FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Guide – Getting Started, Best Players, Which Formations to Play

Our FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Guide will give beginners tips and tricks on how to get off on the right foot when tackling the Ultimate Team mode.

Ultimate Team is by far the most played mode that is a part of the FIFA Online Experience. Our FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Guide will be your one-stop guide for how to start the mode, which formations to use, and which players to get early.

Our FIFA 19 FUT Guide will give beginners tips and tricks on how to get off on the right foot when tackling the Ultimate Team mode.

FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

In our FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Guide, we will first tell you about the best way to start a new team in this mode.

We will follow this by letting you know some of the best formations that will be applicable to all teams as well as some players that may not seem that good but are gems waiting to be discovered.

Getting Started with FUT

The first thing that you need to do is to transfer your FIFA 18 points if you do have them. This will allow you to save some time and get into the game.

Also, do not open the packs at the start, as it is better to get up to date with the game mechanics and see how the game works. You will have a lot of time later to open packs and trade players.

However, before you play any game, it is better to redeem all of the things that you can from the catalogue. The catalogue will have many things such as footballs as well as Coin Boosts.

These will allow you to have a better experience right from the get-go. The loan players can also be very good so that you have a decent squad at the start as you eventually build your team to where you want it to be.

Now, you also want to do the starter tasks as fast as you can. These tasks are very easy to do and they range from stuff such as selling players to changing your formation.

These tasks will give you a lot of bonuses and rewards and will end up having your team be a lot better at the start.

Also, remember to do the SBCs as much as you can. At the start, you can get the bronze players from the bronze packs and then add them to Squad Building Challenges and then have a good silver player to add to your squad.

This will allow you to get some players that will be very good in the near future. Eventually, you will be upgrading these players too but that does not mean that you cannot avail of their advantages for now.

Ultimate Team Best Formations

One of the best formations that you can use is the 4-4-2 as it allows you to have a good defense as well as a decent attack.

This will be good for beginners as they will be less vulnerable at the back and will not concede as much as they could with a more attacking formation. This is the old tried and tested method of football and it seems to work.

Another formation that you can use if you have some experience with the game is the 4-2-3-1 Narrow as it allows you to have both wide berth as well as a strong center.

This means that you will have a varied play style and will be able to adapt to the changing situations that arise with playing against various different players.

4-1-2-1 Narrow is also very good. Although you will be vulnerable at the back, attacking players will revel in the fact that they can use a CAM to both score goals as well as take part in setting them up for the other players.

Use this formation with caution but remember that mastering the game with this can be a very effective way to net goal after goal.

Ultimate Team Best Players

Of course, this is very subjective and there will be players which are better for certain players than others are.

Of course, you can use Messi for his amazing dribbling skills and Ronaldo for his amazing strength and height but there are certain other players which have standout skills that can be great.

Johan Cruyff is amazing as he has some of the best skills in the entire game.

This guy is known for pretty much reinventing the game as it was known back in his hayday, and his volleys as well as his skill moves are a testament to how good of a player he actually was.

Ballack is another player that can be great for your defense. He will guide the game, as he will stay back and not try to go forward and do something that he cannot. Use him to have a great leader at the back.

For the keepers, you can use Courtois, as he is amazing in this game and will be great whichever way you look at it. There is no need for me to explain what skills a keeper needs to be great but Courtois has them.

Lastly, you can use Mbappe as he has explosive pace. He is quite easily the fastest player in the game (along with a few others) and pace is everything as far as virtual football is concerned.

You can use him to make runs wherever you want and chances are that he will get there before the defenders.

That is all we have for our FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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