How To Cure Poison In Elden Ring

There are actually several ways in which you can remove the poison status effect and cure yourself in Elden Ring.

Poison is one of the many status effects in Elden Ring that you need to be aware of. You might think that being poisoned does little damage but once the status effect stacks up, you will lose a considerable amount of health with every tick.

You can always use healing flasks to restore your health but that will matter little against enemies and bosses that repeatedly do poison attacks.

Hence, it becomes important to know how to cure poison in Elden Ring. There are actually several ways in which you can remove the poison status effect. You just need to choose one of them.

How poison works in Elden Ring

The poison status effect works in the same manner in Elden Ring as it does with other Souls games.

A meter indicating the poison sign will appear at the bottom of your screen once you come into contact with any toxic source in the game. The meter will start filling up, and you will be poisoned if the bar fills up completely.

Once you are poisoned in Elden Ring, you will lose your health continuously until the whole bar depletes. In this way, you can lose a substantial portion of your HP, making you weak against enemies and bosses.

You can use several healing items to regain health, but the best way to overcome poison is to simply cure yourself in Elden Ring.

How to cure poison in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, you can utilize two different methods to cure the poison.

Use Neutralizing Boluses

The Neutralizing Boluses are consumable items you can craft, buy or find while exploring the Elden Ring world. To buy these consumables, you must discover the Nomadic Merchant in the West Limgrave area.

Nomadic Merchant map location in Elden Ring

The southeast direction from the Coastal Cave will take you precisely toward the Merchant, and here, you can pay a sum of 600 runes to buy the Neutralizing Boluses in Elden Ring.

You can also explore the Land Between in Elden Ring to find these consumables lying in different places. However, the number of Neutralizing Boluses you can discover by exploring depends on the route you select for the playthrough in Elden Ring.

Lastly, the other method to get these poison-curing consumables in Elden Ring is simply crafting them. You need the following items to prepare one Neutralizing Boluses in Elden Ring.

  • 1x Herba
  • 1x Cave Moss
  • 1x Great Dragonfly Head

You also need to obtain Armoror’s Cookbook, and the same Nomadic Merchant sells this particular item in Elden Ring. Here you need to pay 600 runes to get the item and start crafting the Neutralizing Boluses to cure poison in Elden Ring.

Apply Cure Poison Incantation

The other method of curing poison in Elden Ring involves the usage of an Incantation. To use the Cure Poison Incantation, you need to spend 10 Faith. This amount is very easy to obtain even at the start of the game. However, finding Cure Poison’s location in Elden Ring becomes hectic.

You need to buy the Cure Poison Incantation by visiting Brother Corhyn in the Roundtable Hold.

Here you have to spend a total of 1,000 runes to purchase the item. However, Brother Corhyn will relocate to Altus Plateau with the progression of the game, and you can find him there after facing Rennala.

You can equip Cure Poison Incantation by interacting with any Site of Grace. However, you must carry a Sacred Seal to cure poison, as it allows you to cast spells in Elden Ring.

Use poisoned-resistance equipment

The best way to reduce the effect of the poison is to equip yourself with armor that provides resistance against the poison. This will slow down the poison buildup, and you can pass through several difficult areas without utilizing the precious materials. You get substantial poison immunity by using the following equipment in Elden Ring.

  • Mushroom Set
  • Guardian Set
  • Perfurmer’s Shield

You can also use the Immunizing Horn Charm and Immunizing Cured Meat to mitigate the effects of Poison in Elden Ring.

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