Final Fantasy 16 A Hill To Die On, Fastitocalon Notorious Mark Hunt

Fastitocalon in Final Fantasy 16 is a Notorious Mark that unlocks during the Riddle of the Sands' main quest.

Fastitocalon in Final Fantasy 16 is a Notorious Mark that unlocks during the Riddle of the Sands‘ main quest. On the board, you will find it by name, A Hill to Die on, so don’t confuse it with others. It is a B-rank mark, so you can find its location on the hunt board.

This guide will assist you in defeating this creature by telling you about its location and tips to slay Fastitocalon in FF16.

Fastitocalon location in Final Fantasy 16

As shown on the map above, it is in the Velkroy Desert, so fast travel to the Obelisk (The Velkroy Desert). Since it is far from the Obelisk, mount Chocobo to travel east. Use the map above as guidance and travel to Fastitocalon’s spot.

As you reach there, you will see a round rock turn into a creature (Fastitocalon).

How to defeat Fastitocalon in FF16

Fastitocalon is a level 34 B-rank hunt, so don’t take it lightly, or you will lose. All of its attacks are good enough to lower your health significantly. It is a similar version of Adamantoise, whom you may have faced earlier.

But unlike it, it shoots streams of water bubbles, so you need to dodge them perfectly. If you look closely, you will see most of its body is covered with a shell, so attacking the shell won’t damage it much.

So, you need to attack from the front to maximize the damage. But be careful because Fastitocalon in Final Fantasy 16 tends to spin a lot, so you must dodge it, or you will lose a big chunk of your health. After losing most health, Fastitocalon will use an attack, where it spins in the air and creates vortexes on the ground.

Make sure you don’t get near them because they will explode in a short delay. Fastitocalon also smashes its body at you from the air, so dodge or leap to avoid damage. Dodging and attacking with your Eikon strikes will help you win this fight. 


You will get the following rewards for taking out Fastitocalon in FF16:

  • 2 Scarletite
  • 1265 XP
  • 65 Ability Points
  • 10000 Gil
  • 30 Renown
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