How To Farm Ability Points In Final Fantasy 16

In Final Fantasy 16, you need Ability Points to unlock new Eikon abilities. It might not seem a big deal until you realize you need ...

In Final Fantasy 16, you need Ability Points to unlock new Eikon abilities. It might not seem a big deal until you realize you need 118,400 Ability Points to get all the abilities. You won’t be able to collect this many points by simply playing through the game; even finishing New Game+ will leave you 30,000 Ability Points short of getting all the upgrades you need. The only way to get this many Ability Points is to farm them in FF16 actively.

How to earn Ability Points in Final Fantasy 16

Defeating enemies

As you play through the game, you will come into combat with many enemies. Defeating these enemies will get you EXP, and leveling up will get you Ability Points. Farming enemies is a dependable source of getting a lot of Ability points, so it is best to take minor detours to kill more enemies.

A good spot where you can take out a lot of enemies is Makrudurova Military Zone. Here you can defeat Blurbirds to get ability points in Final Fantasy XVI. You can even leave the area for about two minutes and return to kill the Bluebirds, as they will respawn.

Another great place to farm enemies for ability points in FF16 is in Vidargaes, although it is an end-game area. Here, you can keep farming Hyenas that spawn around the Final Fantasy 16 final dungeon. Again, Hyenas will be an easy target for you, and you can make short work of them. These Hyenas will respawn every 90 seconds.

Playing side missions

Other than playing through the main storyline of FFXVI, focusing on the game’s side quests will also earn you a decent amount of Ability Points. The more challenging the side quest, the more Ability Points you will get for the missions.

The side quests will appear once you complete the Hide, Hideaway main quest. You can pick up side missions and complete them as you go through the world while focusing on your main missions. It saves you the trouble of running around doing all the missions separately.

Focusing on hunts

Next, you can go on hunts to earn APs in Final Fantasy 16. You can find these hunts at the Hunt Board in Hideaway. All hunts have different notorious levels, and the more notorious a hunt is, the more AP you will get for completing the hunt. You can take on more notorious hunts as you level up, earning more AP.

Wages of Warcraft accessory

New Game+ players can get the Wages of Warcraft in FFXVI to boost their ability point farm. It is an accessory item for players that increases the amount of AP you get by 40%, making it easier to farm AP in FF16. The accessory can be bought after you complete the 37th primary mission, “After the Storm.”

Unfortunately, Wages of Warcraft can only be bought in New Game+, so it’s something to consider when trying to farm AP in New Game+.

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