Elden Ring Spiked Caestus Builds Guide

This guide talks about the best Spiked Caestus build in Elden Ring along with the stats we think that will work perfectly.

If fist weapons are your go-to choice in Elden Ring, Spiked Caestus is definitely one you should look at. To help you make the perfect build and cosplay as a brawler, we have created this Elden Ring Spiked Caestus Builds Guide breaking down how best to utilize your arsenal.

Elden Ring Spiked Caestus Build

Spiked Caestus is an improved and better version of the Caestus Fist Weapon, which scales primarily with Strength and Dexterity.

It is a good secondary weapon that provides a buff to your damage protection. It reduces the damage that you take from the enemies.

You can get the Spiked Caestus weapon from the Isolated Merchant in Dragonbarrow for 4,000 Runes. It is a cheaper weapon to get at the start of the game and annihilates many early-game bosses.

Below, we have provided a Spiked Caestus build to make the early phase of your journey easier.

Class: Astrologer/Prisoner

Stats: Strength (Primary), Intelligence (Primary), Vigor (Secondary), Mind (Secondary)

Weapon: Spiked Caestus

Armor: Haima Glintstone Crown and Raptor’s Black Feathers

Talisman: Claw Talisman, Green Turtle Talisman, Winged Sword Insignia

Skills: Golden Vow, Royal Knight Resolve

Best Class for Spiked Caestus Build

For the early game builds, the Astrologer class is the best choice for a beginner. This class has mostly Intelligence and Mind and a little Dexterity. And if we compare this class to the Prisoner class which does not have the same spell set.

As the Astrologer class, you are playing as a spellcaster without ever needing to melee in a lot of cases.

Best Stats for Spiked Caestus Build

Starting with the stats, we will invest most of the points in Strength and Intelligence. These two should be your primary focus while also using some points on Vigor and Mind.

Since you will need more Strength in the early stages, you will primarily have to focus on it. Vigor is also helpful to increase your health, and Mind will increase your Focus Points.

Best Weapon for Spiked Caestus Build

The weapon we will be using is Spiked Caestus which scales best with the Strength. This is a fist weapon that deals physical damage to the enemy when we make strike attacks against it.

It especially suits the melee characters who want added damage protection. Endure ability of this weapon reduces the damage dealt by the enemy while we are using this weapon.

To prepare for approaching attacks, endure ability of Spiked Caestus enhances poise that will decrease the damage inflicted. You can use this weapon by going very close to the enemy as it has no range at all.

Best Armor for Spiked Caestus Build

For armor, we’ll use a combination of two sets. For the helmet, we will use the Haima Glinstone Crown. It is a light helmet that will also increase your Intelligence and Strength.

The second one is the Raptor’s Black Feathers, a chest armor that increases jump attack damage and provides extra defense.

Best Talismans for Spiked Caestus Build in Elden Ring

For Talismans, we have included three that will improve your character’s attack and defense.

Claw Talisman enhances your jump attacks, while Green Turtle Talisman will increase your overall stamina recovery speed. This will allow you to be quick with your attacks and move around the fight arena with speed.

The third talisman is Winged Sword Insignia, which will increase your attack power when you perform successive attacks. So, you can make use of it by making frequent hits to the enemy and dealing increasing damage with every hit.

Best Skills for Spiked Caestus Build

Golden Vow and Royal Knight’s Resolve are the two skills we will use for this build. These increase your attacks and damage reduction for some period on the cost of Focus Points (FP).

Royal Knight’s Resolve helps to increase the damage of your next attack, so you can get more aggressive by making powerful attacks each time you hit the enemy. It can be used against all types of melee armaments, including your spiked caestus