Final Fantasy 16 Nobody’s Tool Walkthrough

The Nobody's Tool quest in Final Fantasy 16 has Clive raid a prison to rescue some Bearers. He will also fight a challenging boss. Here's how!

Nobody’s Tool is a side-quest you will come across in Final Fantasy 16. This side quest is first unlocked during the main quest Back to the Origins.

To start this side quest, you will need to go and talk to Dorys. She can be found in the Hideaway region. 

When you talk to Dorys, she will be in distress and ask you for help in finding and rescuing her teacher. She is locked up Balmung Dark Prison which is situated in the Kingdom of Waloed.

She also mentions that there are many Bearers in that prison. Chadwick is also locked up here and she wants to save her teacher, her friend and as much Bearers as possible. 

We will now see where the prison is located and what you have to do when you get inside the prison in FF16. 

How to complete Nobody’s Tool in FF16

final fantasy 16 ravenwit walls

After having a conversation with Dorys, you will need to fast travel to the Ravenwit Walls. Move up the stairs behind you and then take a right at the top.

The gate of the prison will be in front of you. You will find Akashic guards on the stairs which will start to attack you. You don’t need to engage in combat with them and it’s just best to avoid them if you’re in a hurry.

Find and rescue the Bearers 

Dorys will be standing in front of the gate and she will inform you that there are no prison guards here. Only the Akashic guards are left. Your next objective is to find and rescue the three Bearers on the ground floor. You will be tasked to search the left path. 

There will be Akashic Soldiers in the corridors and you will need to kill them in order to proceed. Now, inspect the notes of the Bearers.

The first note states that the Balmung Dark has officially been made a prison where bearers will be kept. These Bearers will be used to train the Kuza beast. This beast is to be used on the battlefield. 

The second note states that the Kuza beast is an aggressive species. These cannot distinguish between allied and enemy troops and react equally to anyone. This is why Bearers are being used to train it instead of regular troops. 

The final note can be found in front of the gate at the end of the corridor. The note states that the prison staff has started to feed the beast with Bearers because of a shortage of supply of regular food. The beast also likes live meat instead of the feed.

Talk to Dorys 

After reading the final note, the objective will be completed. Now, you will be tasked to find and talk to Dorys. She will be upstairs and you can use the stairs behind a caged room to get to the second floor. The will be more guards but they will not be a big threat. 

When you talk to Dorys she will be shocked by what has been happening here. She has also found a key during her search but cannot find any door which it unlocks. So, she hands it over to you. This key can be used to open the gate of the eastern wing.  

Use the key to open the eastern wing gate 

Locate the gate and use the key on it and it will be unlocked. After opening the gate and inspecting the eastern wing, you will hear a faint sound of a girl crying.

She will be located behind a couple of boxes. When you approach and talk to her, the Kuza Beast will roar. You will now be tasked to head on toward the monster and defeat it.  

Defeat the Kuza Beast 

The last objective in the Nobody’s Tool quest of Final Fantasy 16 is defeating the Kuza Beast. It looks ferocious but it is not as difficult to kill if you have the right gear.

It can be staggered easily. You can use this stagger to deal heavy blows without the risk of being hit back. Its melee attacks are easy to dodge and counter so it’s best to use an up close and personal approach.

The Kuza beast is much more difficult to engage at range. It will send out an attack where it will drop 2 to 3 meteorites from the sky. They have AoE damage to them when they impact the ground. The beast will also charge at you during this attack. 

When the Kuza beast has been defeated, you will take Dorys and the little girl back to the Hideaway. Dorys will tell you about her mission and background after a while. After this conversation, the side quest will be completed. 

Nobody’s Tool rewards in Final Fantasy 16 

When the side quest has been completed, you will get the following items. 

  • 1x The Breath of Darkness 
  • 1x Meteorite  
  • 9,600 EXP 
  • 50 Renown 

Other than these rewards, you can find loot in many chests dotted around the prison. The guards will also drop many items when killed. Defeating the Kuza Beast in particular will reward you with the following loot. 

  • 5,500 XP 
  • 90 AP 
  • 15,000 Gil 
  • 35 Renown 
  • 1x Behemoth Shackle 
  • 2x Meteorites 
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