Fire Emblem Engage Clanne: Best Class, Emblem, And Gifts Guide

The Lythos region offers five characters you can recruit for your party in Fire Emblem Engage, and Clanne is one of them. Clanne is a mage from the country of Lythos, serving as the protector of “Divine Dragon.” Here we will help you recruit Clanne to your party and provide a detailed overview of his abilities and class in FE Engage.

How to recruit Clanne in Fire Emblem Engage

Your first interaction with Clanne occurs in Chapter 1: Awake at Last. You meet and get to know Clanne and his twin sister Framme, but he is not recruitable at this point. You need to progress up to Chapter 2: Queen Lumera before you can recruit Clanne. 

In this quest in Chapter 2, Alear heads out to attack and defeat Lumera, who has barricaded herself in the Lythos Castle. Being a knight from Lythos, Clanne takes part in the battle with you and helps you take down Lumera.

After this quest, Clanne is unlocked as a playable character for you in Fire Emblem Engage. You do not have to go out of your way to unlock Clanne as a playable character.

Best classes for Clanne

As said, Clanne starts as a Mage for your party, but you can always change his class to suit your needs better. You can change Clanne’s class by using the Master Seal in Fire Emblem Engage. 

The first option for another class you can select for Clanne is Sage. Since both mage and Sage classes deal in magic. However, Sage’s exclusive skill is pretty ally-dependant. Spell Harmony can grant Attack bonus but only if there are allies on adjacent tiles also using Tomes.

Second, if you don’t want a magic user at all, you can change Clanne’s class to Swordmaster although this might be a weaker class option. Run Through skill of Swordmaster allows Clanne to attack an enemy on an adjacent tile and then move to the tile opposite to the enemy.

Lastly, you can mix magic and melee by going for the Mage Knight class for Clanne. This allows you to get the best features of both knight and Mage classes for Clanne and switch in between depending on the situation.

The Chaos Style skill of Mage Knight provides +3 speed in combat if Clanne attacks an enemy with the opposite attack type. This means Clanne needs to initiate with a physical attack if enemy is magical, and a magical attack if the enemy is physical.

Personal skill

Clanne’s personal skill is dependent on his allies in FE Engage. If Clanne is standing next to a Divine Dragon unit, his skill, Verdant Faith, provides a buff of +10 Hit to himself and the Divine Dragon unit. This allows Clanne to take cover while increasing their power simultaneously.

Best gifts for Clanne

Gifts are provided to your recruited characters to improve your relationship with these said characters. Every character has some likes and dislikes, and your gift should be according to that.  

Other than Horse Manure, all gifts help increase your relationship with other playable characters. Still, specific gifts suited to the character will provide a more significant boost than others. 

The best gifts you can give to Clanne in FE Engage are:

  • Tea Leaves
  • Fairy-Tale Book
  • Poetry Book
  • Dragon Scripture 
  • Elyos History
  • White Clover 
  • Spirit Gem
  • Large Plate
  • Fine Quill Pen

The above gifts will boost your relationship with Clanne in FE Engage.

Best emblems

The best emblem rings you can choose for Clanne are Micaiah, Celica, and Sigurd.

Micaiah allows Clanne to focus on healing capabilities. He can heal all his allies and even fully restore their HP while sacrificing his own. Since this skill requires him to be close to a Divine Dragon unit and depend on the said unit, this emblem allows Clanne to fulfill the support role better, healing the unit and increasing their attack. 

Going with Celica is your best choice if you want to focus on a more offensive setup. Celica emblem boosts all your magic attacks, allowing you to attack enemy forces from a distance. Using Wrap Ragnarok will be even better with the boosted attack from Clanne’s skill.  

Lastly, Sigurd is the choice here if you have several Divine Dragon units and need to boost them using Clanne. The emblem provides superb mobility; your attack also increases depending on how many spaces you move. Therefore, moving greater distances offer a higher damage increase.

Clanne’s stats and growth rate

Being a Mage class character, Clanne possesses unimpressive stats regarding the head-on conflict. Following are Clanne’s starting stats

  • HP – 19
  • Strength – 1
  • Magic – 8
  • Dexterity – 11 
  • Speed – 9
  • Luck – 4 
  • Defense – 4 
  • Resistance – 7

Clanne’s entire playstyle is best described as a supportive unit. Clanne lacks the attributes to fight head-on, and Clanne heavily relies on ally units to do most of the fighting. The best choice for Clanne is to build upon supporting capabilities so Clanne can be a valuable addition to the team. 

If you are interested in having Clanne in your party, we have also compiled Clanne’s growth rates to give you an idea of how stats improve as Clanne levels up

  • HP – 40
  • Strength – 35 
  • Magic – 10 
  • Dexterity – 40 
  • Speed – 50
  • Luck – 20 
  • Defense – 30 
  • Resistance – 25

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