Final Fantasy 16 Hot Water Walkthrough

The Hot Water quest in Final Fantasy 16 has you help a bathhouse owner figure out why the water is too hot. Here's how to do it!

The Hot Water side quest in Final Fantasy 16 begins while you play through the Riddle of the Sands main quest. In this quest, you will have to head to the Doeznov Terraces to help a bathhouse owner. He is facing the problem of increasing water temperatures at the baths. 

You’ll need to make significant progress in the Riddle of the Sands quest to unlock this one. The game will notify you when that happens and you can then play this quest to your heart’s desire.

So here is how to complete the Hot Water side quest in FF16. 

How to complete Hot Water in FF16

hot water quest map image in Final Fantasy 16

You can begin this quest in The Dhalmekian Rebuplic and you’ll need to head over to The Dalmill Inn over there. Select the fast-travel option for it using the World Map. 

You will then need to look for a bathhouse with a keeper named Xaver. Go and speak with him to start the Hot Water side quest in Final Fantasy 16. 

As you speak with Xaver, you will hear him complain that the temperature of the water in baths has started to rise dramatically. Since the high temperature is uncomfortable, fewer customers have been coming to the establishment.

Since he can’t leave the bathhouse, he asks you to head to Doeznov Terraces and investigate the mysterious rise in temperature. 

Investigate Doeznov Terraces 

Following Xaver’s instructions you’ll need to exit the Dalmill Inn market from the south gate. Then, use the smell of sulfur to guide you ahead. 

You can summon your Chocobo and mount him to blitz through your journey to the Doeznov Terraces. Follow the rocky path heading straight. You’ll eventually get closer to the water source which you’ll be able to see from a ledge to your right. 

Continue on the path straight and circle down toward the water source. As you descend toward it and get a closer look, you’ll observe several flame creatures called Bath Bombs. 

Defeat the bombs 

These Bath Bombs present at the water source are responsible for the rapid increase in temperatures at Dalmill Inn. So, you’ll need to take them out to solve the problem. 

While you would have fought these Bomb creatures throughout your adventure, they can still prove to be tricky to deal with.  

Dodge the Bath Bombs’ fireball attacks, as getting hit by only a few of them can be jarring to deal with. Their Old Faithful Bomb can be devasting if it connects. Luckily, it is easily noticeable allowing you to roll out of the way. 

To clear them all easily and swiftly maximize the use of The Titanic block ability, combining it with counter-attacking moves. 

Speak with Xaver in Dalimil 

After you have cleansed the water source of the Bath Bomb infestation, you can return to Dalmill Inn. Use your World Map to fast-travel to the location. 

Head back to the bathhouse and inform Xaver about your efforts. He comments that the water temperatures are gradually reducing and thanks you for your help. 

This completes the Hot Water side quest in Final Fantasy 16. 

Hot Water rewards in Final Fantasy 16 

After you talk to Xaver in Dalimil and complete the Hot Water side quest in Final Fantasy 16, you’ll receive the following items as rewards for your troubles. 

  • 700 EXP 
  • 270 Ability Points 
  • 25 Renown 
  • 1x The Breath of the Inferno (Ignition) 
  • 1x Scarletite 

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