Final Fantasy 16 Footfalls In Ash Walkthrough

Footfalls in Ash in Final Fantasy 16 will have you traveling with companions to go after Barnabas, the Dominant of Odin.

After completing the Across the Narrow main quest in FF16, Clive and his companions (Joshua and Gav) will fast-travel to the treacherous land of The Shadow Coast. That’s where the Final Fantasy 16 Footfalls in Ash main quest starts.

Final Fantasy 16 Footfalls in Ash

From the beginning of The Shadow Coast in FF16, you should start treading the mountainous path toward the castle. Your first objective in FF16 Footfalls in Ash quest is to reach Stonhyrr.

Make for Stonhyrr

FF16 Footfalls in Ash

In Wolfdarr village of FF16, you will receive a well-expected warm welcome of attacks from the inhabitants. They won’t be a hurdle in the first place and can be ignored until reaching the main exit gate.

You can choose to eliminate them one by one along your journey or take the whole lot down at the gate. These enemies include some level 36 Orcish Fodder, Akashic Folkstaf, and the Akashic Gandfreyr.

Having done with the enemies, you will be able to open the gate and move further. After walking a few yards ahead, you will finally reach the red marker.

A cutscene will play, showing hordes of Akashic enemies coming out of the opening on the other side. Joshua will take a separate path from there, leaving the two companions behind.

Find the Village of Eistla

Your next objective starts from The Angry Gap. Keep following the quest marker you see on the screen. Ambrosia, the old Chocobo mount associated with Clive, can help speed up the journey.

After passing through the long wooden bridge, you will finally see the red marker on the other side of the bridge. Press R2 to open the huge wooden door leading to the Village of Eistla. A cutscene will take place, after which you can move to the next objective completion.

Slay the Akashic

Inside the village premises, there will be complete silence, showing that we’re quite late to reach the place. Suddenly, a horde of Akashic enemies will surround you, compelling you to engage in a heated combat encounter.

You will face Akashic Mastiff, Gandfreyr, Osfreyr, and Folkstaf during the set of battles. After clearing the first swarm of enemies, another fresh lot will come to pin you down. Focus on saving as much HP as possible y dodging enemy attacks, as these fights will continue for quite a long time.

After a couple of minutes of long fight scenes, Akashic Sveithvaldr mini-boss enters the arena with its giant Axe. Eliminating this one is not a hard nut to crack, as long as you save yourself from its Slicing attacks.

You will receive the following Spoils from the enemies.

  • 15x Sharp Fang
  • 30x Bloody Hide
  • 30x Magicked Ash
  • 5,700 EXP
  • 380 Ability Points
  • 2,800 gil

After recovering from the fight, a cutscene will play. After watching that, you will see a new quest marker to follow.

Search the Abandoned Village

When you see the notice about the activation of Eistla Obelisk, make your way upstairs to the nearby house by opening the wooden door. Another cutscene will play, where an Expecting Mother, Edda will be shown hiding in the corner.

After the cutscene, Joshua will stay with Edda, allowing you to embark on the next journey alone.  

Make for Reverie

Keep walking toward Reverie while following the new quest marker. At the giant wooden gate, there will be a short cutscene. The next area happens to be Halfcombe, which is full of Tarantula and Lesser Lopros. Make sure to summon your mount to reach the destination in less time.

Having reached the destination marker, a short cutscene plays. After that, you simply have to fast-travel to Reverie.

Enter the Tower

The final objective is to enter the mythical tower. This is where we complete the Footfalls in Ash main quest in Final Fantasy 16. This tower leads to Barnabas, Ultima’s most loyal follower and the Dominant of Odin. This will all be done in the next main quest in Final Fantasy 16, The Last King.

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