How To Get All Plants In Hogwarts Legacy

Plants are one of the many resources and ingredients that you can and will eventually need to find in Hogwarts Legacy. They are tied to Herbology, a subject you enroll in to learn all about plants.

You will unlock your first plant as part of the main Herbology class quest. Following that, you will be able to unlock more plants over the course of your progression.

Take note that there are two types of plants in Hogwarts Legacy and you have to buy them the first time to unlock them. Afterward, you can settle for a plant location and grow and harvest them yourself using their seeds.

What do plants do in Hogwarts Legacy? They help you create all sorts of potions. Some plants can also be used in combat to momentarily stun enemies. You, furthermore, need to grow and harvest all available plants in the game to unlock the Put Down Roots achievement.

How to grow Plants in Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, you are first introduced to plants during the 12th Main quest: “Herbology Class”. As the name implies, this quest unlocks Plants to be used.

Once you finish this class, you will be able to grow plants in the Herbology classroom and receive some Dittany as a reward. The Herbology class contains a few Potting Stations, which serve as the basic crop plot for you to grow plants in.

Later on, you will unlock the Room of Requirement, which contains its own Potting Stations. There are a variety of Potting Stations available, ranging from small to medium to large.

Note that the plants you obtain will have various sizes, ranging from small to medium to large. Likewise, you would need the appropriate Potting table size for each plant that you intend to grow.

Large plants cannot be grown in small potting tables, but small plants can be grown in large ones.

To grow your very own plants, however, you will require their seeds. There are two main ways you can get plant seeds in Hogwarts Legacy.

Where to find Plant Seeds in Hogwarts Legacy?

Some plants like the Leaping Toadstool plant can be found in the overworld as well apart from the shops. However, your main go-to point to obtain seeds will be shops.

There are two main shops that sell seeds, both of which are located in Hogsmeade: The Magic Neep, and the Deathcap and Dogweed. The price of the plants will vary, but won’t aren’t that expensive really. The Leaping Toadstool is the only plant that can be bought from J. Pippin’s Potions shop in Hogsmeade.

After you have selected a plant and sowed its seeds in its respective Potting Station, you need to wait for it to grow. The growth time ranges from 10 to 15 minutes depending on the plant. After the plant is fully grown, you can harvest it to obtain more of it.

How to get and grow all plants

There are a total of nine different Plants that you can acquire in Hogwarts Legacy. These plants will either be Potion Plants – which can be used to make different potions, or Combat Plants – which attack enemies.

In order to procure the seeds to grow these plants we have included the plant locations as well apart from listing their uses, cost growth, and size as well.

Combat Plants and their uses

PlantHow To GetUsesCost (Gold)Growth Time (Mins)Plant Size
Venomous TentaculaSold by Deathcap and Dogweed in HogsmeadeCan launch acid toward enemies105015Large
MandrakeSold by Deathcap and Dogweed in HogsmeadeStuns nearby enemies80010Large
Chinese Chomping CabbageSold by Deathcap and Dogweed in HogsmeadeAttacks nearby enemies60012Medium

Potion Plants and their uses

PlantHow To GetUsesCost (Gold)Growth Time (Mins)Plant Size
DittanyUnlocked at the end of Quest 12. It can be grownUsed to craft healing potions – Wiggenweld potion.N/A10Small
ShrivelfigSold by The Magic Neep in HogsmeadeUsed to craft Thunderbrew45012Medium
FluxweedSold by The Magic Neep in HogsmeadeUsed to craft focus potions35015Small
Leaping ToadstoolSold by j. Pippin’s Potions in HogsmeadeUsed to craft invisibility potions150N/ASmall
MallowsweetSold by The Magic Neep in HogsmeadeUsed in Merlin Trials20010Small
KnotgrassSold by The Magic Neep in HogsmeadeUsed to craft invisibility potions35010Small