How To Get The Whetstone Knife In Elden Ring

This guide will let you know where to find the Whetstone Knife in Elden Ring and will outline how to use it with Ashes of War

Elden Ring, being from FromSoftware, things are not always clear and important items are hidden away in hard-to-find nooks and crannies. This guide will let you know where to find the Whetstone Knife in Elden Ring and will outline its use.

Whetstone Knife location in Elden Ring

You can find the Whetstone Knife early in your progression in Elden Ring. Once you reach Limgrave, activate your first Site of Grace and make your way to the Gatefront Ruins, a small area infested with several enemies.

Kill all the enemies in the area and then unlock the map from here. Once this is all done, explore the ruins. Just opposite the map, behind the barrels and the broken small wall, there is a small path leading downstairs.

Head down and you will find a small room with a single chest in the center. Open this chest and you will get your Whetstone Knife.

At this point, you may not have any Ashes of War, but you will get them soon enough before you even get to Stormveil Castle.

What is Whetstone Knife Used For?

The Whetstone Knife is an important tool item to get in Elden Ring. It allows you to add new skills to your weapons by resting at a Site of Grace.


The more Ashes of War you find over the course of your progression, the more skills you will unlock in the game. Using a Whetstone Knife gives you the ability to switch between all of your skills to create different combos on your weapons.

Take note that the Whetstone Knife is only the first Whetblade to find in Elden Ring. You can later get better Whetblades to apply various other affinity upgrades to your armaments.

Black WhetbladeOccultBloodPoison
Red-Hot WhetbladeFlame ArtFire
Sanctified WhetbladeScaredLightning
Iron WhetbladeQualityHeavyKeen
Glintstone WhetbladeMagic Cold

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