Best Faith Weapons In Elden Ring

This guide will cover the best Faith Weapons in Elden Ring as we will go over all of them in detail and tell you where to find them.

Faith is an interesting attribute to understand. The best Faith weapons will allow you to do various elemental damage to enemies at the same time.

So, imagine inflicting Fire and Holy damage on a single target. It becomes difficult for enemies to have resistance against all types of elemental damage, allowing you to find at least one damage type that bypasses all of their defenses.

Your main goal for a full Faith build should be to find a good Faith weapon to boost your Faith stats. That is how you are going to increase your damage for the late game. This is important because Faith builds tend to fall in terms of damage against late-game bosses.

How Faith works in Elden Ring

Before selecting the best faith weapons you need to know about the Faith stats as well. This ability allows you to cast incantations along with equipping yourselves with weapons with decent faith scaling.

Keep in mind that the stronger the incantation the higher the faith requirement will be for that, so you need to invest in Faith stat if you are a magic user or if you want to cast incantations in Elden Ring.

In order to apply faith scaling to weapons you will have to equip the ash of war ability. This will increase the base faith scaling of your desired weapon.

So basically, faith builds allow you to switch incantations to match the challenge ahead but what makes the faith buildup powerful is by having the best faith weapons in your arsenal.

Best Faith weapons to use in Elden Ring

10) Halo Scythe

The Halo Scythe can be obtained fairly early in the game, meaning that you can start advancing your faith build early in Elden Ring. This is also one of the easiest Faith weapons to get in the game.

It can deal Bleed damage which can help you stack up blood loss. Its special attack, Miquella’s Ring of Light, casts Rings that chase enemies at medium range.

It is effective against undead enemies since it deals with Holy Damage and can do follow-ups if you have the Focus Points to cast it.

Halo Scythe scaling stats include:

  • Strength: 13 (D)
  • Dexterity: 16 (D)
  • Faith: 15 (E)

So, if you want to obtain the Halo Scythe in Elden Ring, then you will have to defeat Clean Rot Knights, which can be found anywhere on the map, but as a New Player, you can find them in the middle of Aoenia Swamp located in Caelid.

9) Magma Blade (for Faith Dex builds)

The Magma Blade is another Faith weapon that should be on your radar in Elden Ring. Being a curved sword in a power sense it has an incredible move set where you can attack super quick and therefore get loads of DPS (damage per second).

Moreover, the Magma Blade being both a fire and physical weapon, is also super buffable so with all those hits hitting the mark you can make them do massive damage.

Its weapon skill Magma Shower allows its wielder to slash enemies with the fiery blade while scattering magma at the same time. Magma Blade can also be infused with Ashes of War making it really effective in PvP, where you can constantly barrage your enemy with attacks.

Magma Blade’s scaling stats include:

  • Strength: 9 (D)
  • Dexterity: 15 (D)
  • Faith: 16 (D)

To get this curved sword in Elden ring, you will have to take out the Man-serpent enemies that are situated at the Volcano Manor.  

8) Black Knife (for Faith Dex builds)

The Black Knife belongs to the Dagger category but is considered an excellent choice in terms of best Faith weapons in Elden Ring.

It deals out additional Holy damage on your foes. The unique skill for the Black knife is Blade of Death, which allows you to fire a projectile at your enemy causing massive damage to them in terms of Hp during the fights

The ash of war ability for the Black Knife is one of the best in the game because you get the death effect and damage over time while taking out all kinds of enemies in the game.

Black Knife scaling stats include:

  • Strength: 8 (E)
  • Dexterity: 12 (D)
  • Faith: 18 (D)

As for the location of this Dagger, you can get it by killing the Black Knife Assassin. He can be found outside the Sainted Hero’s Grave which is situated in the Altus Plateau.

7) Envoy’s Longhorn (for Faith Str builds)

The Envoy’s Longhorn is one of those colossal weapons which are revered highly for their massive damage in Elden Ring. It is undeniably a very effective faith weapon that you can use against all kinds of enemies.

It has huge DPS potential due to the fact that you can use the longhorn to create loads of bubbles which can instantly take downloads of the enemy’s health in the game.

The Envoy’s Longhorn has a unique weapon skill Bubble Shower which produces a lot of magic bubbles that float towards your foes and upon interacting deal high damage on them.

Envoy’s Longhorn scaling stats include:

  • Strength: 23 (D)
  • Dexterity: 11 (D)
  • Faith: 18 (C)

As for the location of the Envoy’s Longhorn, you can basically farm this weapon by taking out enemies like the Large Oracle Envoy. These are located at the East Capital Rampart which is situated at Lyndell, Royal Capital in Elden Ring.

6) Magma Wyrm’s Scalesword (for Faith Str builds)

The next weapon is the Magma Wyrm Scalesword. This absolute beast of a weapon is a Curved Greatsword that deals immense damage depending on your build.

The special attack for this weapon is Magma Guillotine. The special damage deals immense damage but is slow to cast properly.

It mostly depends on your trading blows against your opponents. This weapon is very rewarding once you have cast its special attack. You can also do follow-ups if you have Focus Points (FP) for them.

The Magma Wyrm Greatsword is more like a mid-game weapon. Its scaling stats include:

  • Strength: 24 (C)
  • Dexterity: 15 (D)
  • Faith: 18 (D)

To get this weapon, you will need to head towards Ruin-Strewn Precipice and defeat Magma Wyrm Makar located exactly above the Grand Lift of Dectus.

5) Maliketh’s Black Blade (for Faith Str builds)

You cannot complete a Faith build without Maliketh’s Black Blade in Elden Ring. This is not only one of the best Faith weapons in the game but also a colossal weapon that had to be nerfed due to its insane power levels.

Maliketh’s Black blade comes with the Destined Death skill. By using it you can place the blade on the ground to summon a barrage of blade attacks on your enemies. With the recent update, the duration of effects produced by this unique skill has also been increased in Elden Ring.

Maliketh’s Black Blade scaling stats include:

  • Strength: 34 (C)
  • Dexterity: 12 (E)
  • Faith: 20 (D)

So if you are looking to acquire this particular blade then you will need to acquire the consumable item Remembrance of the black blade. For that, you will need to take out Maliketh, the Black Blade. Then you need to take this item and go to the Roundtable Household and trade it with Enia to obtain Maliketh’s Black Blade in Elden Ring.

4) Winged Scythe (for Faith Dex / Str builds)

If you like to Power Stance weapons in Elden Ring, you will get the most out of the Winged Scythe. This is despite its rather slow attacks.

Its unique skill called Angel’s Wings might be a bit hard to land but if you do, you will do a ton of damage to your targets. That is in addition to the blood loss buildup.

Winged Scythe scaling stats include:

  • Strength: 16 (E)
  • Dexterity: 16 (D)
  • Faith: 24 (D)

As for the location of the Winged Scythe, you will need to head towards the Church of Pilgrimage site of grace. After you have interacted with the grace site head southwest, and you will find the ruins of Tombsward Village. In the ruins, you will find a tunnel entrance where you will find the Winged Scythe.

3) Golden Order Greatsword (for Faith Dex builds)

When you are searching for the best faith weapons in Elden Ring then the Golden Order Greatsword is definitely among them.

This sword hails from the Greatsword category and being a versatile weapon, it can do massive Holy damage on your enemies at medium range during your fights.

The weapon skill of the Golden Order Greatsword is known as Establish Order. It allows you to unleash a golden explosion around you while at the same time launching a devastating follow-up strike in the form of the arc of Holy light at enemies. This sword provides the additional benefit of dealing +20% damage on the undead enemies as well.

Golden Order Greatsword scaling stats include:

  • Strength: 16 (E)
  • Dexterity: 21 (D)
  • Faith: 28 (C)

To locate the Golden Order Greatsword, you will have to defeat the Misbegotten Crusader who is situated at the Cave of the Forlorn in Elden Ring.

2) Blasphemous Blade

There are several reasons why the Blasphemous Blade is easily the best Faith weapon to use in Elden Ring.

For starters, its life-steal ability called Taker’s Flames helps restore your health while doing insane damage to enemies. Taker’s Flames sets enemies on fire and heals you for every attack you land on inflicted enemies. That is a two-for-one bundle right there.

Furthermore, its default Ash of War cannot be changed. You also cannot infuse or enchant the Blasphemous Blade with any incantation. Despite the limitations, its Taker’s Flames makes up for all of that by being an excellent source of damage.

Blasphemous Blade scaling stats include:

  • Strength: 22 (D)
  • Dexterity: 15 (D)
  • Faith: 21 (D)

To secure the Blade, you will have to first acquire the Remembrance of the Blasphemous which is a consumable item dropped by Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy. Then you need to go to the Roundtable Hold and trade this consumable item with Enia to receive the Blasphemous blade in Elden Ring.

1) Godslayer’s Greatsword (for Faith Dex builds)

The first Faith weapon in our arsenal would be the Godslayer’s Greatsword. It is the best faith Colossal Sword that is pretty quick considering its size. It has a unique heavy attack which is an uppercut.

Its Ash of War is The Queen’s Black Flame which deals tons of damage. The special attack is slow to charge, but it deals tons of damage if you manage to hit someone with it. You may have to time your special attacks to unleash their full potential.

Godslayer’s Greatsword is an early or mid-game weapon that you can scale with stats like Faith and Dexterity. Its scaling stats include:

  • Strength: 20 (D)
  • Dexterity: 22 (D)
  • Faith: 20 (D)

The location of the Godslayer’s Greatsword is at the Divine Tower of Caelid. To access this weapon, you will have to defeat the boss in the tower. After defeating the boss, the weapon will be waiting for you in a chest in the boss room.

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