Final Fantasy 16 The Ten Of Clubs Notorious Mark Hunt

The Ten of Clubs in Final Fantasy 16 is a bulky, level 35 humanoid enemy with a huge axe-like melee weapon.

The Ten of Clubs in Final Fantasy 16 is a bulky humanoid enemy with a huge axe-like melee weapon. It is a level 35 enemy, and you should be at the same or higher level to fight him. The Tens of Clubs is slow, and you can easily defeat him, like other slow enemies, with a bit of effort.

The fight is easy, and the massive rewards make this Bounty hunt a must-have. But he also has unique abilities which you must need to know. Before anything, complete the Things Fall Apart main quest in FF16. After completing the main quest, the hunt will only appear on the board.

The Hunt Board doesn’t provide the exact location of this mark, so we are here to help you find this mark and take him down.

The Ten of Clubs location in Final Fantasy 16

After getting the hunt from the Hunts board, you will get hints about The Tens of Clubs’ location.

The Ten of Clubs is located in the Dhalmekia region, in an abandoned village southeast of the Cid’s Hideaway. You can use the Dravozd obelisk to travel fast and then move southwest to the Fields of Coraza to get to the mark location.

Moving forward through the fields, you will enter a village named Vamare, and behind a Stone Wall, you will find your enemy.

How to defeat The Ten of Clubs in FF16

The fight with The Ten of Clubs is not tricky, but we suggest you first take Sekhret Hunt to fight a similar enemy. As mentioned, The Ten of Clubs is a slow enemy but uses his big axe to slash at his enemies to deal heavy damage.

You can dodge these slashes easily. Also, he has some special magical effects and deadly attacks that can be problematic for many players. The former is Piene Forte, an earth charm in which some rocks emerge when he hits it.

This can be foresight through red circles on the ground where the rocks are about to form. You can easily dodge them and quickly counterattack the Tens of Clubs in Final Fantasy 16 with Eikon abilities.

The most lethal attack is the Execution, a deadly combo of four consecutive slashes of attacks. These swings are timed differently, but you must precision-dodge them. In the last hit, it jumps and unleashes a powerful strike from the air.

This will be delayed, so dodge at the correct time. Don’t try to attack between the combo; instead, counterattack after dodging the last swing of the Execution combo.


You will get the following rewards for defeating the Tens of Clubs in FF16:

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