Final Fantasy 16 Ruin Reawakened, Svarog Notorious Mark Hunt

Ruin Reawakened, Svarog, belongs to S-rank hunts in Final Fantasy 16 which means you must use any advantage over it to win the battle.

Ruin Reawakened, Svarog, belongs to S-rank hunts in Final Fantasy 16 which means you must use any advantage over it to win the battle. To unlock this Notorious Mark hunt, you must complete the Fire in the Sky main quest.

After completing the quest, you must head to the Hideaway Hunt Board and pick this hunt in FF16. This guide will help in finding Svarog and defeating it with ease.

Ruin Reawakened, Svarog location in Final Fantasy 16

Ruin Reawakened is an S-rank hunt, meaning there are no locations on the hunt board. Once eligible for the battle, you can use Caer Norvent Glorieuse Gate (Obelisk) in the Holy Empire of Sanbreque. After traveling to the Obelisk, travel southeast by crossing Mornebrume.

Since it is far from the Obelisk, use Chocobo and mount on it to save time. The best way to reach the location is to use the map image above and mark it on the map.

How to defeat Ruin Reawakened, Svarog in FF16

Ruin Reawakened (Svarog) is a level 50 S-rank dragon; it will be a tough fight. You must prepare in advance by stocking Tonics and Potions like Stoneskin Tonic, High Potion, etc. Lastly, save the game when you reach the Svarog’s spot.

Because if you die in the battle, you will respawn to the nearest Obelisk, which is far away. If you have saved the game, you can load it up to respawn at the location.

The key to defeating the dragon (Svarog) in FF16 is knowing all its attacks to dodge them. Svarog will start the fight with Blazing Legion attack, generating several orbs of fire. These orbs will move towards you slowly.

The best way to dodge is to use Phoenix Heatwave to destroy the orbs coming from the front. As you will busy with this attack, Svarog will shoot you with a vertical laser, so dodge to either left or right to get away from this attack.

Svarog will use its wings, tails, and claws in Final Fantasy 16 to inflict some damage, so look out for these. The next attack it will use is Red Dawn, where the fire geysers will emerge from the ground. The ground glows before erupting fire, so look out for this clue so you can evade the area in time.

Svarog will also use Dragon Dance as one of its attacks, shooting fireballs and lasers at you and then diving at you from the sky. Use Shiva’s dodging abilities to easily dodge this attack and perform Cold Snap as a counter.

Cold Snap is the best attack to use on it because it can freeze the dragon for a few seconds. Garuda’s deadly embrace and gouge are other attacks that can inflict damage to stagger it.

Embroil and Last Dance are other Svarog powerful attacks in Final Fantasy 16. But if you are attentive, you can easily dodge them and inflict damage. Dodging attacks and Eikonic abilities will help you win this tough battle.


You will receive the following rewards for defeating Ruin Reawakened, Svarog in FF16:

  • 1x Orichalcum
  • 1x Fallen Enigma
  • 1x Amber
  • 1x Empty Shard
  • 60 Renown
  • 30,000 Gil
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