FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Chemistry Guide – Attain 100% Chemistry, Chemistry Styles

Although many people claim that the new Chemistry System in FUT has been nerfed, it can still be used to quite an extent if you know what you are doing. Our FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Chemistry Guide will guide you on how to use all of the aspects of the new system.

This FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Chemistry Guide will guide you through all the fundamentals of the new Chemistry System that is a part of FIFA Ultimate Team.

FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Chemistry

In the new FIFA Ultimate Team, an individual’s player chemistry will now be visible during the team management. You can also see it for the subs to see if any of your subs will have better chemistry as a part of your team.

You can compare these new stats to the standard ones to see if you will have any advantages based on the way that you set your team up.

Of course, it also goes the other way. If your player does not have a good chemistry rating with the other players on the team, then you will be suffering a hit in some of your stats.

This could be for some of your main attributes or some of your second one.


For example, you might be able to afford a hit on the passing stat of a striker as long as he is still able to finish as well as he would in a system where the chemistry supports him.

Chemistry Styles

Each of the Chemistry Styles has its own unique icon in the game. This icon is visible and will have you identify the kind of player that you are selecting.

These skills range from offensive to defensive and allow you to have players of similar playstyle to the one that you want.

Players in your starting 11 will get 25% of their chemistry from the team chemistry stat and the remaining from their individual chemistry stat.

Players who will come on as a substitute have a static chemistry of 5 and the distribution of the stats is still the same as it is for those who are starting in the main team.

If the resulting chemistry of the player is better than 50, then the related attributes will change for the better.

50 will have no impact on how the attributes of the players change and anything lower than that will result in the player losing the values of his attribute.

Chemistry Tips and Tricks

The first way to increase chemistry is to have links between players. Players will have links between them if they have the same league, club or nationality.

Try to have at least 2 of these factors similar between players so as to have a green line in between them and make sure that they have maximum chemistry.

Playing the players in their own position will also yield a chemistry boost. Try to do that as much as possible or their icon will glow red. An orange icon dictates a position that the player can play but is not as good.

Try to have all of the players playing in their own positions so as to ensure that they have the best possible chemistry.

Playing a player for 10 matches will also give them a chemistry boost, and it is indicated by the green shield on the back side of the card.

You can also have a manager who is in the same nationality or the league to have an individual boost in chemistry. These factors will result in you having the maximum possible chemistry.

That is all we have for our FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Chemistry Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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