S Rank Hunt Locations In Final Fantasy 16

If you are searching for extra rewards like Gil, Ability points, and Renown, go for the S Rank hunts on the hunt board in Final Fantasy 16.

If you are searching for extra rewards like Gil, Ability points, and Renown, go for the S Rank hunts on the hunt board in Final Fantasy 16. Bear in mind these hunts are even more challenging than mini-bosses, but they are worth the risk. Some hunts reward you with unique materials that help you to upgrade your gear.

In all hunts, S-rank hunts in FF16 are the trickiest and hardest to find since they have no location in their description. But don’t worry; with our guide, you can easily find and finish them to earn rewards.

All S-rank hunt locations in Final Fantasy 16

Apart from the main story, some bosses are considered hunts or bounties. The sole purpose of these hunts is to reward you with Gil, Ability points, Experience, and rare materials. These hunts do not unlock together; they unlock as you progress into the main story.

You must find them to fight and earn the rewards because they have no exact location, especially for S-rank. You will have your first hunt while progressing through the main quest (The Gathering Storm). 

When you unlock your first hunt, you also unlock the hunt board, where all the hunts appear after you unlock them. The hunt board also describes the location and rank of the hunt, but as mentioned, these locations are not exact, so it isn’t easy to pinpoint the location.

You will unlock many hunts in Final Fantasy 16, and not every one of them will challenge or have power equal to others. Looking at their power and how difficult they are to beat, they split into different ranks, where S-rank is the most complex and rarest rank.

S-rank being the most challenging rank, it is just as hard to find them as to win against them. It is better to wait until you are at the final phase, or at least at the same level as the hunt, so you face fewer challenges while fighting it.

Here is the list of all 5 S-rank hunt locations in Final Fantasy 16.

Atlas (The Breaker of Worlds)

Atlas, The Breaker of Worlds, is the first S-rank boss to appear on the hunt board. You can only attempt to fight it after you have completed the main quest (Into the Darkness). It is a level 45 foe, so it is better to wait until you have reached the same level before heading out to fight it.

Once you are ready, fast-travel to Martha’s Rest to save time. Walk straight from Martha’s Rest until you are near the wooden bridge in Greensheaves. Turn right after crossing the bridge and continue to walk forward until you reach the location on the map above. You will see Atlas in Final Fantasy 16 resting in the open field here.

Be careful of its AoE and sword attacks to avoid damage, and continue to attack it when you see an opening. Keep up with the counterattacks and keep dodging; you will defeat it.

Svarog (Ruin Reawakened)

Svarog (Ruin Reawakened) is another S Rank boss to appear on the hunt board after you have completed the main quest (Fire in the Sky) in FF16. It is more challenging than the previous S-rank boss by having level 50. It is better to prepare before advancing into the battleground.

Once you are all prepared and ready to take on Svarog, fast travel to Caer Norvent Glorieuse Gate. Travel through the woods on your right until you have reached the open ground, as shown in the map above. You will cross Mornebrume on the way. You can save time by using Chocobo.

Svarog is a dragon with multiple attacks like a laser, fireballs, reed dawn, etc. Whatever attack it uses, dodge it perfectly and hit it with a counterattack.


Pandemonium is one of the S-rank hunts on the hunt board in FF16. It is a level 35 boss, so prepare accordingly for the battle. You can attempt to fight it during the main quest (Footfalls in Ash).

To fight him, fast travel to the Shadow Coast and walk in the north direction. Keep following the road until you reach Wolfdarr. Open the map and turn to the left to make the Pandemonium location. You can also use a mount to pace up the traveling process.

Pandemonium has fierce attacks like mine explosions and beam attacks, so dodge these attacks to avoid damage. Perform some powerful combos to deal damage to stagger it. Once it is defeated, you will receive 1 Stained Loincloth, 15,000 EXP, 120 Ability Points, 20,000 Gil, and 50 Renown.

Gorgimera (The Tricephalic Terror)

Gorgimera (The Tricephalic Terror) is another S-rank hunt on the hunt board. Like other S-rank hunts, Gorgimera has no exact location in Final Fantasy 16; it roams around in a desert area. Same as Pandemonium, Gorgimera also unlocks in the middle of a quest. Across the Narrow quest is the one that unlocks Gorgimera.

Gorgimera is a level 45 hunt, so prepare for battle accordingly. Once ready, fast-travel to Dalimil Inn, hop onto a mount, and travel to the Velkroy Desert on your right. It is better to mark the location beforehand to guide you to the Gorgimera.

AoE attacks make it difficult to beat, keep dodging these attacks and deal it damage whenever you see an opening.

Behemoth King (The Masterless Marauder)

Behemoth King is the 5th S-rank hunt in FF16, which appears after you complete the side quest (Nobody’s Tool). To attempt Nobody’s Tool, you must wait until you are at the main quest (Back to Their Origin).

Behemoth King is a 47-level hunt, which makes it one of the most challenging hunts on the hunt board. It’s better to wait until you match the level to face it. You must fast-travel to Vidargraes in the Waloed’s Kingdom to face it. After you fast-travel, you will see a massive monster waiting for you in the open field.

Behemoth King has many ranged attacks Meteorain, Meteor, and Comet. Be mindful of its attacks and dodge them to avoid health loss.

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