FIFA 19 Shooting Guide – Timed Finishing/Shooting, Perfect Delay and Aiming

With the help of our FIFA 19 Shooting Guide, you will be able to learn all about perfecting Timed Shots so that you never miss a Penalty Shot again.

As a wise man once said, “You don’t score if you don’t shoot,” if there is one thing you cannot be nervous around, it is the goalkeeper. For that purpose, here are some useful FIFA 19 Shooting tips to keep in mind when having that ball in the penalty area in FIFA 19.

FIFA 19 Shooting

Although people have complained that every year, EA Sports roll out the same FIFA with minor changes and to a certain extent that is true, but FIFA 19 brings a whole lot at least to the shooting mechanism.

One of the new features complementing the shooting mechanics is the Timed Finishing. Now you will not see how it actually works if you have not turned it on in the settings, so go ahead and do that!

Let us now talk about Timed Finishing or Timed Shooting.

Shooting Tips

What this actually means is that if you are able to press the shoot button twice as soon as your player actually shoots or heads the ball towards goal, you will apply extra accuracy and power to the shot or header ensuring that it most certainly goes past the keeper and into the net.

There are also other factors that are applied to your shot like unpredictable swirl and angle which makes it difficult for the keeper to keep out. Think of your perfectly Timed Shot like a bullet or one of those famous volleys that skyrocket into the top corner.


The actual timing is a little strict, as you need to press the button once for the actual command for shooting, and then press the button another time just as you observe your player making the animation to receive and direct the ball towards goal.

You should also take into consideration the distance of the ball from the player’s foot. The farther away it is, the more delay you have to introduce between the first and second press of the shot button for the right timed shot to come out.

Since it can be more beneficial, for you as a human, to have a response or action that takes a longer time than the actual strict timing, you can sprint before shooting.

Owing to the same “more distance equals more time delay” method, sprinting will push the ball further from the player’s foot and then directing him to shoot will mean that you have at least a decent amount of time to input the command for shooting again.

A helpful indicator in the game which allows you to determine if you were successful your Timed Finishing is present above the heads of the player just before he begins to shoot the ball.

To get better at timing though, you can watch replays of your attempts again or use the FIFA Trainer turned on from the settings.

What you will be able to test out is how short the window is between a red, yellow, and green status for timing your shot, it is almost a frame or two for each transition.

However, you should note that it would not always work out. There is a high chance your timing will not be great and in that case, you will completely miss your chance at goal, maybe even a goal that otherwise would have been scored if you did not attempt the Timed Shot.

Therefore, all in all, this mechanic belongs to the risk-and-reward strategy. Use it only when you are confident and sure of your ability.

Consider the situation of the match itself, whether you have a sound lead or not, maybe not try it with a defender who will not have such promising shooting skills. Use this technique wisely and circumstantially.

That is all we have to say about FIFA 19 Shooting and some new techniques associated with it. Until then, practice and if you have any questions, let us know in the comments below!

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