Final Fantasy 16 Riddle Of The Sands Walkthrough

Riddle of The Sands in Final Fantasy 16 starts immediately as you reach Velkroy Desert with Byron. You get to this area during Bolts from ...

Riddle of The Sands in Final Fantasy 16 starts immediately as you reach Velkroy Desert with Byron. You get to this area during Bolts from the Blue quest in FF16. This is the longest quest in Final Fantasy 16 and requires you to complete various objectives, including a sidequest, Follow The Crystals, various battles, traveling to different locations in Valisthea, and speaking with Townpeople there.

As you already know, this quest will start as you reach the Velkroy Desert in FFXVI to complete one of the objectives of the Bolts from the Blue quest. Here is the exact location of the FF16 Riddle of the Sands quest on Valisthea’s map:

Final Fantasy 16 Riddle of Sands quest walkthrough

Riddle of the Sands in FF16 is a pretty time taking quest involving you in various objectives. However, we will just mention the major objectives here and cover the other objectives inside them.

Make for the Dalimil Inn

As you enter the Velkroy desert, you will see a huge open place with many enemies. As some time passes, Byron will ask you to visit a Deserted Post nearby.

To reach, follow the footprints of Chocobo, and as you cross the Fallen Debris, you will see a town ahead. Run towards the settlement, and you will reach Dalimil Inn in FFXVI. Once here, you’ll encounter a few Royalists you need to defeat. Defeating these Royalists in Final Fantasy 16 can get you 24 Ability Points, 500 Gil, and more.

Make for Drake’s Fang

After Dalimil Inn, the next destination you need to visit is Drake’s Fang. This is located in the South of Dalimil Inn. However, as you reach Drake’s Fang gate, you will find it locked. Therefore, you first need to speak with Ruzena Dalimil, who will give you access to the town.

To find him, go left from the locked gate, and speak with villagers who will guide you about Ruzena Dalimil’s location in Final Fantasy 16. While you are finding Ruzena Dalimil, you will face four Bruisers. As you fight with and defeat them, they will appreciate and permit you to Lock of Leisure.

The Briar’s Kiss Forge

After this, you need to head back to the market quickly, and there a Bruiser will be waiting for your entrance into The Briar’s Kiss Forge. This is where you will find Ruzena Dalimil. As you interact with him, he will be insulting, in the beginning, telling you that he can’t trust everyone and permit entrance. However, when you resolve issues soon, you will be granted entry to Drake’s Fang.

Follow The Crystals

After meeting Ruzena Dalimil, another side quest, “Follow The Crystals,” will begin in FF16. To enter Drake’s Fang, you need to complete this side quest. Once you complete it, head to the Southern gate of Drake Fang using fast travel.

Riddle of the Sands in Final Fantasy 16 will be complete as soon as you approach the gate this time.