Final Fantasy 16 Fire In The Sky Walkthrough

Fire in the Sky in Final Fantasy 16 is a main quest that will start after the Onward main quest. After the last main quest, this quest ...

Fire in the Sky in Final Fantasy 16 is a main quest that will start after the Onward main quest. After the last main quest, this quest will start as you reach the Crystalline Dominion. You will be saving Goetz in this quest in FF16.

In the beginning, you will see a cutscene of Dion discussing his dominion. After that, the scene will be in Crystalline Dominion, where you will see Clive waking up to a sudden noise in the city.

How to complete Fire in the Sky in FF16

At the start, you must climb a rooftop to oversee what is happening in a cutscene. Now, you must find Goetz in the city to ensure his safety.

Make for the Belltower

On your way to the Belltower in the city square, you will fight many waves of enemy Dragoons. After crossing the sewer, use the catapult lift to get to the bridge.

After fighting a lot of Dragoon Knights, you will arrive at the Belltower. There you must defeat the Dragoon. You will receive the following spoils for defeating the Dragoon in FF16.

  • 3x Whitewyrm Bone.
  • 20x Sharp Fang.
  • 20x Bloody Hide.

Speak with Jill

Then you will meet Goetz, and a cutscene starts in which you will see Bahamut attacks the city but is stopped by Mother Crystal in Final Fantasy 16.

After that, you will fight many waves of Akashic Dragoons and Spectars.

Make for the heart

Find your way to the heart’s center to meet Joshua, or you will meet necrophobe.

Slay the necrophobe

This fight will be long and tough. You must defeat it to progress in the Fire in the Sky quest in Final Fantasy 16. The following are the spoils you can get after killing:

  • 1x The Favor of Earth (Windup)
  • 20x Wyrrite
  • 20x Magicked Ash

After the fight, you will watch a cutscene in which Clive meets his mother in the palace building. After a heated argument between both, you will see Phoenix fall into the palace, defeated by Bahamut in Final Fantasy 16.

Defeat Bahamut

Joshua returns to his form. While we will see Clive turns into Ifrit, and a tremendous dramatic fight starts between Ifrit and Bahamut. After the first stage of the fight, Ifrit will be off for a while due to a severe attack from Bahamut.

You will play as Phoenix to fight Bahamut. After a while, Ifrit will return to fight Bahamut. But the fight is not over yet; a cutscene happens as Bahamut again rises and consumes the heart. Ifrit and Phoenix merge into Ifrit Risen; the 2nd stage of the fight begins from here.

After you defeat Bahamut in the second stage, here is what you will get:

  • 1x Light Shard
  • 50x Wyrrite
  • 50x Magicked Ash

Return to the hideaway

After there, there will be a long cutscene. Then you must return to the Hideway to complete the Fire in the Sky quest in FF16.

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