Fallout 76 Challenges Guide

In our Fallout 76 Challenges Guide, we have detailed all about completing all types of FO76 Challenges to earn Atoms in the game.

Survival aside, the world isn’t void of joy and excitement. You can dress up or purchase a wide variety of cosmetic items by spending in some Atom. Keep your spirits high and try to bring the world back to what it once was. We have discussed ways of earning Atom mainly through Fallout 76 Challenges so you can hold onto everything that the world once stood on.

Fallout 76 Challenges

Thanks to both Daily Challenges that reset every 24 hours and weekly ones that reset over 7 days, completing challenges seem to be a consistent method of acquiring the in-game currency, Atom.

Furthermore, there are other challenges too which are tied to your character’s progression and generally how you interact with the world around you.

All of these tasks upon completion will let you cash in on a bunch of cosmetic items at the “Atomic” store.

As the game has thousands of challenges and with its MMO-esque nature more are continuously added, we won’t be able to list them all here but these should give you an idea of what type of challenges Fallout 76 offers.

Daily Challenges

Challenges Atom
Claim an ‘Owned’ workshop 40
Consume 10 pieces of raw meat 20
Scrap a human skull 20
Collect 100 pieces of wood 20
Take a photo when the only piece of cloth you’re wearing is a hat 20
Boil water 10 times 10
Cook soup 5 times 10
Eliminate a Scorched enemy 10
Level up once. 10


Weekly Challenges

Challenges Atom
Complete 10 Events or Quests while in a Group 40
Gather the following building supplies: Collect 250 pieces of wood Scrap junk for 50 Aluminum Scrap junk for 50 Concrete Scrap junk for 50 Copper Scrap junk for 50 Fertilizer 40
Scrap or Craft 50 Clothing, armor, or weapon 40
Take 10 Photos at Workshop 40
Claim the Workshop 30
Eliminate 25 enemies in a given area 30
Take 10 photos in the following City or Town: Abandoned Bogtown Beckley Charleston Clarksburg Flatwoods 30
Eliminate 25 Scorched enemies in a given area 20



Challenges Atom
Collect 10 Caps 20
Collect 50 Caps 20
Collect 76 Caps 50
Collect 100 Caps 50
Collect a Bobblehead, Holotape or Magazine 20
Collect a Magazine 20
Complete 76 Challenges 20
Explore Appalachia for an Hour 20
Fully rank up a Perk Card 20



Reach Level 4 Perk Card Pack (reward)
Reach Level 6 Perk Card Pack (reward)
Reach Level 8 Perk Card Pack (reward)
Reach Level 10 Perk Card Pack (reward)


Survival Challenges

Challenges Atom
Harvest 12 specimens of the following herbs: Harvest an Ash rose Harvest Aster Harvest Bloodleaf Pick a Carrot flower Pick a Fever blossom 40
Harvest 11 of the following Fruits, Berries, and Vegetables: Harvest a Carrot Harvest Corn Harvest a Pumpkin or Gourd Harvest a Siltbean Harvest a Blackberry 40
Harvest 10 of the following Fungi, Plants, and Nuked Flora: Collect Raw cobalt flux Harvest Razorgrain Harvest Glowing resin Harvest Snaptail Harvest a Swamp plant 40
Acquire a Disease 20
Collect Wild Plants or Fungi 20
Scrap 76 junk for Resources 20
Boil Water 10
Collect Wood 10
Cook a Meal 10
Deploy a C.A.M.P. to settle Appalachia 10
Harvest Wild Plants and Fungi 10
Learn a cooking recipe or plan 10
Scrap 1 junk for Resources 10


Challenges Atom
Kill 10 different types of creatures 40
Craft 76 Grenades 20
Craft or Scrap 76 Pieces of Armor 20
Craft or Scrap 76 Melee Weapons 20
Craft or Scrap 76 Ranged Weapons 20
Mod 76 Weapons 20
Scrap 76 Clothes 20
Craft a Piece of Armor 10
Craft a Weapon 10
Craft or Scrap a Melee Weapon 10
Craft or Scrap a Ranged Weapon 10
Craft some Ammo 10
Kill a Creature 10
Kill an Enemy 10
Mod a Piece of Armor 10
Mod a Weapon 10
Repair a Piece of Armor or a Weapon 10



Challenges Atom
Revive an Ally 20
Build a Furnishing in a Workshop or C.A.M.P. 10
Claim a Workshop 10
Complete an Event while in a Group 10
Make a Friend 10
Join a Group 10
Take a Photo for your Vault 76 ID Badge 10
Take a Photo of Appalachia 10


World Challenges

Challenges Atom
Find 17 Overseer’s logs from the following Collect Overseer’s log – C.A.M.P. Collect Overseer’s log – Flatwoods Collect Overseer’s log – Free States Collect Overseer’s log – McClintock Collect Overseer’s log – Morgantown Collect Overseer’s log – Mountainside Collect Overseer’s log – Grafton Collect Overseer’s log – Site Alpha Collect Overseer’s log – Site Bravo Collect Overseer’s log – Site Charlie Collect Overseer’s log – Top of the World Collect Overseer’s log – Vault 76 80
Collect 8 Holotape Games from the following: Collect the Holotape Game: Atomic Command Collect the Holotape Game: Automatron Collect the Holotape Game: Grognak & the Ruby Ruins Collect the Holotape Game: Nuka Tapper Collect the Holotape Game: Pipfall 40
Collect 11 Issues from Different Magazines as follows: Collect an Issue of “Astoundingly Awesome Tales” Collect an Issue of “Backwoodsman” Collect an Issue of “Bedtime Stories from Appalachia” Collect an Issue of “Grognak the Barbarian” Collect an Issue of “Guns and Bullets” 40
Collect 10 issues of “Tales from West Virginia” from the following: Find the Holotape “Who Goes There? – Part 1” Find the Holotape “Who Goes There? – Part 2” Find the Holotape “The Beast of Grafton – Part 1” Find the Holotape “The Beast of Grafton – Part 2” Find the Holotape “The Mothman Cometh – Part 1” Find the Holotape “The Mothman Cometh – Part 2” 40
Complete 76 Quests and Events in the Forest 40
Discover 5 Locales within the Forest Discover Charleston Discover Morgantown Discover Morgantown Airport Discover Point Pleasant Discover Summersville 40
Find the 6 Overseer’s Personal Journal Holotapes from the following: Collect Overseer’s journal, entry 1 Collect Overseer’s journal, entry 2 Collect Overseer’s journal, entry 3 Collect Overseer’s journal, entry 4 Collect Overseer’s journal, entry 5 Collect Overseer’s journal, entry 6 40
Find the 10 Survivor Stories Holotapes Collect Survivor story: Colonel Collect Survivor story: Dassa Ben-Ami Collect Survivor story: Kesha McDermott Collect Survivor story: Nurse Scott Collect Survivor story: Responder Colonel Collect Survivor story: Rev. Delbert Winters Collect Survivor story: Sofie Collect Survivor story: Tabitha 20
Discover the Ash Heap Region 20
Discover the Cranberry Bog Region 20
Discover the Mire Region 20
Discover the Savage Divide 20
Discover the Toxic Valley Region 20
Emerge from Vault 76 10
Discover the Overseer’s C.A.M.P. 10
Hack 2 Terminals 10
Pick a Lock 10


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