Elden Ring Whip Builds Guide

We have created a guide that will tell you about some of the best Whip builds that you can create in Elden Ring.

The Whip is a long-reach weapon in Elden Ring that can deal little to moderate damage. But you can make this weapon quite powerful if you use it properly. This weapon can be used as a maximum damage build or can go with the bleed/poison build granting you various buffs and dealing high blood loss and chipping damage with poison. This guide will cover some of the best Whip Builds in Elden Ring and teach you how to unleash this weapon’s full potential.

Whip Max Damage Build

Whip Blood Build

For this build, you should follow this setup

  • Flask Spread: Mostly HP
  • Talismans: Lord’s of Blood’s Exultation, Rotten Winged Sword Insignia, Ritual Sword Talisman, Twinblade Talisman
  • Spells: Bloodflame Talons, Bloodflame Blade, and Fire’s Deadly Sin
  • Weapons: Hoslow’s Petal Whip and Hoslow’s Poison Petal Whip, Blood Urumi (Optional)
  • Armor: Mask of Confidence or White Mask, and Tree Sentinel Armor
  • Stats: Faith, Arcane (Primary) and Vigor, Dexterity, Mind (Secondary)
  • Seals: Dragon Communion Seal

Best Stats for Whip Builds

For Whip, Max Damage Build, you will be focusing most of your flasks on Hp, and a couple of FP flasks will prove useful since you will be dodging by using Bloodhound’s Step most of the time.

You will be investing most of your points in Arcane and Dexterity to make a strong build. Afterward, invest some points into Vigor, Endurance, and Faith to use the seal to cast some support incantations and equip the armor you desire.

  • Vigor: 35
  • Mind: 20
  • Endurance: 30
  • Dexterity: 45
  • Faith: 20
  • Arcane: 45

For Whip, Blood loss/Poison Build, you will keep the focus of your flasks as the previous one. Apart from that, you will have to invest more into Faith and Arcane since you will be casting some major incantations, which will provide you with some extra damage.

Afterward, invest some of your points into Mind, Vigor, and Dexterity to cast incantations and equip the weapon with its full potential.

  • Vigor: 40
  • Mind: 30
  • Endurance: 30
  • Dexterity: 35
  • Faith: 40
  • Arcane: 39

Best Weapons for Whip Builds in Elden Ring

For the Whip Max Damage Build, you will be using 2 Hoslow’s Petal Whips. One without any affinity. Hoslow’s Petal Whips have Bloodloss Buildup as a Passive. This gives you an advantage, so you can cast Bloodflame Blade, which will increase your bloodloss buildup and give you some Fire damage. You can give poison affinity to the other Whip, which will also help you deal constant damage.

You can use Urumi Whip as another optional weapon if you do not have two Hoslow’s Petal Whip. Its unique medium-range heavy attack makes it remarkably well to be able to replace one of the Hoslow’s Petal Whips.

For the Whip Bloodloss/Poison Build, you will use the same setup as the previous one. Your main focus will be on Bloodloss buildup and poison buildup rather than using Bloodflame Blade incantation to chip away damage. This will increase your buildup massively.

Best Armor for Whip Builds

For the Whip Max Damage Build, the Raptor’s Black Feathers Chest Armor increases the strength of your jump attacks, so take advantage of this damage bonus by attacking enemies by jumping toward them.

The White Mask will be ideal for this build. It increases attack power whenever there is blood loss nearby.

For the Whip Bloodloss/Poison Build, the Mask of Confidence helm will increase arcane, which pairs well with the Dragon Communion Seal. We’ve chosen the Tree Sentinel Armor due to its high Fire damage defense. This will help protect you from the self-inflicted Fire damage from Fire’s Deadly Sin. You can use the White mask as well, depending on your playstyle.

Best Skills for Whip Builds

For the Whip, Max Damage Build, and Bloodloss/Poison Build, Use the Ash of War: Golden Vow to increase the attack and defense for you and your allies.

As this is a melee build, you will need some dodging capabilities; Bloodhound’s Step will give you an advantage and help you gain distance against your foes.

Best Talisman for Whip Builds

For the Whip Max Damage Build and Bloodloss/Poison Build, the Lord of Exultation will increase your attack power whenever blood is lost in the vicinity, so you must use this talisman while fighting. This talisman synergizes perfectly with the Hoslow’s Petal Whip and the Bloodflame Blade Spell, as they’ll allow you to quickly build up bleed stacks on enemies.

And with every successful attack, the Rotten Winged Sword Insignia talisman will further increase your attack power. These two talismans will work together to give you an unbelievable boost in damage.

Since you will use jump attacks more often, Twinblade Talisman will be the best option. It will increase the final hit of your jump attacks. You can also use it with Ritual Sword Talisman, which will increase your attack power when you are at full HP.

Best Spells for Whip Builds

For the Whip Max Damage Build and Bloodloss/Poison Buildup, you have to use the Dragon Communion Seal as it will boost arcane and buildup blood.

The Bloodflame Blade incantation will imbue your Whip with Bloodflame, which will deal damage and increase blood loss buildup on your foes.

Along with that, you can also use Fire’s Deadly Sin with both of the builds and combo it with Bloodflame Build. Fire’s Deadly Sin will increase your Flame damage but will deal you damage as well, and Bloodflame will increase Bloodloss buildup along with Fire damage.

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