Fallout 76 Adhesive Farming Locations Guide

Our Fallout 76 Adhesive Farming Locations Guide will help you learn all about farming Adhesive in FO76 which is used to craft a lot of different items.

I know the idea of survival keeps the players of Fallout 76 together in the multiplayer aspect, but what keeps most of the gear and equipment together, I mean literally? The answer is Adhesives. Since you will be requiring that for pulling stuff together, we have highlighted a bunch of Fallout 76 Adhesive Farming Locations where you can find this particular resource.

Fallout 76 Adhesive Farming

One of the most important resources in the game, Adhesives are used when it comes to crafting, upgrading and repair weapons, armor, gear, and equipment.

Since the importance of this resource is paramount, there are multiple ways and methods to acquire it.

The first one is the simplest and the least effort-consuming method, should you have enough Caps to spend it on this resource. All you need to do is to head to a Train Station and there proceed to the ticket office section.

You will be able to interact with a vendor here who will sell you Adhesives among their other products and services. The three primary locations for vendors are listed below:

  • Charleston Fire Department Vendor
  • Flatwoods Vendor
  • Morgan Station Vendor

Adhesives can also be obtained by scrapping useful pieces of junk at Workbenches back at your base or C.A.M.P. The items listed in the table below spawn mostly in the interiors of buildings.

The Military Duct Tape spawns; you guessed it, in Military Bases while glue and standard duct tapes are spawned quite frequently in garages.

The “Tag for Search” feature will allow you to track these items much easier thanks to the ‘magnification glass’ icon being placed next to them.

Item Material
Duct Tape x1 Adhesive
Economy Wonder Glue x5 Adhesive
Excessive Adhesive x1 Adhesive
Handmade Glue x1 Adhesive
Military Grade Duct Tape x4 Adhesive
Pack of Duct Tape x4 Adhesive
Sealed Wonderglue x4 Adhesive
Vegetable Starch x4 Adhesive
Wonder Glue x2 Adhesive

Crafting Adhesives

Another method of obtaining these is through the DIY method. Basically, you will be growing certain species of plants that, when harvested, will provide you with Adhesives.

This method is the most consistent and long-term viable process so you should know how to craft Adhesives. First, get a hand on the following required items:

  • x2 Corn
  • Fertilizer (From Barns and Farms)
  • x2 Mutfruit
  • x1 Purified Water
  • x2 Tato

Now head back to your camp and find some sufficent to plant the above vegetables and fruits. Use the Build Option and then head to the “Food” tab. Use the fertilizer and in time, you will be able to harvest vegetables.

Take this source of Vegetable Starch at any of the crafting workbenches and you can break them down into Adhesives. Alternatively, you can explore and discover plants throughout the world that can also be broken down into Adhesives.

Lastly, if you can complete events and challenges which also have a set amount of Adhesives as rewards associated with them.

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