Where To Find Claw Talisman In Elden Ring

Those specifically interested in enhancing their jump attacks can make good use of the Claw Talisman in Elden Ring. The following guide will show you how.

Where To Find Claw Talisman In Elden Ring

You can find the Claw Talisman on a corpse in the high tower which is surrounded by big black eagles. In order to seek this talisman, you will have to go to Rampart Tower’s top balcony from the Site of Grace. Then walking carefully at the borders of the balcony, jump to the ledge of the nearest building.

Jump down to the rooftop below which have a small broken chimney a bit farther. Then you will see a broken thin pillar lying down. Climb up that pillar to get to another ledge.

Carefully, walking round the ledge you will see an open area that resembles a clock tower having a ladder lying on the wall. Get to that area but beware of soldiers standing guard over there. They will be wielding bows, shields, and swords. It is advisable to take down the ones with bows first and then go for the rest.

Once you are done dealing with the guards, climb up the ladder to get to the top of the tower. On the top, you will find the Claw Talisman.

How To Use The Claw Talisman

Compared to previous Souls games, Elden Ring places a larger focus on jump attacks. Some builds in the game actually excel in dealing a massive amount of damage to enemies through jump attacks. Having the Claw Talisman hence makes a good difference.

Also known as posture-breaking attacks, you can break your enemy’s stance with two or three jump attacks. These jump attacks can be either heavy or light attacks with the former dealing more damage and the latter focusing on flying enemies.

The Claw Talisman increases both heavy and light jump attacks by around 15% for any weapon equipped at the time. You can further increase the effectiveness of the talisman by dual-wielding claw armaments as their special attack is jumping for downward slashes. The resulting damage will hence be more than 15% with the Claw Talisman.

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