How To Recruit Every Wave 2 Emblem In Fire Emblem Engage DLC

The new expansion pack adds new emblems for you to recruit in Fire Emblem Engage. Out of the four waves that you need to survive, the second wave specifically brings three new recruitable Wave 2 emblems: Soren, Hector, and Camilla.

They can only be unlocked after completing their Divine Paralogues. These new Fire Emblem Engage Wave 2 emblems only become available after you have completed Chapter 6 and recruited Tiki along with completing the Lookout Ridge event at Somniel and unlocking the Edelgard Emblem.  

How to get Soren, Hector, and Camilla emblems in Wave 2

Take note that a Divine Paralogue is completed only when you take down the emblem of that paralogue and earn the Emblem Bracelet. 

To defeat each Emblem, you require a specific strategy, with each Player Unit deployed at the appropriate position.

Soren: The Emblem of Acumen

Soren is a black-clad strategist of sound judgment from the Path of Radiance.

To recruit Soren, you must have purchased and downloaded the DLC Wave 2 Expansion Pack. Now, you need to unlock the Divine Paralogue: The Radiant Strategist which can be done after completing the Lookout Ridge Event at Somniel and unlocking the Emblem Edelgard.

To clear this Divine Paralogue, you need to defeat Soren and receive his Fire Emblem Engage Wave 2 Emblem Bracelet that can be used to recruit Soren.

The Divine Paralogue: The Radiant Strategist takes place in Magma Cavern and it is recommended to have Base Level 16 before starting it. You will have 12 Player Units against 33 Enemies.

The difficulty level for this Divine Paralogue is 7 out of 10. Recommended units while fighting Soren include Edelgard and Etie, Byleth and Alear, Panette, and Ivy.

This map can be a bit challenging due to the falling lava meteors. There will be Magma craters on which Volcanic Bombs will land throughout the map. You need to avoid these and head towards the southeast.

Apart from the magma craters, another interesting mechanic in this map is that Smoke can engulf the battlefield. It is best to avoid Smoke tiles and proceed as quickly as possible. Prioritizing speed here is your best strategy as smoky terrains can decrease your Res, Avo, and Def stats.

Eventually, you will face Soren with his five defense units and you will need to keep your physical units at the front to fight him. Soren will have powerful attacks like Cataclysm, Bolting, Reflect Staff, and Mystical Class so you will need to watch out for them.

The best strategy while facing Soren is to close the distance quickly and aim to finish in a single round.

After defeating Soren, you will be able to recruit him.

Hector: The Emblem of Strength

Hector is an exuberant young man from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. He can be recruited after completing the Divine Paralogue of the Brash General from the DLC Wave 2. This Divine Paralogue is quite easy with a difficulty level of only 5 out of 10.

The Brash General takes place on the Berserker’s Hollow on the Divine Paralogues map and the victory condition is to defeat Emblem Hector. The recommended level for this Divine Paralogue is Base Level 19 and Advanced Level 9. You will have 8 Player Units against 39 enemies.

Recommended units to take down Hector include Clanne, Pandreo, Ivy, Corrin, and Yunaka.

The Divine Paralogue: The Brash General map is not as easy as it seems because you will be up against a lot of enemies in addition to the Poison vents. You will want to stack antitoxins as there will be poisoned vents everywhere.

You will be allowed only 8 units so the best strategy is to send a flank of two units north and another flank of two units west, with the remaining units near the entrance. The units left at the entrance should preferably be physical units that can deal with reinforcements arriving on the 5th, 7th, 11th, and 14th turn.

While facing Hector, if you approach him up-front it will most definitely result in one of your unit’s death so it is better to lure him to the south side first.

Instead of attacking Hector directly, hit his close allies so that he can be baited down the hallway which will result in him either stepping onto a poison vent or prematurely using his Storm’s Eye effect.

To defeat Hector, it is best to use high-range damage attacks, smart damage-type balancing and to ignore the enemies around him.

After clearing the map and defeating Hector, you will find the Fire Emblem Engage Wave 2 Emblem bracelet that contains Hector.

Camilla: The Emblem of Revelations

Camilla is a beautiful wyvern rider with a captivating aura from the Fire Emblem Fates. She can be recruited after completing the Divine Paralogue of the Doting Sister from the Wave 2 Emblem Expansion Pack.

This Divine Paralogue takes place at the Underground Passage and is the most difficult of the Wave 2 Divine Paralogues. It is recommended to have Base Level 20 and Advanced Level 10 before starting this. You will be allowed 10 Player Units against 54 Enemies.  

Recommended units against Camilla include:

Camilla’s map looks linear and simple at first glance, however, that’s not the case. This deceivingly simple map contains many buildings that can be destroyed by Camilla to make way for her flying units leaving you vulnerable.

You will possibly be overwhelmed as reinforcements will arrive on the 4th, 8th, and 9th turns so it is best to watch your back against them.

After dealing with the reinforcements and the enemy units, you will need to face Camilla who is a Flier herself. Camilla has an impressive Speed stat but she only has a single Revival stone. The best strategy is to use Engage Attacks against her and take her down in one turn.

After Camilla is defeated, the map will end and you will acquire the Emblem Bracelet containing Camilla. Congratulations, you have recruited all three Fire Emblem Engage Wave 2 Emblems in the expansion.