Where To Find Claw Talisman In Elden Ring

You will find the Elden Ring Claw Talisman at the Stormveil castle. However, the location is pretty hard to reach. Here's how to get to it.

The Elden Ring Claw Talisman is lightweight. It boosts the damage of your overall jump attack. This gives you an extra edge when performing leaping attacks on enemies. This Talisman is quite difficult to obtain if you are not familiar with the Limgrave region in Elden Ring.

It involves a bumpy path to get over the exact location of the Claw. Here is how you can find the Elden Ring Claw Talisman:

Where To Find Claw Talisman In Elden Ring

claw talisman location elden ring

You will find the Elden Ring Claw Talisman at the Stormveil castle. However, the location is pretty hard to reach. Begin your journey from the Castle Rampart Tower Site of Grace located on the seventh floor of the tower. The first step is to exit the room and then take a right turn outside.

You will be able to see a staircase rising upward. Take the stairs and they will lead you to an archway opening. Proceed ahead and enter the opening which will lead you to a hallway. While doing so, you may encounter some easy enemies on the way as well.

Follow up the hallway path until you find another archway exit on your right side. Move outside and you will see a couple of sandbags beside the wall. Use them to jump over the wall. On the wall, turn southwards and proceed ahead. Take a sharp left at the corner to walk on the ledge.

You will see a broken tower wall ahead. Jump over its ledge and move to the opposite side. Now you need to jump down over the building roof. Here you will encounter the giant Warhawk Bird. Killing the bird is preferable because it’s an easy target and it will also save you from distraction ahead on your way.

Once you are done with the bird, move to the north side rooftop. There is a damaged pillar next to the roof. Use it to head up the ledge. Continue to move along it until you find an open courtyard on its opposite side.

Enter the open area and here you will find some hidden enemies along with a ladder leading up to the top of the tower. Some of the enemies possess bows so it’s better to knock them down first before climbing up the ladder.

You may skip them and instead choose to just start climbing up the ladder. Here you will come across a corpse resting in a corner. Loot the corpse to acquire the Elden Ring Claw Talisman.

How To Use The Claw Talisman

Once you have acquired the Claw Talisman in Elden Ring, you can use it to boost 15% of your jump attack damage. However, for PvP players, you will receive a 7.5% increase instead. In addition to that, you will receive two types of jump attacks.

While the heavy attack is quite powerful and is mostly used while encountering some giant foes to break their stance. On the other hand, light attacks are mainly used to attack airborne enemies. Furthermore, players who like Melee attack the most can have a lot of advantages using this specific Talisman.

A jump followed by a Melee attack can help in accessing the weak points of the enemies much more easily. The enhanced jumping capability is the reason which makes the Claw Talisman an important part of any build.

For instance, if you are using dual-wielded weapons, the Claw Talisman adds to its attacking abilities as well. You will see the best results after pairing this Talisman with the Raptor’s Black Feather chest piece. Doing so increases another 10% of your jump attack.

Going further, adding up the Royal Knights Resolve Ash of War is cheery on top. These increased damage percentages make these jump attacks far more penetrating compared to the simple ones.

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