Fire Emblem Engage Etie: Best Class, Emblems, And Gifts Guide

Etie is a member of the Firene faction, a kingdom that values peace, and is a playable character in Fire Emblem Engage. She begins as an Archer and is skilled in using a Bow to attack enemies from a distance, particularly those that fly. This guide will cover all the details you need to know about Etie, including how to recruit and the best skills, emblems, and classes for Etie in FE Engage.

How to recruit Etie in Fire Emblem Engage

The skilled archer Etie is available for early recruitment in the game. To recruit Etie, you must progress with the story until Chapter 3: Hostilities. Etie will automatically appear in the middle of the battle to join Alear and play from your side; that’s not the point where you can recruit her. 

However, to secure her as a member of your team, you must emerge victorious from the battle in chapter 3, upon which she will be granted as a reward. Etie is accompanied by Alfred and Boucheron, both of whom will also be recruited at the same time.

Best class

Etie starts as an Archer, a covert unit type in Fire Emblem Engage, and her primary weapon is a bow. So the classes we recommend will also buff Etie’s abilities, and you will have a great unit in FE Engage.

The first class we recommend for Etie is Bow knight. Moreover, its “Careful Aim” ability will allow Etie to deal extra 40 damage to the enemies if she stays still while shooting arrows.

The second recommended class for Etie is Sniper. With the “No Distraction” ability of this class, Etie has more chances of inflicting a critical hit in Fire Emblem Engage. You can unlock and change to either of these classes mentioned above using the Master Seal in FE Engage.

Best skills

Considering Etie is a ranged unit, you need her to have good mobility and speed with ranged attacks. That is why we will recommend Canter+ and Bow Focus 5 as two of the most useful inheritable skills for Etie in FE Engage.

Canter+ requires a level 13 bond with Sigurd and allows Etie to move 3 tiles after performing an action. Bow Focus 5 on the other hand increases Hit by 30 while reducing dodge by 10 while Etie is using a bow. This skill requires a level 17 bond with Lyn.

Personal skill

Talking about personal skills of Etie, she possesses a basic one known as Energized. This particular skill increases the strength by 2 points for a single turn when the unit recovers HP using an item. 

Best gifts for Etie

Giving gifts to different characters in FE Engage is one of the most important things as it allows you to boost your relationship with that character. However, the characters’ likes and dislikes differ, so while giving gifts, you must ensure you only give gifts liked by the particular character.

As far as boosting the relationship with Etie is concerned, below you will find all the gifts she like most in FE Engage. These gifts will help you in boosting relationship with Etie quickly.

  • Tea Leaves
  • Dried Meat
  • Training Weight
  • Muscle Balm
  • Lentil Flower
  • Dragon Sculpture
  • Spirit Gem
  • Flower Wreath
  • Bandages

All these gifts will help boost your relationship with Etie significantly in FE Engage.

Best emblems

The best Emblems for Etie are Leif and Lyn.

Pairing up Etie with Leif will help Etie carry and use multiple weapons simultaneously because of his special advantages for bow knights. Furthermore, its Quadruple hit also aids Etie in a multiple-hit attack on the opponent. This will allow you to deal some good damage to the opponents in FE Engage.

On the other hand, pairing up with Lyn has advantages, as Lyn provides many skills best suited for bow users. It also aids in increasing the bow attack damage. With this, you can target enemies from a distance and help your allies in the battle.

Etie base stats and growth rates

The Archer expert specialized for ranged and aerial targets possesses the following base stats

  • HP – 21
  • Strength – 10
  • Magic – 0
  • Dexterity – 11
  • Speed – 6
  • Defense – 3
  • Resistance – 2
  • Luck – 8

You can include Etie in your party, depending on her base stats. Furthermore, we have also provided Etie’s growth rates for you so you can compare the stats before and after leveling her up.

  • HP – 45
  • Strength – 40
  • Magic – 0
  • Dexterity – 25
  • Speed – 35
  • Defense – 25
  • Resistance – 30
  • Luck – 25

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