Hogwarts Legacy Imperio: How To Unlock The Imperius Curse

Imperio or the Imperius Curse is another Unforgivable Curse that you can learn and use in Hogwarts Legacy to become evil.

Imperio is an Unforgivable Curse that you can learn on your path to becoming evil in Hogwarts Legacy. This powerful curse allows you to control your enemies and force them to obey your every command. You can even make them fight for and beside you as an ally as long as the curse lasts.

Imperio is only one of three Unforgivable Curses. The others are the Cruciatus Curse to torture your victims and the Killing Curse to well… kill your enemies. Remember that casting any Unforgivable Curse is a one-way ticket to Azkaban Prison. However, Hogwarts Legacy has no morality system, so you can cast them at will during combat except on students on campus grounds.

Take note that the Imperius Curse is not part of the main storyline. You will get an opportunity to unlock Imperio while following Sebastian Sallow, a new Slytherin character in Hogwarts Legacy. He dabbles in the Dark Arts for his own personal reasons and knows all three Unforgivable Curses.

Sebastian is the one who will teach you how to cast the Imperius Curse. This will happen in one of his side quests called In the Shadow of Time where you will have to choose to learn Imperio.

How to start the Imperio quest

You are invited to join the ‘In the Shadow of Time’ side quest by Sebastian Sallow after reaching level 17. It takes place at The Catacomb in the Feldcroft Region. He sends you the invite in your Owl Post.

Before starting this side quest, you need to make sure that you have already completed the In the Shadow of Discovery side quest and Professor Weasley’s Assignment which also teaches you the Transformation spell.

How to unlock the Imperius Curse

To unlock the Imperius Curse, you need to follow all the steps to the walkthrough of the ‘In the Shadow of Time’ side quest.

Meeting Sebastian

After you have received your invite in the Owl Post, go to the Catacomb in the Fledcroft Region where you will meet Sebastian Sallow. He will want you to help him find a Relic that contains powers to reverse Dark Magic.

Entering the Catacombs

After you have met Sebastian Sallow, you should enter the Catacomb in Fledcroft Region where Sebastian thinks that a lost Relic is hidden somewhere. You can transport here using the Catacomb Floo Flame.

Discovering the Student Journal

After you have entered the Catacomb, it’s time to put your spell-casting to use. You will encounter spiders which you should defeat and burn their webs using Incendio Spell.

Now go to the hallway and find the altar. A Student Journal Entry will be lying there that you can collect.

Talking to Sebastian

After you have discovered the Student Journal, you need to talk to Sebastian about it. Ask him to give you details and afterward he will suggest splitting up in order to cover more ground.

Bypassing the Barricade

Now you will encounter a barricade and you can make your way through it using spells and feeding skeletons to the door of the barricade. There will be skeletons lying around in the room and you need to find three of them.

One of these skeletons will be laid on a table in the middle of the room while the rest two will be hidden behind drawers. Cast Accio spell on these drawers to make them fall down and reveal the skeletons hidden behind them.

To bring these three skeletons to the door of the barricade, use the Wingardium Leviosa spell to levitate the bones and then bring them toward the door using the Accio spell.

Learning Imperio 

This is the most important step as you learn the Imperius Curse in this step. Sebastian asks you if you want to learn the Hogwarts Legacy Imperio curse and if you agree he teaches you the curse.

However, if you disagree, you will not learn the Imperius Curse and the quest continues. This is a permanent step, meaning that if you say no to Imperio, you will not be able to learn it for the remainder of the game.

Defeating Spiders and Finding Relic

After learning the curse, you need to defeat some spiders and then go to the altar. The Relic will be placed on the altar but before getting to that you can also enter a puzzle room if you take a right. To solve this puzzle, look for two drawings that correspond to the symbols etched on the skeleton gate. After solving this puzzle, you will discover the Relic’s Note and Lost Relic Illustration.

Speaking with Sebastian

Talk to Sebastian about the relic you just discovered and then leave the Catacomb.

Talking to Ominis

On your way back you will also meet Ominis and you need to talk to him and then leave the catacomb. Ominis and Sebastian will get in a fight and Ominis will ask for your help before you leave the catacomb.

Protecting Fledcroft

Now you need to return to Fledcroft which has been under attack. You will need to protect it from the Loyalists.

Meeting Sebastian’s Uncle

The last step in completing the side quest is meeting Solomon Sallow, the uncle of Sebastian Sallow. Talking to him ends the quest.   

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