How To Get Scarletite In Final Fantasy 16

You will need the Scarletite in Final Fantasy 16 to craft Drakeslayer's Belt, Drakeslayer's Bracelets, and the Excalibur.

Although you can get multiple Scarletite pieces in Final Fantasy 16, you need only three. You will need the Scarletite to craft Excalibur and Drakeslayer’s Armor, which includes Belt and Bracelets. All of these three are top-tier craftable gear, perfect for the endgame.

One Scarletite is needed to craft each of these, three in total. This guide will cover all possible ways to get Scarletite in FF16.

Scarletite locations in Final Fantasy 16

You can get Scarletite by defeating Notorious Mark enemies and completing side quests in FFXVI. These marks will continue to appear on your Hunt Board as you progress through the game. Other than the notorious marks, there is also a side quest named “Hot Water” with a Scarletite as a reward for completing it.

Following are the four enemies that you need to defeat to collect Scarletite in FF16.


Dozmare is a level 28, rank B enemy in FF16 that you can hunt during Blacksmith Blues side quest. The Dozmare is in a castle south of Caer Norvent River Gate. You can start from the Lostwing Obelisk to get to the castle quickly.


Fastitocalon is a level 34, rank B enemy. The enemy’s hunt message, A Hill to Die On, appears on the Hunt Board in The Hideaway after you start the Riddle of the Sands main quest in Final Fantasy XVI.

You can find Fastitcalon in the Velkroy Desert. Head to the northeastern corner of the desert to find Fastitocalon. The easiest way to get to Fastitocalon is from the Velkroy Desert Obelisk. Fastitocalon rewards players with two Scarletite instead of one, making it a much more lucrative target for players struggling to get Scarletite.

The Ten of Clubs

The Ten of Clubs is a level 35, rank B enemy. After completing the main quest, Fire in the Sky, the enemy’s hunt message appears on the Hunt Board in The Hideaway. You can find it south of the Fields of Corava in Vamare.

The fastest way to get to the ruins is by teleporting to The Jaw Obelisk in Final Fantasy XVI and starting from there.

The Man in Black

The Man in Black is level 36, rank B enemy. The enemy’s hunt message appears on the Hunt Board in The Hideaway during the side quest Rekindled Flame. 

The Man in Black is in the cellar passage in Lostwing. He is at the end of the cellar passage, and you can enter the passage through the door under the bridge. Use the ladder in the chapel to descend and get to the door leading to the passage. This hunt will reward you with a Scarletite in FF16.

“Hot Water” side quest

After completing the Riddle of the Sands main quest, the Hot Water side quest unlocks. After you unlock the quest, head to the Baths of Dhalmekia. Here you can talk to Xaver, and he will task you with defeating multiple bombs.

You can find these bomb locations on the map. All the bombs are around the Doeznov Terraces. Defeat all of them and get back to Xaver to collect Scarletite in Final Fantasy 16.


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