Fire Emblem Engage Ivy: Best Class, Emblem, And Gifts Guide

Ivy is one of the eight characters from the Elusia kingdom. She is the daughter of the King of Eulsia.

To recruit Ivy, you must reach Chapter 11: Retreat. Ivy will join your party to aid Alear and their allies in the battle nearing the end of this chapter. Once she joins your party, her arrival will be followed by her retainers Zelkov and Kagetsu.

The following guide will tell you more about Ivy, including her best class, favorite gifts, and more in Fire Emblem Engage.

How to recruit Ivy in Fire Emblem Engage

You will encounter Ivy for the first time in Chapter 9: A Clash of Forces. This encounter will occur just after you meet with two princes Diamant and Alcryst as you arrive in Brodia. However, this encounter will be hostile as you will be fighting against Ivy and her retainers.

As you emerge victorious in this battle, Ivy and her retainers will be at your mercy. Here the Divine Dragon will intervene and spar her life.

After on in the storyline, Alear and her allies will be facing a lot of trouble in the battle of Chapter 11: Retreat. During that time, Ivy will offer to join forces with you, and you will be able to recruit her.

Following Ivy’s recruitment, her retainer Kagetsu and Zelkov will join your cause. The trio will wait for you back in Somniel and all three of them will be available for your party.

Best class

The Starting Class of Ivy is Wing Tamer with a Tier Rating of S. She uses a tomb as her primary weapon.

Due to her choice of primary weapon, Lindwurm is a class best suited for Ivy. This class bonus damage when attacking with a tomb.

Sage is also an adequate choice for Ivy that leans more toward a support role. With the sage class, a damage boost is granted that scales with the number of allies you have that also use a tomb.

Both Lundwurm and Sage require a master seal to unlock as both of them are Advance classes.

Personal skill

Ivy’s Personal Skill is known as Single-Minded. When engaging with an enemy unit that was Ivy’s most recent target, you gain +20 Hitpoints. This makes Ivy very strong when one unit is targeted repeatedly.

A personal skill is unique to a character. Even if you change Ivy’s class, this skill will remain equipped.

Best gifts for Ivy

In FE Engage, Gifts are used to foster your relationship with a certain character. Each character will have a set of gifts that they love to receive. Giving these gifts to a character will result in a better relationship with that character.

Following is the list of gifts that Ivy loves in FE Engage:

  • Landscape Art
  • White Clover
  • Tea Leaves
  • Spirit Gem
  • Fairy-Tale Books
  • Poetry Books
  • Philosophy Books
  • Elyos History
  • Fine Quill Pen
  • Dragon Scripture  

Giving all these gifts to Ivy will improve your relationship the most. Other gifts (except Horse Manure) will boost your relationship too. However, we recommend sticking to the list above for maximum benefits.

Best emblems

The Best Emblem choices for Ivy are Micaiah and Celica.

Both of them are support-focused characters. Celica uses magic to buff her allies. Counterplay with her toolkit is very dominant as most of her moves are ranged perfect for zoning your enemies. On top of that, she also uses a tomb. This means Ivy will get a huge damage buff while using Sage or Lindwurm.

Micaiah is also a support class. Unlike Celica, Micaiah focuses on healing her allies rather than buffing their stats. Her healing ability can be used from a decent range, keeping her out of harm’s way while also supporting her team.

Ivy stats

Being a Wing Tamer, Ivy’s strength stats are not the best. Her luck isn’t also great, but it can be improved upon. Following are Ivy’s Base stats.

  • HP – 32
  • Strength – 7
  • Magic – 17
  • Dexterity – 15
  • Speed – 14
  • Luck – 4
  • Defense – 15
  • Resistance – 16

Ivy performs best when played to her strength. This is true for every other character in FE Engage but for Ivy, using the optimal built and play style is especially rewarding. Following are Ivy’s max stats that can be achieved through leveling.

  • HP – 52
  • Strength – 25
  • Magic – 30
  • Dexterity – 25
  • Speed – 40
  • Luck – 15
  • Defense – 30
  • Resistance – 35

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