How To Get Rancorcall In Elden Ring

In order to get your hands on the Rancorcall spell in Elden Ring, you need to find and kill a Teardrop Scarab inside Stormveil Castle.

Rancorcall is a Sorcery Spell in Elden Ring that is a must-have in your inventory if you want to cast magic attacks on enemies. Works on the principles of guided missile, Rancorcall can chase down enemies and deal damage using vengeful spirits.

The vengeful spirits once summoned will destroy the enemy by targeting the weak points. In addition, the enemies will also be staggered giving you a chance to think about the next move. To make Rancorcall even more deadly in Elden Ring, you can charge it before the attack.

Rancorcall location in Elden Ring

To get your hands on one, you need to find and defeat a Teardrop Scarab beetle. Elden Ring has a total of 45 Teardrop Scarab locations but to get Rancorcall, you need to find the one located inside the Stormveil Castle, West Limgrave.

Rancorcall Scarab location in Elden Ring

By using the Liftside Chamber site of Grace, you can get inside the castle. Once you are at the Stormveil Catle, you need to find your way to the wooden platforms located underground.

Keep in mind that the space is littered with rats that need to be taken care of before moving forward. Travel a little further and you will find the Teardrop Scarab hiding in the corner of the underground crypt.

Next, you have to defeat him, and you have got yourself a Rancorcall spell. While you are there, you travel a little further to find one of the Ulcerated Tree Spirit which will drop Golden Seed. You will also find Death’s Pustle Talisman behind the mini-boss.

How to use Rancorcall in Elden Ring

Rancorcall is a fairly simple and straightforward sorcery spell to use in Elden Ring. You summon spirits to overwhelm your enemies. However, there are a few things that can make Rancorcall perform better.

Don’t forget to charge Rancorcall to increase damage

By charging Rancorcall, you can utilize the full potential of this spell. In this way, you can produce bigger balls of spirits instead of smaller spirits. The damage done compared to a non-charged Rancorcall is around 18% which is quite significant in tough battles.

Rancorcall is not recommended for fast PvP duels

The spirits summoned by the Rancorcall move in such a way that they can be sometimes dodged by the enemies. You can get away with that by spamming ultimately giving less time for the enemy to dodge. For that, Rancorcall is not recommended to be used in fast PvP battles.

Using Prince of Death Staff will slow down Rancorcall

Some players combine Rancorcall with Prince of Death Staff to increase the damage output. But it comes at the disadvantage of slowing down the spirits. The increase in damage is also quite low therefore it’s best to combine it with Lusat Glintstone Staff which will increase the Intelligence stat.

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