How To Get The Bandit Set In Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, the Bandit Sets is a very lightweight armor set that will allow you to move like the wind. Here is how to get it!

The Bandit Set is one of the most lightweight armor sets you can use in Elden Ring. The nature of this set allows you to be fast and nimble on your feet and dodge incoming damage easily.

It also doesn’t make as much noise, allowing you to pass by enemies stealthily. Apart from being perfect for mobility, the Bandit Set in Elden Ring gives you a substantial boost in your resistance stats.

It gives you a defense against specific status effects, including madness, sleep, poison, and scarlet rot. However, you do not get much damage negation with this armor set, so a direct hit from any enemy can bring you down in an instant. 

To complete the Bandit Set in Elden Ring, you much collect four armor pieces (Bandit Mask, Bandit Garb, Bandit Manchettes, and Bandit Boots). You have to travel to a few merchants for these pieces, and here is how you can reach them. 

Bandit Set location in Elden Ring 

The easiest way to get all armor pieces of the Bandit Set is to start the game with the Bandit class. You will have the set equipped as you fight to survive the early-game enemies. 

If you are not playing as the Bandit Class then you will need to visit different merchants across the Elden Ring world. Here is where you can get pieces of the Bandit Set.  

Bandit Mask

elden ring bandit set location for hood

You can purchase the mask piece of this set by visiting the North Limgrave in Elden Ring. There you will find the Nomadic Merchant, who sells this item for 1,500 runes.

The merchant is located directly South of the Divine Tower of Limgrave, close to the river bridge. This merchant will only offer the Bandit Mask in the game. To get the rest of the set, there are two other merchants that you can visit. 

Bandit Boots, Garb and Manchettes 

elden ring bandit set location for boots, garb and manchettes

To buy the remaining three armor pieces of Bandit Set, make your way toward the Stormveil Castle in Elden Ring.

You are going to encounter the Gatekeeper Gostoc on the South side of the building, and he will sell you Bandit Boots, Bandit Garb, and Bandit Manchettes. Total costs for all three pieces will be 3,500 runes, which will complete your Bandit Set in Elden Ring. 

However, you need to ensure that you visit this merchant before taking on Godrick, the Grafted. The armor pieces will disappear after you defeat the boss at Stormveil Castle. Then you must visit another place to get the rest of the three pieces. 

Visit the Roundtable Hold and interact with the Twin Maiden Husks present inside the room. These merchants will offer you all three pieces of the Bandit Set for a particular amount.

But before that, you need to provide Gostoc’s Ball Bearing to the merchants. With this, you will get the complete Bandit Set in Elden Ring. 

Bandit Set stats 

elden ring bandit set stats for garb

The Bandit Set’s strength lies in the resistance category in Elden Ring. With this armor set, you get up to 124 Immunity and 130 Vitality and Focus. These high stats mean you will be resistant to several status effects.  

However, with the Bandit set, you must be careful against incoming damage. Keep yourself moving at all times, as you cannot withstand many hits while wearing this armor. Its defense lies in mobility so you should dodge and roll out of the way when an attack comes.  

Never try to tank the enemy hits while wearing the Bandit Set in Elden Ring.

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