Hogwarts Legacy Classes You Can Take

Attending classes and lessons play a huge role in your progression in Hogwarts Legacy. This guide will go over all the subjects you can study.

Being a true Harry Porter fan, it is no doubt that grabbing the wand and learning new spells is one of the most important aspects of being a Wizard. 

However, Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t follow the traditional way of providing classes, and each spell is locked by default. Therefore, you must take part in different lessons and specific subjects to unlock the spells you want to cast. 

Luckily, Hogwarts Legacy accepts your letter and provides you with the opportunity to be a part of their magical school. Once you are accepted to the school, you can take the Hogwarts Legacy Classes and subjects to learn new skills to master in the future.

Here in this guide, we have explained how you can unlock spells by attending each class and subject in Hogwarts Legacy.  

  • Astronomy
  • Beasts
  • Charms
  • Divination
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts
  • Flying
  • Herbology
  • Potions
  • Transfiguration

Hogwarts Legacy all classes and subjects

The Hogwarts class system is divided into nine sections, with each class consisting of a subject reference a Harry Porter easter egg. Following are all the classes and Subjects you get enrolled in Hogwarts Legacy.

Astronomy (Professor Shah)

The Astronomy class takes place on top of the Astronomy Tower, upon reaching the tower, you’ll witness a cutscene, between which you can follow the button prompts.

The game will provide a few dialogue options when you will be interacting with Amit. As the conversation ends, Amit will urge you to bring his Telescope and followed by an Astronomy Table present in different areas of Hogwarts. 

Once you have located the two necessary Astronomy items, you’ll have to follow Amit, and walk along the castle wall which is to your right. Use the spells Depulso and Incendio to clear any object which blocks your path. Once the path is clear you can interact with the Astronomy Table.

Upon interaction with the table, you’ll see a diagram, zoom In and align it with the stars. When the diagram aligns with the stars, the quest will conclude.

Beasts (Professor Howin)

You will find this class in the Bell Tower Wing with Professor Howin and Poppy Sweating being the instructors. You’ll receive a Beast petting brush after a brief cutscene. This brush can be used to take care of beasts. 

Start by equipping the brush in a spell slot just as another spell and use it to brush the Puffskein in front of you. Your next task will be to feed the magical beast by using the given feed.

Later on, Professor Bai Howin will teach you about different creatures you will encounter in the Hogwarts Legacy. You will get the necessary information that you need to tackle these beasts. You will also learn details concerning their role in the Beast’s subject.

Charms (Abraham Ronen)

You will be able to take your Charms classes after completing Welcome to Hogwarts, one of the early-game initiation quests. This is also when you will be able to freely explore Hogwarts Castle for its secrets.

Charms are important spells that you need in Hogwarts Legacy. Professor Ronen will teach you how to cast Accio as well as others.

Once you have mastered the spell, you will go up against Natsai and later will be locked in a brief chat with Profession Ronen which sets the end of the Charm class.

In the charm classes, you will learn some of the most famous spells in the Hogwarts Legacy. These include spells like the Wingardium Leviosa and Accio.

The basic thing that this class teaches you is how you can use your wand in Hogwarts Legacy to cast different spells. This class will help you in learning advanced magic skills as well as you progress forward.

You will also learn about some “charms and enchantments” in the game, along with famous spells.

Divination (Mudiwa Onai) 

You will come across this class atop the Hogwarts School Tower. Simply head into the library through the viaduct entrance and head to the north side to find a set of stairs leading to a hidden door that drops a ladder which you can climb to find the Demiguise statue.

In the subject, Mudiwa Onai will teach you how to use different tools, rituals, and items to predict the future in Hogwarts Legacy. You will also get familiar with the Crystal Ball, which you can use to know about future events in Hogwarts Legacy.

Other than these classes, some other classes in Hogwarts Legacy are still not confirmed. The subjects which we are not sure of till now whether you can take or not are Magical Theory, History of Magic, and Transfiguration.

Defense Against the Dark Arts (Dinah Hecat)

You will find this class near the Astronomy Wing. It teaches you the Levioso Spell that enables you to levitate objects. You can use this spell to practice your battle against Sebastian beforehand. Make sure to practice most of your spells on a dummy before heading into the battle.

Defense against dark art is something that you should focus on learning. This will help you tackle dark wizards in Hogwarts Legacy and their curses. You will learn some useful spells like Incendio and Levioso that will help you attack enemies rather than just focusing on Defense. 

Flying (Chiyo Kogawa) 

Find this class in the north courtyard of Hogwarts next to a set of brooms. Professor Kogwa will teach you different aspects of flying, such as summoning your broom stacks and applying boost to go full speed on your broom.

Everett Clopton, a student, will invite you to fly with him, where he will teach you how to apply boost, he will then suggest you buy your own broom from the Albie Weekes shop in Hogsmeade. 

This is one of the most exciting classes as the students, after learning to fly on their broomsticks, will get the opportunity to take joy rides around the castles. 

Herbology (Mirabel Garlick)

Herbology class teaches you the functions of different plants and fungi and how to utilize these plants and herbs to boost abilities. 

This class will be accessible right after you reach the herbology Greenhouse on the school grounds.

The class allows you to interact with different plants and extract seeds, cuttings, and spores, which can be used to grow new plants, for generating resources such as ingredients for potions and keys for hidden areas. Seeds are available in The Magic Neep shop. 

Potions (Professor Aesop Sharp)

Potions class is really essential if you want to become a strong wizard as it will teach you the art of brewing potions. You will attend this class after the completion of the room of requirements and the potions classroom quests instructed by Professor Sharp. 

You can brew potions by using a potion station on the table. If you have the right ingredients in your inventory, throw them into the pot to make a potion. You can unlock more potions by visiting the J Pippins Potions shop in Hogsmeade. 

Transfiguration (Matilda Weasley)

You will find this class in the Transfiguration classroom. Upon entering the classroom, the Professor will give you details regarding the upcoming assignments.

The professor will also advise you to find a partner that will accompany you on the trip to Hogsmeade to restock your supplies for the class. 

This class revolves around three spells, Evanesco, Conjuring, and Altering Spells. You must complete the quest called “The Room of Requirement” and “Interior Designing” to unlock these spells respectively. 

In this class Professor Matilda will teach you the art of transforming the form of an object, you’ll feel like a complete wizard once you change one object into something else.

Most fun classes to attend in Hogwarts Legacy

In addition to learning new spells from each class you attend; you will also take part in some fun activities that can only be performed in certain classes.

This adds up to the entertaining aspect of attending Hogwarts Legacy school which not only helps you learn new spells but also encourages you to participate in fun games, and cutscenes, making some classes better than others.

Below we have listed a few of the most fun classes to attend in Hogwarts Legacy:

Flying Class
The Flying class is by far the most fascinating class in Hogwarts Legacy. This class lets you perform Joy rides on your broom, doing a grand tour that too on a flying broom is next level for any Harry Potter fan.

Potions class is an essential yet fun class to attend. This class helps you become a strong wizard by helping you master the art of brewing potions. The potions you brew also serve a purpose as they help you regain health and help boost other stats.

Charms Class
The Charms class is one of the most important classes to attend with a bit of fun added to the mix. It provides intrinsic motivation to the players as they try to master each spell they learn.

Not only does it help the players explore new avenues in the game but also provides deterrence against rivals.

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