Final Fantasy 16 The Breaker of Worlds, Atlas Notorious Mark Hunt

The Breaker of Worlds, Atlas, is an S Rank relic enemy in Final Fantasy 16 with a big melee weapon, a sword, and a claw-like shield.

The Breaker of Worlds, Atlas, is an S Rank relic enemy in Final Fantasy 16 with a big melee weapon and a claw-like shield. Notorious Marks are the most formidable enemies in the entire game, and this mark, Atlas, is the most dangerous creature. That’s why called “The Breaker of the Worlds” in FF16.

He is challenging to track and beat if you are on lower levels. Continue reading this guide to find his location and ways to defeat him.

The Breaker of Worlds, Atlas location in Final Fantasy 16

You can take the mark as a bounty hunt from the Hunt board in the Hideaway. It will be accessible during the main story mission,”Out of the Shadow.”

The mark Atlas resides in the Imperial province of Rosaria. He is in the east part of Cressida, located east of Martha’s Rest. To reach your target mark, fast-travel to the Eastpool Obelisk and head south through a narrow route, and you will eventually be in a dark circular arena. There will be the Breaker of Worlds.

How to defeat The Breaker of Worlds, Atlas, in FF16

The breaker of the World named “Atlas” is the most potent enemy you have encountered and is difficult to beat because of his higher level. Therefore, we suggest you take this bounty when your level is around 40.

This creature is a giant with a lot of health, so you must have the best abilities and good combat skills to defeat it. The best strategy will be to play defensively, as his powerful hits will take you down immediately. Try to dodge all his melee slashes, but you have to be timed, as he has no delays in his back-to-back attacks.

Atlas in FF16 also uses long-range attacks, which can be lethal if not avoided in time. If you are at a distance, he will shoot projectiles in the air called Celestia Sphere that fall upon you, making a circle of energy pillars around you. So get out of the circle as fast as possible but beware of his other attacks.

His melee weapons are big and long-range, but their drawback is that they open windows where you can use Ekonic abilities to deal heavy damage.

When Atlas’s health is dropped to half, he will become more aggressive using his most powerful attacks. The first is Saber Dance, where he swings his extended massive sword through the arena. This attack is difficult to dodge even if you move far away, as Atlas moves swiftly in Final Fantasy 16.

It would be best if you dodged it when it is about to connect or can also titan block it and then counter-attack. The second one is Golden Section, which unleashes extending energy sword while surging on you. You can’t block this attack, so you must dodge accurately on time.


This fight is a difficult one, but its rewards make it worthwhile. You will get one Fallen Iron Orichalcum which you can use for crafting in the future. You will also get 15,000 XP, 120 Ability Points, and 20000 Gil.

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