Where To Find Master Seals In Fire Emblem Engage

Master Seals hold great value in Fire Emblem Engage. They function similarly to Second Seals except that Master Seals are a tier higher.

You need Master Seals to unlock advanced classes for your characters. Their default, basic classes are not going to be entirely useful when the late game comes.

Hence, you need to unlock one of the many advanced classes in FE Engage to give your characters a significant boost in terms of capabilities and strength. That is how you will hold your ground against some of the most powerful enemies that you will encounter in the end.

This guide will provide all the information regarding finding the Master Seals in Fire Emblem Engage.

Where to find Master Seals in FE Engage

There are only a few ways to get Master Seals in the game. Since they are so rare, do not waste any Master Seals that come your way.

Purchase from the shop

The easiest and most direct way of getting Master Seals is to simply purchase them from the main item shop in Somniel. However, there is a limit to how many seals you can purchase from here.

You have to complete chapters 13 and 17 to restock the shop with more Master Seals. When you complete chapter 18 though, you can buy as many Master Seals from the shop as you want.

Keep in mind that a single Master Seal costs around 2,500 gold. You will need to farm for gold to have enough in your coffers to purchase a ton of Master Seals in the late game.

Compete specific chapters

Chapter 7 provides you with the opportunity to earn two Master Seals. You get one for clearing the chapter and one for looting the treasure chest. These seals are free, as you just have to complete the objectives of the chapter. You can defeat some enemies to earn the seals as a reward.

In Chapters 16 and 17, you will face Marni and Veyle; defeating them will land you Master Seals. Use these seals to change your character’s class from base to advanced level. Additionally, you can also make use of Second Seals to perfect your team composition.

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