Best Colossal Weapons In Elden Ring

Colossal weapons do a ton of damage in Elden Ring but at the cost of leaving yourself vulnerable due to your reduced mobility.

Colossal weapons are some of the biggest weapons you can find in Elden Ring in terms of size and weight. Their large size allows you to do a lot of damage to enemies but at the cost of reduced movement and attack speed.

Despite their weight, Colossal weapons are some of the best weapons to equip in Elden Ring. These weapons require you to have high Strength stats to wield them efficiently but their high stance damage and stagger damage makes up for it.

Before you can even think of wielding two of these at once, you need to know the best Colossal weapons to get in Elden Ring.

Best Colossal weapons to use in Elden Ring

10) Prelate’s Inferno Crozier

The Prelate’s Inferno Crozier is one of Elden Ring’s best looking Colossal Weapons. This weapon is a huge hammer that looks like it’s made of blood, but its ends are shaped like flames. Apart from its sick looks, this hammer also holds pretty well in most of the fights you get into.

This Colossal hammer mainly scales with Strength (D) and Dexterity (E), which is a given since this hammer is quite heavy. While it may be slow because of its large weight, this weapon has a standard physical damage stat of 156, which is outstanding.

Besides the large amount of physical damage dealt by this weapon, it also has the capacity to deal fire damage with its skill called the Prelate’s Charge. With this skill, you are able to coat your weapon in flames and slam it into the ground, then charge forward – all while creating a surge of flames behind you that linger for a while.

While the skill that comes with this weapon and its overall moveset is pretty fire, it mainly falls behind when competing with other Colossal Weapons in this list because of its slow attack speed and dissatisfactory charge attacks.

You can obtain the Prelate’s Inferno Crozier by defeating the Fire Prelate that wields it, located at Fort Laiedd. You can find this location near the Seethewater Terminus Site of Grace.

9) Fallingstar Beast Jaw

The Fallingstar Beast Jaw shares the move set of some colossal weapons and deals both physical and magic damage.

It has one of the strongest weapon skills “Gravity Bolt” which deals physical and magic damage at range in a small AOE staggering most enemies in just one cast. However, this benefit can be fairly insignificant compared to what the rest of the weapons have in store.

This allows you to stun lock bosses and enemies without ever taking damage and this altogether makes it relatively easier for you to deal with as well in Elden Ring.

The pros of this weapon include that it deals +20% damage to gravity-type enemies. The gravity pull is one of the most devastating weapon skills in all of Elden Ring. ). While that is a plus point for this weapon, the Ruins Greatsword also offers this buff, but has a lot more than that in store.

Another great this about the Fallingstar beast jaw though, is that it has the longest reach of all colossal weapons and a very high attack rating (Physical +320, Magic +208

You have to defeat the Full-Grown Falling Star Beast in Mt. Gelmir to get the Fallingstar Beast Jaw in Elden Ring. This is not an easy boss fight to do.

8) Starscourge Greatsword

The Starscourge Greatsword has the longest reach in Elden Ring. It also deals 30 percent more damage to gravity-type enemies.

The Starscourge Greatsword is known as one of the best colossal weapons to equip in Elden Ring because it has the second-highest magic damage (+191) when compared to the rest of the colossal weapons in the game.

Another reason why it ranks high on this list is that you can use it singlehandedly, but it is suggested that you wield it with both hands when deploring its unique skill in battle. By doing so you can pull out the Starscourage Greatsword as well inflicting massive damage with both of these swords on your enemy in Elden Ring.

Moreover, it also uses something similar to the gravity spell allowing you to pull enemies towards your colossal weapon and then it explodes killing them in the fight.

As for the location of the Starscourage Greatsword in Elden Ring, it can be obtained from the Remembrance of the Starscourge. This means that you will need to defeat the Starscourge Radahn in a boss fight to get this colossal weapon in Elden Ring.

7) Axe of Godfrey

Although the Axe of Godfrey doesn’t look as good as the Inferno Crozier cool because it’s built in a simple fashion, it greatly outshines the Crozier because of several different reasons.

First off, this Colossal Weapon has a base physical damage stat of 165, which is much higher than the Crozier, and you can even increase this stat significantly with upgrades up to a total of 404 with the tenth level.

The weapon mainly scales with Strength (D) and Dexterity (D) and has a better dexterity scaling compared to the Crozier, which is another reason why it is much better.

Before the recent update, this weapon wouldn’t even have been on this list. However, that all changed when the update significantly improved its Ash of War called the Regal Roar.

This Ash of War mainly raises your attack power by emitting a War Cry and lets you slam the axe into the ground to release a shockwave that damages the enemy significantly.

Moreover, you can even pair this weapon up with the Beast Talisman and the Roar Talisman to significantly improve its effects. Not only does this then make this weapon much better for PvE, but also for PvE.

You can obtain the Axe of Godfrey by defeating Godrick, First Elden Lord. Defeating him rewards you with the Remembrance of Hoarah Loux, which can be traded in with Enia at the Roundtable Hold to receive this axe.

6) Ghiza’s Wheel

Elden Ring’s Ghiza’s Wheel has an interesting concept to it. This Colossal Weapon has a bladed cartwheel attached to a long handle, which pretty much works like a sawblade.

Although the Ghiza’s Wheel has a base physical damage stat of 156 and scales mainly with Strength (D) and Dexterity (D), which is the same as the Crozier and the Axe of Godfrey, there is one main reason why it is better than both of them.

The one main thing that separates the Ghiza’s Wheel from the other two Colossal Weapons is its ability to inflict Bleed/Hemorrhage and cause Blood Loss buildup. This is one of the most dangerous types of damage in the game which, combined with the weapon’s high overall physical damage, can end enemies within an instant – bosses and other players alike.

The Skill that comes with this weapon is not too shabby either. It allows you to rotate the end of the weapon and move forward with it, slicing your enemies up along the way.

You can obtain the Ghiza’s Wheel by defeating the Inquisitor Ghiza phantom. You will find this enemy in the Volcano Manor Legacy Dungeon.

5) Godslayer’s Greatsword

This is the second lightest colossal weapon in Elden Ring. It also has the second lowest physical damage, but it makes up for it by doing fire damage which is part of its unique skill when compared to the rest of the colossal weapons.

The reason for the Godslayer’s Greatsword to be considered one of the top ten Colossal weapons is due to the fact that you can use it to attack faster as its weight is pretty light. So when you finish max this colossal sword finishes out with C in both Dex and Faith whereas it has a D in terms of Strength.  

The Godslayer’s Greatsword has a unique skill known as the “The Queen’s Black Flame”. This allows you to inflict black flame damage on your foes during your sweep slash attack. Once your opponent gets struck with it the black flame will deplete their Hp weakening them for you to finish off in Elden Ring.

As for the location of this colossal weapon, the Godslayer’s Greatsword can be found in the chest behind the Godskin Apostle boss. This is located in the Divine Tower of Caelid.

4) Maliketh’s Black Blade

The Maliketh’s Black Blade is considered to be the second heaviest weapon next to the Watchdog’s Greatsword. In terms of physical damage, it generates the following attack power attributes. This includes a physical attack damage of (+292) along with holy damage of (+189).

When you max this colossal weapon “Maliketh’s Black Blade”, it ends up finishing with B in strength, C in Faith, and D in dexterity. These scaling attributes are similar to the Starscourage great sword as well with the exception being that you can perform Holy attacks using this colossal blade.

In terms of unique skill, Maliketh’s Black Blade has “Destined Death”. This is a deadly skill that is perfect for PvP duels as it lowers your enemy’s HP.

In terms of location, Maliketh’s Black Blade can be obtained after you complete the Maliketh boss fight at the rune site beside the Great Bridge in Elden Ring.

3) Ruins Greatsword

This is the heaviest of the colossal swords tied with the great sword itself. Therefore, being the second longest of the colossal swords it has a huge strength requirement in order to be wielded in Elden Ring.

The Ruins Greatsword has the same physical damage as the Troll’s Knight Sword but with lower magic damage. Moreover, it comes with the unique skill “Wave of Destruction” ash of war. While performing this skill you lift the colossal blade and strike it on the ground producing a shock wave that is made of gravitational force at your opponent during the battle.

What makes this Legendary Armament special is that it can pull off a magic slam that comes free of FP. Moreover, the Wave of Destruction Ash of War that you get with it can prove to be a great help. This skill, while dealing damage to all enemies in front of you, also deals Gravitational damage which is vital for dealing with stellar enemies.

This colossal weapon known as the “Ruins Greatsword” can be found after you complete the Misbegotten Warrior and Crucible Knight Boss fight. This fight occurs at the Redmane Castle Plaza at Caelid in Elden Ring.

2) Greatsword

The Greatsword is the second best Colossal Weapon you can acquire in Elden Ring because of several reasons. For starters, you get a great base physical damage of 164, which can be increased all the way up to a standard 401, which is wild for a weapon acquired so early in the game.

The Greatsword also has an amazing Strength scaling of (C), and a bit of Dexterity (E). However, the great scaling with Strength easily makes up for that of Dexterity. With that good of a scaling, players making their build around strength will have a good time with this weapon, which most do.

This sword also has a pretty decent moveset with relatively high-paced attacks, giving a higher DPS. Although the Stamp (Upward Cut) skill that you get with this weapon is pretty mediocre, what mainly makes it stand out is its astounding versatility.

With the Greatsword, you have limitless customization aspects, which means that it can be used with almost any sort of build in the game. You can buff this weapon up with any sort of incantation you like, and make it proficient in Fire, Magic, and even Bleeding, among other things. Apart from that, it can be infused with any Ash of War that you can use with Colossal Weapons, which makes it highly versatile.

Obtaining the Greatsword in Elden Ring is as simple as looting it from a chest. You can find this chest at the back of a broken down carriage in Caelid, Dragonbarrow. However, do note that it is guarded by Giant Dogs, which you would have to deal with first.

1) Giant-Crusher

The Giant-Crusher is best paired with the curved sword talisman and the determination or with the Royal Knight’s Resolve like the Golem Halberd in Elden Ring. It is highly recommended that you should use the cold, heavy, or blood infusion when using this weapon.

Apart from that, the Giant-Crusher is considered both the heaviest and the shortest colossal weapon in the game. It has the highest potential in terms of attack rating when compared to the rest of the infusible colossal weapons, especially in the case of using strength-based infusion in Elden Ring.

This is because the amount of raw damage you can put out with the Giant-Crusher is absolutely insane. While it does have a 155 base physical damage, further upgrades can boost its overall Attack Rating to 947, which is the highest you can get as of now – which is why this weapon takes the top place in this list.

In terms of location, you will find the Giant-Crusher early in the game at Altus Plateau. It can also be easily infused with ashes of war as well.

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