Elden Ring Enia Questline Guide

Not all palm readers are fake. Maybe one of them might give you something more useful than a prophecy. In...

Not all palm readers are fake. Maybe one of them might give you something more useful than a prophecy. In this guide, we will learn more about Enia, The Finger Reader in Elden Ring. We will also be looking at where to find her, what she offers, and several possible interactions you may have with her.

Where to Find Enia the Finger Reader in Elden Ring?

Enia, The Finger Reader, is an NPC in Elden Ring. She is said to be the conveyer of The Two Fingers’ Proclamation. She is much like a merchant who you will meet during the early parts of the game. You can trade your Remembrances and Great Runes for several useful items.

She does not just trade Remembrances and Runes; she also sells armor and weapons of the demigods you’ve just defeated.

You will be able to find Enia after you beat your first demigod-level boss, Godrick the Grafted. After you’ve defeated the boss, you will get your first Great Rune and Remembrance, which you can take to Enia, The Finger Reader, to trade them for a more powerful spell or a weapon.

You will find Enia at The Roundtable Hold. One way of getting to the location is by resting at the site of grace near Stormveil Castle, from where Melina The Maiden will transport you to The Roundtable Hold.

When you get there, you will find Enia inside the room, sitting on a chair, holding a wooden staff, right beside the two giant fingers.

Interactions with Enia The Finger Reader

Enia is a merchant that doesn’t move. Therefore, you will always find her at the Roundtable Hold. During the story, there are several points when you encounter her, but it won’t be like any other questline in the game.

She is essentially a vendor who you’ll encounter a few times throughout your adventures. The different encounters you’ll have with her are discussed below.

After Defeating Godrick, The Grafted

The first time you will ever have an interaction with her is after you’ve defeated your first demigod – Godrick The Grafted. After defeating the boss, you will get your first Great Rune and Remembrance, which you can take to Enia and trade for either The Axe of Godrick or The Grafted Dragon.

Then, right after you’ve defeated your second Shardbearer Boss, Enia will become a merchant from which you can buy armors and other weapons of the bosses you’ve already defeated.

Return After Getting Two Great Runes

After you have successfully obtained Two Great Runes, you can return to her, and this time she will tell you that the way to Leyndell is now open for you.

Returning for Advice About The Erdtree

After defeating Morgott, The Omen King, you will learn that the Erdtree is not letting you pass through its thorns. Therefore, Melina will suggest that you burn the thorns.

At this point, if you return to Enia, she will tell you that the fingers are no longer mobile and to commit the grave sin of burning the Erdtree.

Weakening of Enia

After you set fire to the Erdtree, it will slowly burn along with The Roundtable Hold. If you go to Enia after this point, she will tell you that she is getting weak, and you might hear a taunt or two when you go purchase armor or trade Remembrances.

After The Erdtree Burns

After you have defeated Maliketh, The City of Leyndell will turn into The Capital of Ash. When you return to Enia now, you will find that she is totally unresponsive and just laying there on her previous spot.

Though she’s unresponsive, you can still trade Remembrances and buy Armor Sets from her.

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