Elden Ring Black Whetblad Location, How to Use

You can find the Black Whetbalde in Nokron, The Eternal City after defeating Starscourge Radahn. It can add blood, poison and occult affinites.

If you want to add affinities to your weapon to maximize its potential, you must get Whetblades in Elden Ring. These Key items are the best way to enhance your weapons skills and make them more effective than ever.

Black Whetblade is one of the Whetbaldes that adds Blood, Poison, and Occult affinities to your weapon. Use the guide below to get Black Whetblades early so you can progress through the game calmly.

Black Whetblade location in Elden Ring

black whetblade location elden ring

Black Whetbalde is one of the hardest Whetblades to get in Elden Ring because it is in an optional area. Since it is an optional area, you might have to find its location. You have to wait until you are at Ranni’s quest because, in the quest, you will get access to Nokron, the Eternal City, which is closer to Black Whetbalde’s location.

Once you have unlocked Nokron city by defeating Starcourge Radahn, head towards the Night’s Scared Ground, where you will face a Silver Tear. After defeating the Tear, turn to the left to walk on the ledge and look down to find the broken bridge, as shown in the image above.

Cross the bridge and jump on the altar ahead. Up ahead, you will see an Imp Seal Statue, and beside it, you will see a corpse. Approach the corpse and pick up the Black Whetstone or Whetblade.

How to use Black Whetblade and what does it do in Elden Ring?

As mentioned before, you can change your weapon’s affinity with Black Whetblade. But this depends upon the Ashes of War that you use. In addition, you can add new affinities like Blood, Poison, and Occult to your weapon.

With the Poison affinity, you can enhance your multiple attributes or stats scaling like Strength, Dexterity, and Arcane and add Poison skills to your weapon. Blood and Occult can diminish the initial weapon’s scaling and add Arcane scaling. Moreover, Blood and Occult also add bleed attacks to your weapon and prevent any resurrection of foes.

You can get Black Whetbalde early if you rush into Ranni’s quest and get access to Nokron City. The first Whetblade you will find is a Whetstone Knife; in a chest inside a ruined structure near the Gatefront Site of Grace. Whetstone Knife gives the ability to infuse Ashes of War into your weapons for skills and affinities.

After the Whetstone knife, you can look for any Whetblades you want. To use the Blacke Whetblade, all you have to do is rest at the nearby Site of Grace and go to the Ashes of War from the list. Choose the weapon you want to upgrade and select compatible Ashes of War and select affinities to add. It’s important to note that you can’t add every affinity with every Ash of War. Only the compatible affinities will work so if you are unable to apply a certain affinity to a weapon with a specific Ash of War, that’s because that particular affinity is not compatible with that specific Ash of war or weapon.

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