacy

Ranrok is the final boss of Hogwarts Legacy. His fight is split between three phases where he gains a new attack in each phase.

Ranrok, the goblin, is the main villain in Hogwarts Legacy who wants to use ancient magic to occupy the Repository and wreak havoc upon the world.

Thankfully, Hogwarts Legacy’s main protagonist has ancient magic powers of his own – and seeks to put an end to Ranrok’s endless destruction.

You find out about Ranrok fairly early on in the game, discovering that he’s up to something bad and trying to find out what he plans to do. You will often find cases of his torture – particularly in Sebastian’s (one of your main companions in Hogwarts Legacy) case, as he cursed his twin sister.

You finally track down Ranrok and stop him in the final (40th) main quest in Hogwarts Legacy – “The Final Repository”. In this quest, you try to reach the Repository before Ranrok does and prevent him from occupying the place to save the world. Completing this quest unlocks the “The Hero of Hogwarts” Achievement.

We recommend that you reach at least level 24 before starting this quest since there are a lot of difficult enemies to defeat.

The Final Repository walkthrough

You can start The Final Repository quest after completing all of the previous main quests, including the Wand Mastery quest, and heading over to the Map Chamber to speak to Professor Fig.

Meet with Professor Fig at the Map Chamber

When you meet with Professor Fig at the Map Chamber to start this quest, Rackham will tell you that you’re at last ready for the job. He then advises you to keep the repository’s magic contained rather than harness it.

After that, the floor will descend, revealing a stairwell beneath it leading to a secret door. This door will lead you to the Keeper’s Caverns, from where you can reach the Repository in Hogwarts Legacy.

Inside the Keeper’s Caverns

Inside the Keeper’s Caverns, you will find a straight winding path leading forwards. As you move along this path, you will encounter enemies bit by bit. At one point you will enter a large area with two Fortified Trolls and a few Goblin Loyalists. They’ll pose an easy fight compared to what’s in store ahead.

After dealing with all of the enemies in the area, head over to the wall of stone blocked by white smoke. You’ll find it in the back end of the area, and Professor Fig will blow up the smoke to clear the path.

Follow the new path to another large area. There are a few more Goblin Loyalists here, which you need to deal with to continue. Once you get rid of the goblins, you can find another rock with white smoke on it, to the east of the area.

Professor Fig will step up once again and clear the path for you. Across this path in the new area, a few professors from Hogwarts will Apparate in a cutscene. They will help you get rid of the enemies in front.

Once the path is clear, you need to walk over to the other end of the bridge to a small area. Here, you will be met with a few more Goblin Loyalists. Along with the goblins, a Fighter Troll will also come through.

You need to beat all of them to continue. Once you get rid of them, Professor Sharp will step up and end the troll, making a way to the Repository’s entrance in the process.

You will come to the Repository in a cutscene, and see two huge Pensieve Guards standing on the sides of the doors. They may feel intimidating at first, but the protagonist whips out the Keeper’s Wand. The Guards chill out after seeing the wand and grant you access to the Repository.

After you enter the Repository, Professor Fig inquires what you plan on doing with the Repository’s magic. You will have two options to choose from here – both leading to a different ending in Hogwarts Legacy.

Choosing to keep the magic contained in the Repository will lead to the normal ending and the approval of Professor Fig. Choosing to open it will lead to the evil ending.

If you choose to keep it contained, you will have to choose from a further 2 dialogues. You can either choose to keep your plan a secret for the moment or forever. This choice does not change the ending though.

After you choose your dialogue, Ranrok will appear with Miriam’s wand and blow the Repository to smithereens in Hogwarts Legacy. Professor Fig will be squashed by the debris from the explosion. You will fall down into another area with Ranrok.

How to defeat Ranrok in Hogwarts Legacy

Now that Ranrok has harnessed the power of the Repository, he warps into a dragon and becomes dangerously powerful. Your fight with Ranrok will start henceforth, determining the fate of the world.

The fight with Ranrok won’t be that easy. He is insanely strong and invulnerable to your attacks– unless you exploit his weaknesses.

Ranrok’s main attacks

Phase 1Dragon BreathAn unblockable attack where Ranrok spits a fire that targets you for a while
ProjectileAn unblockable attack where Ranrok spits a dark projectile. You can redirect it using Ancient Magic.
FireballRanrok spits out a light-colored projectile at you.
Phase 2ExplosionRanrok makes a charged area of effect attack, which is unblockable
Phase 3Melee AttacksThese will mainly be slashes and bites

Your fight with Ragnarok in his Dragon form will consist of three phases – with a small sub-phase at the end. Every time you deplete a part of Ranrok’s HP, you will enter a new phase of the fight.

Ranrok Boss fight phase 1

In the first phase, you will be able to see a floating orb around Ranrok. These orbs will be of different colors corresponding to one of your spells. You need to hit the orb with the appropriate spell to destroy it.

Once the orb is destroyed, then you can start attacking Ranrok. Attacking otherwise is worthless because they will not be effective. Ranrok will only be vulnerable for a limited time after breaking the orb though, so you must be quick with your attacks.

Moreover, Ranrok is pretty quick with his own attacks as well in Hogwarts Legacy. Try to dodge as many of them as you can and counterattack with your spells whenever he is vulnerable. This may take a lot of time, but be patient with it.

Once the first segment of his health is depleted, he will break a wall to a new area where stage 2 of the fight begins.

Ranrok Boss fight phase 2

Phase 2 will only be slightly different, but the general strategy will remain the same – destroy the orbs and make hast with your attacks. This time, however, his attacks will be stronger, and you will have to destroy two of his orbs to make him temporarily vulnerable to attacks.

Once you get the second segment of his HP down, you will enter a new area below to start phase 3 of the fight.

Ranrok Boss fight phase 3

Phase 3 is further divided into two sub-phases. In the first part, you will have to follow the same process to damage Ranrok, but this time you will have to destroy 3 different orbs before you can make him vulnerable.

In the second sub-phase, Ranrok lands on the ground, changes his attacks, and another orb appears, so now you have to destroy four different orbs in order to damage him. This time, however, you will only have to destroy the orbs once.

After you have completely drained Ranrok’s HP, he will come to the center of the arena and one of his orbs will disappear. Only three will be left that will change their place every now and then. All you have to do is destroy the three orbs with the appropriate spell to defeat Ranrok.

Once Ranrok is defeated, the magic in the Repository goes crazy, and you will have to summon another cage for it using the Keeper’s Wand. Professor Fig assists you with it but dies shortly after.

After all, that’s done, you and your friends will gather in Hogwarts in Professor Fig’s honor and raise a glass to him. Afterward, you will have a chat with Ominis and conclude the “The Final Repository” quest.

Additional Tips

Some of the best attacks/spells to use against Ranrok are the Confingo, Diffindo, Depulso, and Glacius spells. Moreover, we suggest that you come to the fight pre-equipped with Force, Control, and Damage spells.

This is because you cannot harm Ranrok until you have destroyed the orbs around him. These orbs will have distinct colors and will correspond to one of your spells. Coming pre-equipped with them makes it easy to switch between them and destroy the orbs faster.

As for your Ancient Magic attacks, you must save them for when you really need them. This will particularly be when Ranrok uses his explosion attack. This attack is particularly dangerous as it can one-shot you, so you may want to keep your Ancient Magic at the tip of your wand for this case.

Another important asset you have against Ranrok is your potions. You will likely take a lot of hits in the fight against Ranrok since his attacks are fast and unpredictable.

You can use the Wiggenweld potion to heal, as well as the Edurus potion to defend yourself. You may even bring along the Maxima and Focus potions to assist you in combat.

Another important tip here is to Auto-Lock onto Ranrok in order to not miss any attacks that you throw. Making sure that all your attacks land is vital.

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