How To Get Envoy’s Horn In Elden Ring

The Envoy Horn is a unique weapon in Elden Ring that will allow you to damage enemies by blowing bubbles at them. Here is how to get it!

In Elden Ring, there are many different types of weapons suitable for different classes. Among these are the Envoy’s Horn, Envoy’s Long Horn, and Envoy’s Greathorn.  

In Elden Ring, the Envoy’s Horn is a hammer that has a very unique way of attacking. Using its weapon skill, you blow a single bubble which then travels to the enemy and bursts, causing damage. 

Other Envoy’s weapons attack in a similar way but with more power and use up more FP in the process. The Envoy’s Long Horn blows off multiple bubbles which attack in a swarm. The Envoy’s Greathorn blows a single large bubble with deals a lot of damage when burst. 

Envoy’s Horn location in Elden Ring 

Envoy's Horn map location in Elden Ring

The Envoy’s horn, and the other horns as well, can be found when you defeat the Oracle Envoys.

The basic Envoy’s horn is dropped by the Oracle Envoys, the Long Horn is dropped by the Large Oracle Envoy, and the Greathorn is dropped by the Oracle Envoy Giant. 

The Oracle Envoys can be found in the Leyndell, Royal Capital, and Haligtree Canopy. The Large Oracle Envoys are only found in the Haligtree canopy, and the Oracle Envoy Giant can also be found in Haligtree. 

How to farm Envoy’s Horn in Elden Ring 

The Envoy’s Horn is a rare drop from the Oracles and you will need to farm a lot of them to get all three of them. Of the three Envoys, Greathorn is the rarest considering the limited number of the Giant Oracles in the Haligtree Canopy.  

In the Leyndell Royal Capital, when you have reached the capital using the  East Capital Rampart, head out of the castle and turn left. There will be a few Oracles Envoys that you can defeat and get the Horn.

The Site of Grace is also near which makes acquiring this horn easier. Another way is to go to the Haligtree Canopy, there are many Oracle Envoys in the canopies which will make farming easier.  

You can use both areas to farm the Envoy’s horn by first killing the one in Leyndell Royal Capital and then using the Site of Grace to go to the Haligtree Canopy and kill as much as possible. 

The Long Horn can be farmed by repeatedly using the Haligtree Canopy after you have killed the 5 to 6 Large Oracle Envoys along the branches.

The Greathorn can also be farmed in the same way but the number of Oracle Envoys Giants is about 3 to 4 and are far away from the Site of Grace. These Oracles are also powerful enough that the fight becomes quite difficult. 

Apart from this, you will also have to increase your discovery stat. The Discovery Stat helps you in finding rarer and harder-to-find loot which would not be possible otherwise.  

To increase your Discovery stat, you can use the Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot which gives you 50 discovery points. This increases your discovery stat for a while.

You can equip the Silver Scarab Talisman which also increases discovery stat by 75 points. You can also invest in Arcane points which also raises your Discovery Stat. 

You can also equip Arcane items which will give you the discovery stat. the best helmet to wear is the Silver Tear Mask which gives you 8 discovery points. 

Envoy’s Horn upgrades and stats

The Envoy’s Horn uses the skill of the Oracular Bubble to blow these bubbles. The Envoy Horn can also be used as a melee weapon to hit enemies with. The horn cannot be infused with Ashes of War but it can be upgraded by using the Somber Smithing Stones on them. 

The Envoy’s Horn requires 10 strength, 12 Dexterity, and 16 Faith to equip. the scaling rating of the Horn is D for Strength, D for Dexterity, and D for Faith 

The Envoy’s Horn stats are as follows. 

Attack Power 

Physical Attack: 96 
Can be increased to a maximum of 235. 

Holy Attack: 62 
Can be increased to a maximum of 151. 


Defensive Power 

Physical Defence: 38 
Magical Defence: 26 
Fire Defence: 26 
Lightening Defence: 26 
Holy Defence: 38 
Boost: 38 

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