How To Craft Drakeslayer’s Armor In Final Fantasy 16

Drakeslayer's armor set in Final Fantasy 16 includes the Drakeslayer's Bracelets and Drakeslayer's Belt. These are Iconic Gear pieces, and ...

Drakeslayer’s armor set in Final Fantasy 16 includes the Drakeslayer’s Bracelets and Drakeslayer’s Belt. These are iconic gear pieces, and you cannot reinforce or upgrade them. However, they provide exceptional stats, so you might not have to go down that path.

To get the Drakeslayer’s armor set in FF16, you first need to unlock its recipe. Both the items offer 74 defense and 23 additional HP to Clive when equipped.

How to get Drakeslayer’s Armor recipe in FF16

As with most of the best crafting recipes in Final Fantasy 16, players need to get the Blacksmith Blues missions to unlock the recipe. Talk to August in New Hideaway; he will provide you with the Blacksmith Blues mission.

For the mission, players need to talk to Blackthorne in Hideaway. Blackthorne wishes to inspect some cuirass he saw that were of exceptional quality and asks you to talk to the man who made them.

The mission has you find the blacksmith who made the cuirass. Once you find him, you must defeat a monster to earn the secret of his cuirass. From here, you bring the leather the cuirass maker gave you back to Blackthorne. This unlocks the Drakeslayer’s Armor recipe for you.

How to craft Drakeslayer’s armor in Final Fantasy 16

As said, the armor set includes a belt and braces. You now have the armor set recipe; it’s time to get the crafting material. Following are the recipes for Drakeslayer’s Belt and Drakeslayer’s Braces.

  • Drakeslayer’s Belt: 1x Dragon Talon, 1x Electrum, 1x Scarletite, 20x Briar Clam Shells.
  • Drakeslayer’s Bracelets: 1x Dragon Talon, 1x Scarletite, 1x Gelatinous Mass, 20x Briar Clam Shells.

You get Dragon Talons. You need to defeat the dragons. There are a lot of wild dragons in the world of Final Fantasy 16. You can kill as many as you want to get Dragon Talons. Head north of Northreach Obelisk to the Sanbreque’s Royal Meadows. You can find a lot of dragons here.

For Briar Clam Shells, you can search around Rosaria. All side missions in the area and chests here get you Briar Clam Shells. If you can’t find Clam Shells here, you can also look around Martha’s Rest in Final Fantasy 16. The swamps here also hold a lot of Briar Clam Shells.

For Scarletite, you can defeat the Notorious Mark’ Fastitocalon‘. Defeating the boss will get you 2x Scarletite, just what you need for the piece of Drakeslayer’s armor set in FF16. The boss is in the Velkroy Desert. Head to the northeastern side of the desert to find the boss

Lastly, it would be best if you had Gelatinous Mass. It can be collected as a reward for defeating the Notorious Mark’ Muddy Murder’, also known as the Flan Prince. The target will appear on your Hunt Board in Hideaway.

Muddy Murder is a tier three target, so you need to clear the first two hunt rounds before getting Muddy Murder to appear. Muddy Murder is in Southern Rosaria. Once you have all the ingredients, you can craft the Drakeslayer’s armor set in Final Fantasy 16.

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