Fallout 76 Camps Guide – Best Camping Locations, Structures, Tips

In our Fallout 76 CAMPS Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about getting started with C.A.M.P. System and how to build the best camps.

Ever wanted to be a boy scout or a girl scout, but your mom wouldn’t want you to? Well, at least Fallout 76 will make your dreams come true: our Fallout 76 Camps Guide will indeed help you become the best boy/girl scout with our excellent Camps Making Guide. I mean, what are boy/girl scouts without Camps?

Fallout 76 Camps Guide

C.A.M.P. is a highly useful tool in Fallout 76 that can be used to survive and thrive in the Appalachian wilderness. C.A.M.P stands for Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform and is basically a mobile version of a workshop.

A C.A.M.P. can be placed anywhere you like, without being restricted. There are still a few restrictions though like you not being able to place a C.A.M.P where there is already a C.A.M.P. You can place one nearby though.

You can also build near your C.A.M.P. to protect it from foreign attacks and scavenge hunts. The difference between a C.A.M.P and a normal workshop is pretty thin, but you can construct a workbench through a C.A.M.P.

How to Start Building a C.A.M.P.
The C.A.M.P. becomes available as soon as you leave Vault 76. Bring out your Pip-Boy and select the Camp option. After a little while, the C.A.M.P.’s structure will appear on your screen, ready to be placed.

Tips for Building a C.A.M.P.

  • It takes time between choosing the Camp from the Pip-Boy and actually spawning it on the map.
  • Whenever you’re building a Camp, you’re prone to enemy attacks and have no way of fighting back: your weapons are disabled during this time period.
  • Build a Camp in a safe environment.
  • When you drop your C.A.M.P., it becomes visible on the world map. Only you and your friends can see it.
  • You can fast-travel to your C.A.M.P. without any fees.
  • If you’re overencumbered though, you can not Fast Travel to a C.A.M.P.

Requirements for a C.A.M.P.
There are several requirements for building a C.A.M.P.: Wood, concrete, and steel. You can find out how much Wood, Concrete and Steel you have by accessing the Junk section of the Inventory.

To find out where Wood, Concrete and Steel can be found in abundant quantities near you, open your Camp build menu and click “Tag for Search”. Then choose a location near you and you’ll find out where and how much material is found here.

Choosing a Good Location for C.A.M.P.

Some good locations for a C.A.M.P. are:

  • Near Stations and Workbenches (Beginner)
  • Near Resources (Intermediate)
  • Near Civilization (Beginner)
  • Away from Civilization (Expert)
  • Near Primary/Secondary Locations (Beginner)
  • Near a Vendor (Beginner)
  • Near Enemies (Expert)
  • Away from Enemies (Beginner)
  • Near Power Boxes (Beginner)
  • Near Valuable Resources (Beginner)
  • Near Friends (Beginner)
  • Away from Friends (Expert)
  • Near Workshop (Beginner)
  • Near Quest Location (Expert)
  • On a Flat Ground (Beginner)
  • On Steep Ground (Expert)
  • Beginner: Easy to make, abundant minerals, easy to find, dangerous
  • Intermediate: Difficult to find, good amount of minerals, safer than Beginner
  • Expert: Tough to find, safest areas, unique spots

Camp Construction Tips

C.A.M.P. construction can be pretty overwhelming when you first start, with the number of materials and designs that you can use. But fret not, we’ve got that covered here.

We’ll be teaching you how to build a basic Camp, from the foundation to the walls, and finally the roof. It’s like Minecraft but takes way more time to make.

Additionally, we’ll also be discussing some of the tips that might help you become a good Camp maker. After all, nothing’s better than a skilled Camp maker, right?

I mean, I did go to boy scouts, so yeah, I do know that. Here are the basic steps to construct a Camp:

Create a Foundation
The foundation is the base of all the camp. A good foundation means a sturdier camp. The foundation can be a single block or multiple blocks. Start with multiple foundations first, so you can always upgrade it later without wasting many materials.

The Walls Matter
Okay, some people may hate me for saying this, but walls do matter. The walls will protect you from all enemy attacks and add a little privacy to your camp. Build the walls around the corners of the foundation.

Sunlight is Bad-ish
The roofs are really important for your camp. Since grenade launchers are a thing and people can use ranged attacks, the roofs act like walls, but for the Camp’s head. Choose a flat roof or an inclined roof. Totally up to you.

A Door
What’s a camp without an entrance? Imagine you’ve constructed your full base but don’t have a mean of getting in, except destroying walls every second or so. A door can come in pretty useful here. Choose a good door.

The Outside
You can experiment here. There are a lot of things to build: Ranches, Crops, Campfires, Defenses, Generators, Energy Panels and so on. You’ll learn more about this stuff as time goes on.

Inside your Camp
Okay, so you’ve constructed a Camp but it seems empty-ish? Let’s say you visited the Camp during the night. You can see nothing, right? Well, you’ll need a bulb for that, or a lamp.

The world seems bright right? But bright doesn’t necessarily mean colorful. There’s nothing useful in your camp. You can add mattresses, wall clocks, wall paintings and different kinds of furniture inside your camp.

Tips for a Camp

  • Efficiency: Always try to be efficient. Make things that you need immediately first. Turrets, exterior lights and extra workstations can all be constructed later in the game.
  • Budget control: Make things that are inside your budget. Plan ahead.
  • Plan your camp: Make a mind map of your camp, and act on it. Do not stray from the plan.
  • Make the larger things first: Make the workbenches and other large furniture first so you can plan what to do with the space left afterwards.
  • Make a tower: If you’ve made a smaller foundation, go for two floors, or even three.
  • Make a porch, or a garage: Your camp doesn’t need to be a single structure. Make a garage or porch nearby.
  • Floors are indestructible: Floors are indestructible, but ammo will pass through them. Don’t use them for roofing, just for adding extra floors for your tower.
  • Balconies: Use balconies to place turrets or other defense machinery on.
  • If it looks stupid, but works, it ain’t stupid.
  • Go for functionality instead of aesthetics.
  • Odd-shaped sloped walls: Notice them in some camps? They can be used to hide turrets successfully. Place a turret behind a sloped wall, and no potential lurker will be able to find what hit them.
  • Move your camp: Use the blueprint menu to save your camp to place it in a new location. You don’t need to start again from scrap, unless you wish to. You can even store your old camp parts.

Forming a City of Camps
Yes! If you have a good amount of friends who play Fallout 76, you can band together and make series of camps together, to create a complete city.

Its like co-op meets SIMS, a dream come true! You can fast-travel to any of your team’s camp too, so use that to your advantage!

Attack Enemy Camps!
This is post-war Fallout after all. You can attack and destroy enemy camps, plundering their crops and stealing their children. Okay, maybe not children. But beware, raiding other camps will make you Wanted.

Continued misbehavior will increase your negative popularity.

Repair Every Once in a While
If you can attack enemy camps, naturally they can too. Visit your camp every now and then to check their status and how much of it has been destroyed/damaged.

You can repair everything using the ‘Repair All” option or you can repair everything manually.

Building Structures
You can construct various items inside a C.A.M.P. or a workshop. Some of these have been listed below:

  • Foundations: Wood Foundation, and Concrete Foundation can be built on a C.A.M.P. Wood Foundation requires Wood and Concrete Foundation requires Concrete.
  • Floor: Upper Floor can be constructed if you have enough wood.
  • Wall: Wood, Red Barn, Shack Metal, Brick, and Panel Metal are the type of walls that can be built. Sloped walls and half walls can also be built. You do need wood and steel though. In large quantity.
  • Roofs: There are different types of roofs available for use. Each have a different shape. You need a moderate amount of steel and wood for constructing this.
  • Stairs: You can build stairs, stairs with foundations and posts to build walls around. Prepare a small amount of wood, or steel though.
  • Doors: Differnt types of doors can be crafted, but you need Screw, Steel and Wood.
  • Stations and Benches
  • Turrets and traps
  • Defensive mechanism: Guard Posts, Barricades and defensive wall furniture can be constructed if you have steel, wood, concrete, ceramic, copper, rubber, and gear.
  • Generators
  • Power Connectors: To move energy throughout the camps
  • Lights: A huge different kind of lights like lamps, candles are available
  • Food: Different types of food: blackberry, carrot, corn, gourd, melon, mutfruit plant, razorgrain, tato plant are available.
  • Water pumps and purifier
  • Resource extractor, scavenger and fertilizer
  • Different kind of appliances: Radios, nuka-cola machine, milk vending machine, a toilet and so on.
  • Comfy beds and bags
  • Chairs and similar furniture like shelves and tables.
  • Stash Boxes, Coolers, Suitcases and other stuff.
  • Floor decoration
  • Wall decoration
  • Mysterious structures like the portable toilet, fast travel target, decontamination shower, tent and basketball hoop. Prepare a heap of resources beforehand though.

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