Fire Emblem Engage Yunaka: Best Class, Emblem, And Gifts Guide

Yunaka is a unique Thief class character in Fire Emblem Engage and here we will tell you all about her including the recruitment process.

Unlike most characters, Yunaka in Fire Emblem Engage is not affiliated with any school of thought and is one of the two independent characters you can recruit. Here, we will introduce you to Yunaka in FE Engage, help you recruit her to your party, and provide a detailed outlook on her skills and abilities. 

How to recruit Yunaka in Fire Emblem Engage

Your first encounter with Yunaka in FE Engage occurs in Chapter 6: The Stolen Ring. When you meet Yunaka, you will automatically recruit her without going out of your way to recruit her.

You meet Yunaka while playing as Alear on their journey to the Ring of the Dawn Maiden in FE Engage. On your way to the shrine, Alear meets Yunaka, who tells him that the ring spoke to her and orders her to deliver the ring to the Divine Dragon in Firene.

But on her way, bandits attacked her, and she lost the ring in the conflict. After hearing the tale, Alear and Alfred help her retrieve the ring. This leads to Yunaka joining your party.

After you retrieve the ring, return it to Yunaka, and she will reveal that she stole the ring to sell it. Still, after traveling with Alear, she felt a resonance with Micaiah, one of the Emblems, which made her want to stay. Alear agrees and recruits Yunaka to the party.

Best class

Yunaka’s starting class in Fire Emblem Engage is Thief with an S proficiency. She uses a dagger as her primary weapon.

Other than this, the best class you can opt for, Yunaka, is the Swordmaster, for which she also has S Proficiency. You can set up Yunaka as a Swordmaster by using a Master Seal.

Lastly, the Wolf Knight class is also a viable choice for Yunaka. You get A Proficiency for Wolf Knight class for Yunaka in FE Engage. Wolf Knight has the added advantage of the Hobble skill where you can inflict a movement penalty on an enemy if you start the fight with a knife attack.

Personal skill

As she is a thief, Yunaka is skilled at covert kills, as seen through her skill Trained to Kill, where she gains +15 in Crit if she is in any terrain that provides an Avo bonus. Considering Trained to Kill is a personal skill, you can use this even if you change her class from Thief to something else.

Best gifts for Yunaka

Gifts are provided to your recruited characters to improve your relationship with these said characters. Every character in Fire Emblem Engage has a personality, and the gifts you give them are much suited to their likes and dislikes. 

Other than Horse Manure, all gifts help increase your relationship with other playable characters. Still, specific gifts suited to the character will provide a more significant boost than others. 

The best gifts you can give to Yunaka in FE Engage are: 

  • Bandages
  • Elyos History 
  • Fancy Dagger
  • Horn
  • Muscle Balm
  • Poetry Book
  • Sharp Chisel
  • Spirit Gem

All these gifts are the perfect choices for boosting your relationship with Yunaka. Every time you want to give Yunaka one of these gifts, just strike up a bond conversation with her and offer the gift, which she will gladly accept. 

Best emblems

The best Emblem choices for Yunaka are Byleth and Leif

Both of the emblems are support-type emblems. Byleth allows Yunaka to stay behind from direct conflict and help her allies by blessing them with different buffs throughout the fight. This also allows Yunaka to stay hidden for most of the fight, as she can strike with a critical hit when the time is right.

Leif allows Yunaka to benefit from her ability to carry and use multiple weapons simultaneously. Secondly, Leif’s Quadruple Hit skill allows Yunaka to land multiple hits at once, giving her a higher chance of landing a critical hit from an advantageous position. 

Yunaka stats

Being a Thief class character, Yunaka possesses unimpressive stats when it comes to head-on conflict. Following are Yunaka’s starting stats

  • HP – 25
  • Strength – 8 
  • Magic – 5 
  • Dexterity – 14 
  • Speed – 12
  • Luck – 8 
  • Defense – 9 
  • Resistance – 7

Yunaka is a tricky character to learn and use effectively in FE Engage. She is almost useless in direct combat. Because you need to provide enough room for Yunaka to get in a position to deal a lethal blow.

If you are interested in having Yunaka in your party, we have also compiled Yunaka’s growth rates to give you an idea of how her stats improve as Yunaka levels up

  • HP – 50
  • Strength – 35 
  • Magic – 25 
  • Dexterity – 40 
  • Speed – 45
  • Luck – 25 
  • Defense – 15 
  • Resistance – 45

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