How to Solve Leyndell Catacombs Maze in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, you are going to find a lot of mini-dungeons that hold precious items. One of these is...

In Elden Ring, you are going to find a lot of mini-dungeons that hold precious items. One of these is the Leyndell Catacombs in which you have to solve a maze before you can get into the fight with the Boss. In this guide, we will tell you complete details about solving the Leyndell Catacombs Maze in Elden Ring and defeating Esgar, Priest of Blood.

How to Solve Leyndell Catacombs Maze in Elden Ring

From the Site of Grace, you have to turn back and go downstairs to begin your Leyndell Catacombs maze puzzle solution. Once downstairs, take the left route. Continue to move forward and go straight. Here you will see stairs in front of you.

Go upstairs again and take the first right. In that room, you might find some flaming Zombies. Move forward and take the first route on the right side.

Again, go upstairs, and at the end take right and move forward. Here you will see a boss as well, but you can avoid him and move forward. Now jump down and use the stairs on the right side to go up again.

Move a little forward and again turn right. The path you are following is pretty much similar so don’t get confused.

You will reach a room with fire and for taking out the fire you have to drop the pillar using the arrow.

Now go and stand on the pillar and hit it so it can take you up. Enter the room and again take a right and then continue to move forward and go downstairs.

From the end, you can simply jump down or take the ladder as well. Again move forward from the end and take a right and you will find the lever right there. Pull the lever and the door to the boss room will open.

Now for going to the boss room you have to jump down and move forward. You will find the Boss door on the left side and the Site of Grace upstairs on the opposite side.

Now that you have solved the Leyndell Catacombs puzzle in Elden Ring, simply enter the Boss’s room and you will encounter Esger, Priest of Blood boss.

How to Defeat Esgar, Priest of Blood Boss

Esgar, Priest of Blood at the end of Leyden Catacombs Maze is quite easy to defeat and the only difficulty you are going to have in defeating that boss is its dogs. The two dogs that come with that boss distract you and give the Boss a chance to land a hit on you.

So what you have to do for defeating that boss and the two dogs is get them into a corner and let all three of them come at you.

Now you can hit all of them with a single hit and hopefully take out the dogs.

You can also take them out separately, but in this, you have to be quick since the Boss is quite fast as well. Find your openings and dal with the dogs first, then get to the boss.

Follow any of the strategies above and if everything goes well you will be able to defeat Esgar, Priest of Blood Boss.

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