How To Get Conjurations In Hogwarts Legacy

Conjurations are a type of spell that allows you to create decorations and items to furnish your room in Hogwarts Legacy.

There are several spells in Hogwarts Legacy, but none makes your Room of Requirement and Vivariums look as beautiful as Conjuration spells. You can create several items using these spells, catering to your game needs.

The conjuration system is unique and fun. It allows you to change the looks of  Vivariums and Room of Requirement according to your needs. You will have all the control over the type of furniture, decorations, and other utilities. So let’s learn what things we can personalize through Hogwarts Legacy Conjurations.

What are Conjurations in Hogwarts Legacy?

Conjurations can be used to create furniture for your Room of Requirement in Hogwarts Legacy to cater to functional and decorative needs. The items found inside Vivarium can also be customized using Conjuration spells. You can rotate, recolor or even resize your furniture to fit perfectly in your room.

Due to budget issues, you will face a limit on the no of articles that you can create through the conjuration spell. But the different ways of customizing the items make up for the limitations. It means you can change a single article in several ways, making it look new and fascinating to the eyes.

How to get and use Conjuration Spells

You can acquire the Conjuration spells in two ways, but most of the time, you have to rely on purchasing the spells from Tomes and Scrolls shop.

You need to unlock Hogsmeade before making your trip to the shop in that area. Visit the shop to acquire new conjuration recipes and learn several valuable spells. Use these newly acquired conjurations to create things that will help you achieve your goals.


The second method allows you to get secret conjuration recipes by progressing in Hogwarts Legacy. You will come across several quests, including “Breaking Camp side” and “Hogsmeade Main“, that provide you with few conjuration spells.

Additionally, you might come across several NPCs that might teach you new conjuring spells.

Hogwarts Legacy Conjurations locations

Hogwarts Conjuration Chest Locations

Hogsmeade Conjuration Chest Locations

North Ford Bog Conjuration Chest Locations

Forbidden Forest Conjuration Chest Locations

Hogsmeade Valley Conjuration Chest Locations

North Hogwarts Conjuration Chest Locations

South Hogwarts Conjuration Chest Locations

Hogwarts Valley Conjuration Chest Locations

Feldcroft Region Conjuration Chest Locations

Poidsear Conjuration Chest Locations

Marunweem Lake Conjuration Chest Locations

Clagmar Coast Conjuration Chest Locations

Hogwarts Legacy Conjuration collection list

Vendor conjurations

You can buy several conjurations by visiting the Tomes and Scrolls shop in the Hogsmeade area.

ConjurationPrice (Galleons)
Beast Feeder Spellcraft 1,200
Breeding Pen1,200
Beast Toybox Spellcraft500
Chopping Station Spellcraft1,500
Dung Composter Spellcraft1,000
Hopping Pot Spellcraft3,000
Material Refiner Spellcraft1,500
Potting Table with a Large Pot Spellcraft1,000
Potting Table with Two Large Pots Spellcraft 3,000
Potting Table with a Medium Pot Spellcraft750
Potting Table with Two Medium Pots Spellcraft1,500
Potting Table with Three Medium Pots Spellcraft3,000
Potting Table with Three Small Pots Spellcraft400
Potting Table with Five Small Pots Spellcraft2,500
Medium Potions Station Spellcraft1,000
T-Shaped Potions Station Spellcraft2,000

Quest conjurations

You can gain conjurations by completing several quests and also by unlocking different missions. These Conjurations are very useful, just like the ones you buy from the vendors.

BenchesThe Elf, The Nab-Sack and The Loom.
FencesThe Elf, The Nab-Sack and The Loom.
Wizarding PortraitRoom of Requirement
Books and Cauldrons ShelfHistory of Magic
ChairsRoom of Requirement
Sinister Oddities ShelfTangled Web
Stag Skull DecorationBreaking Camp
Dressing ScreensInterior Decorating
Erumpent HornAll’s Well That Ends Well
Flower BoxFollow the Butterflies
Herbology ToolsKidnapped Cabbage
Gold Herbology TrophyInterior Decorating
Desk of DescriptionRoom of Requirement
Keg ShelfA Friend in Deed
Free Standing Light FixturesRoom of Requirement
Enchanted LoomThe Elf, The Nab-Sack and The Loom
MirrorsRoom of Requirement
Oddities ShelfPortrait in a Pickle
Potting Table with a Small PotWelcome to Hogsmeade
Small Potions StationWelcome to Hogsmeade
Quidditch BoardDissending’ For Sweets
Medium RugsRoom of Requirement
Small TablesRoom of Requirement
TotemBeeting’ a Curse
Wooden MaidenThe Unique Unicorn

Challenge Conjurations

You need to complete a following challenge that revolves around saving beasts from the danger of the world to gain few conjurations in Hogwarts Legacy.

Billywig HiveRescue 10 beasts
Magic ChimeRescue 20 beasts
Phoenix StatueRescue 30 beasts

How to increase the Conjuration Budget

There are several quests and missions that have some connection with the Room of Requirement. You need to complete all those to progress. This will ensure that your budget for the conjured items increases in Hogwarts Legacy, making you create more customized items for the room.

You can easily track your conjuring budget as whenever you use the spell to conjure any item, a tab will appear on the right side of the screen that indicates your budget. This limit will go up, so stay patient and enjoy your playthrough in Hogwarts Legacy.

You will encounter two types of Conjurations spells. One is for the Room of Requirement and the other for the Vivarium. Both spells have the same core usage as they boost the beauty of both places, making several things that can be used differently.

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