How To Get Lion Greatbow In Elden Ring

The Lion Greatbow is a legendary weapon in Elden Ring, and it was once wielded by one of the Shard...

The Lion Greatbow is a legendary weapon in Elden Ring, and it was once wielded by one of the Shard Bearers and the greatest warrior of The Lands Between. Getting your hands over this weapon involves trading the rarest Starscourage Radahn rewards with the Finger Reader at the Roundtable Hold. Allow us to help you with finding the Lion Greatbow in the game.

Lion Greatbow location in Elden Ring

Well, starting the journey to get your hands on the Lion Greatbow, first you have to encounter one of the mightiest demigods in the game. It’s none other than Starscourage Radahn boss, the guardian of the Redmane Castle.

To have an encounter with the Starscourage Radahn, first you need to start the Radahn Festival. It can be done while progressing through Ranni’s quest line. Slaying this huge boss will reward you with the Radahn’s Great Rune and the Remembrance of the Starscourage

Once you have the Remembrance, the next step is to travel to the Roundtable Hold area. To reach here quickly, you can access the Table of Lost Grace site of grace. It is located near the Roundtable Hold Landmark, southwest of the map.

Once there, go to the Northwest across a large door. Here you will meet Enia also known as Finger Reader. Interact with her and she will trade the Lion Greatbow for the Remembrance of the Starscourage.

One important thing to mention here, you can also get the Starscourage Greatsword and the Radahn’s Twin Greatswords with the Remembrance of the Starscourage as well. So don’t forget to duplicate it from any Walking Mausoleum.

What does Lion Greatbow do in Elden Ring

The Lion Greatbow is considered among the top-notch bows in Elden Ring specialized for ranged attacks. It possesses a unique skill known as Radahn’s Rain which allows it to drop down a series of lightning arrows on the target. Additionally, the gravitational power of the Starscourage enhances the lethality of the bow.

Having a sale value of 1000 Runes, the Lion Greatbow can be upgraded using the Somber Smithing Stones, but it cannot be infused using Ashes of War.

Lion Greatbow stats


To use the Lion Greatbow, you need 22 strength and 18 dexterity. The physical damage for the lion Greatbow is 120. It can be upgraded up to level 10 which makes the physical damage rise to a whooping value of 294.

Lion Greatbow builds

Well, the Lion Greatbow can be utilized to get a 20% increased damage using the Radahn’s Spears (strength-based builds). Any Greatbow having a much higher AR value than the Lion Greatbow can be used to utilize the skill.

Being a passive effect, it can only be applied if the Lion Greatbow is kept in the off-hand and the other bow in the main hand. At max level, this skill adds to the lethality of the bow as well.

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