How To Unlock The Hogwarts Legacy Room Of Requirement

The Room of Requirement is a secret room in Hogwarts Legacy that becomes your personal space to decorate, furnish, and make potions.

If you follow the Harry Potter books and movies, then you would probably be familiar with the Room of Requirement in Hogwarts Legacy.

It was first introduced in the Goblet of Fire as a room that shows itself when a person really needs it. Hogwarts Legacy’s timeline is way before Harry Potter, but during his time Dumbledore and his army used this place to train and hone their skills.

The Room of Requirement is also featured in Hogwarts Legacy and serves pretty much the same purpose. It serves as your personal space, containing all the facilities and utilities that you need to prepare for your journey to become a great wizard.

Like all of the major rooms on the campus, you will first have to unlock the Hogwarts Legacy Room of Requirement by playing through the story a bit. You can unlock the Room of Requirement not long after you start the game. After playing for a few hours you will come across the Tomes and Tribulations main quest and the Ancient Trials.

Just after those quests comes the Room of Requirement quest, which as the name implies, helps you to unlock it. This is a main quest, so you don’t need to worry about missing it.

You can think of this as your personal room, where you have all the tools to craft potions and gear, keep Hogwarts Legacy’s amazing beasts, grow plants, and whatnot. You even have the option to decorate it as you see fit.

Where to find the Room of Requirement?

The Room of Requirement is one of Hogwarts’s secret rooms, so you may be wondering where it actually is. The entrance to the Room of Requirement is can be found in the Defense Against the Dark Arts tower. It comes just before the Astronomy wing, but you’ll have to climb up a fleet of stairs to reach it.

If you’re not in the mood to take such a long trek, you can simply fast-travel to the Room of Requirement. The process is the same as you’d take to fast travel to the Map Chamber – via the Secret Rooms menu.

Simply navigate to the Secret Rooms section on the left pane of the map and select the Room of Requirement to fast travel to the location.

How to use the Room of Requirement

The Room of Requirement is your own personal hub, filled with all the workstations you need to prepare for the journey ahead. You also have the freedom to decorate it according to your will with different items like statues, paintings, and furniture.

You can conjure these so-called ornaments out of thin air with the use of Spells. There are three main spells you will use in the Room of Requirement, taught to you by Professor Weasely and Deek when you unlock this location.

  • Conjuring Spell: to create new items
  • Alteration Spell: to alter, move or edit already existing items
  • Evanesco Spell: to delete items

These three spells are exclusive to the Room of Requirement only, and cannot be used anywhere else. The items you can conjure, however, will be a bit different in the case of the Vivarium, which we will get to later.

Conjuring each new item or object, however, will require Moonstones. The amount required varies depending on the size and type of decoration. Larger decorations will require a lot more than more common, small decorations. To obtain more Moonstone, you can conjure yourself a Material Refiner later on by getting its Conjuring Recipe from the Tomes and Scrolls shop

After placing an object, you do have the option to move it somewhere else, or even to change its color and size with the Alteration Spell. If you get rid of the item with the Evanesco spell, however, you will only get a small amount of the initial cost back.

Lastly, you can even change the way the ceiling looks or the lighting of the room by talking to Deek the house elf. That’s enough for decorations, let’s talk about the more important stuff – facilities and workstations.

Potting Tables

The Potting Tables serve as your very own small garden. These can be used to grow all of the different types of Plants in Hogwarts Legacy. You will start off with small Potting Tables which can be used to grow small plants.

Later on, you can buy the Conjuring Recipes for the large Potting Tables from the Tomes and Scrolls shop if you want to grow larger plants. If you don’t have access to them yet, you can use the ones at the Herbology Classroom to do the job.

There are a total of 9 different plants in Hogwarts Legacy, serving different purposes. The main use of plants is brewing a variety of different Potions – for which you need the Potion Station.

Potion Station

The Potion Station is your main go-to spot if you want to brew some potions. The plants you obtain will allow you to craft potions – but you can only craft one at a time in the beginning.

You start off with a small Potion Station, but can, later on, build a larger one to brew multiple potions simultaneously. For that, you will first have to get its Conjuring Recipe from the Tomes and Scrolls shop. You can also get Hopping Pots to brew random spells on the side.

If you can’t get access to the larger Potion Station yet, then you can simply use the one at the Potions classroom to brew yourself a few more potions.

Identification Station

The Identification Station is a small wooden table through which you can identify all the different types of gear you acquire throughout your journey. This will come free of cost.

Unidentified gear cannot be used, so it’s better to use this resource as you can for free. Moreover, identifying gear will also show you its offensive and defensive stats if they are locked.

Loom Station

The Loom Station is one of the most important workstations in the Room of Requirement. You can obtain this station after acquiring the materials required to craft it from the beasts in Vivarium.

The Loom Station can be used to upgrade your gear in many aspects but will require different materials in different cases depending on its rarity and type.

You can apply traits you find along the way to your gear to upgrade it. The upgrades can vary from a basic upgrade to resistance against a particular monster.

There’s a slot level shown in your gear’s upgrade screen. Each item can be upgraded a total of three times.

How to edit the Hogwarts Legacy Room of Requirement

The most exciting thing about Room of Requirement is the customization you can take to improve the visuals and layout of the room.

You will learn the Evanesco spell in Hogwarts Legacy. This spell allows you to remove obstacles from the way. You can use it to change the size of your Room of Requirement by getting rid of excess furniture or stuff.

To add furniture in Room of Requirement, you need to learn Transfiguration spell from Professor Weasley. However, you need moonstones to perform this spell in the room.

Additionally, you can acquire different decorations and devices by visiting the Tomes and Scrolls shop in Hogsmeade. But you have to spend some money there to get the items. The cost of the item schematics varies in the shop, but each item costs many galleons.

ItemPrice (Galleons)
Beast Toybox500
Chopping Station1,500
Dung Composter1,000
Beast Feeder1,200
Material Refiner1,500
Hopping Pot3,000
Potting Table with Five Small Pots2,500
Potting Table with Three Small Pots400
Potting Table with Three Medium Pots3,000
Potting Table with Two Medium Pots1,500
Potting Table with a Medium Pot750
Potting Table with Two Large Pots3,000
Potting Table with a Large Pot1,000
Medium Potions Station1,000
T-Shaped Potions Station2,000

You can also get items for your Hogwarts Legacy Room of Requirement by completing several side quests and objectives. It is also beneficial to look for the chests scattered throughout the map of Hogwarts Legacy to obtain the piece for the room.

The other exciting thing you can use to edit your Room of Requirement includes learning the Altering spell. You can use the spell only on the permanent features of the room. It means everything present when you first visited the room, including the walls and floors.

The Altering spells allow you to change the color pattern of your surroundings, and you can use the same color scheme on all the permanent features to create a beautiful design in Room of Requirement.

Lastly, you can also talk to Deek to completely change the theme. The creature will provide you with options from cozy to dark and mysterious. Selecting the theme according to your fantasies will be up to you. 

How to unlock and use the Vivarium

The Vivarium is a whole new realm within the Hogwarts Legacy Room of Requirement where you can keep all your beasts and care for them. You will unlock the Vivarium after completing the Beasts class.

After retrieving Lodgok’s Helm of Urtok at the end of this class, Deek makes you capture some magical critters and shows you the Vivarium to keep your beasts in.

This is a whole sanctuary for these beasts, with all the different stuff you require to cater to them like the beast feeders and breeding pens. You can even feed, pet, and groom these beasts to obtain some materials like Fwooper feathers, Puffskein fur, Mooncalf fur, etc. which you can use at the Loom Station.

There’s also a whole new decoration aspect in this realm. You can use the same spells you used in the Room of Requirement, but the items you can conjure will be different.

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